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  1. Hi to all Worthy Christians on here ...

    Thank you!
  2. Hi to all Worthy Christians on here ...

    Thank you to everyone for the welcome messages!
  3. Hi to all Worthy Christians on here ...

    I'm sorry to hear that ... The problem with dogs is they just don't live long enough. Sugar is my only dog now and I love her a lot. I've had three other wonderful dogs in the past and it is so hard losing them. I keep saying "this is the last one" and they just keep finding me somehow.
  4. Hi to all Worthy Christians on here ...

    Thank you, Wingnut ... I have a dog that looks a lot like your dog ... Labs are so loveable!
  5. Glad to have found this forum ... I am a middle-aged single woman in Texas seeking fellowship with other single women and men. My faith group is the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith and I am seeking others who believe along those lines. I do try to respect all Christians and would rather not get into intense theological debates. We all worship the same Creator and are a part of one body - made of many parts. My favorite teacher is Tom Bradshaw of Torah Class in Florida. I'm always searching the internet and YouTube for new teachings and music. There is always so much to learn and we are living in "interesting" times. My intention for joining this forum is to find new single friends in the faith. Best regards, HR Woman in TX
  6. How to be normal in a church that segregates genders?

    Hi Torski, I am new here, too - just reading the posts from other new members to get used to this forum. The feelings that you describe are the same for me. I am a middle-aged single woman and it can be hard being single at this stage in life. The OT says it is not good for a man to be alone. The NT says it is better to be single. Go figure. I am asking the Father that His will be done. If He wants me to be single, to help me accept that and bring me new friends. If He wants me to be married then it will happen in His time. I've tried everything and nothing works. So I am trying to appreciate every day of life, whether or not I have someone to share it with. My Messiah is for me and protects and provides for me. Yes it can be lonely but that is when I want to draw nearer to Him. Hope this helps and I am open to communicating with you. Not sure how long that will take on this website. Keep my user name and hopefully we can talk sometime. Best regards, HR Woman in TX