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  1. Today I am thankful for......

    That the Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of love, and our Great Shepherd is watching after all of His sheep.
  2. Who are You? Round 2

    Greetings, GandalfTheWise. 1. Transportation: Walking while praying. 2. Classes: My least favorite was Chemistry in college. Hated it. My most favorite... 2 Thessalonians and 1 Thessalonians, not taught formally but by the Holy Spirit in my own study. For me, those months/years were more interesting and more like being under a Teacher than anything from my past. 3. Enoch, because of the times in which he lived and the legends surrounding him. 4. Gladiator, with Russel Crowe. Followed by the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and The Hobbit series. 5. Sounds terrible, but myself, LoL. What I did for me was listen, and receive my own encouragement to keep serving God with all I had.
  3. I have not read Gandalf's post yet, and usually he is very thoughtful with his answers. But while I agree with Melissa that it is commendable of you to be so patient with that church, my initial response to this question is very plain and simple: Leave. Unless you feel a very specific leading to stay for some reason, that is not somewhere where you are ever going to grow any time soon. I would just have a nice meeting or dinner with your friend and with a very heart-felt explanation inform her that you two need to find someplace you can grow, and right now that is not the place where you can do it. Don't feel so obligated to others that you sacrifice your own spiritual welfare for them. This is a habit with many believers, but it is taking self-sacrifice past the point that one should. What could happen if tragedy strikes and you truly need some strong Christian fellowship to get you through? Where will you be then?
  4. The Gift of Prophecy: Is It Still Given Today?

    This is actually indicative of what may be things to come, sister. It is prophesied that the judgments of God will return to the churches, and those who stand in authority yet distort His word are going to come under increasing chastisement. I have heard several stories of pastors actually dying in the pulpit in the last few decades, something almost unheard of until fairly recently.
  5. The Gift of Prophecy: Is It Still Given Today?

    LoL. That's pretty much the case here in the US as well, although in many cases they're no longer quite so happy anymore either. When the Holy Spirit leaves, it opens the door for all sorts of other spirits that are not so pleasant, especially gossip, back-biting and strife. Think you could give some detail on this? I like hearing good reports, since they tend to be fewer in number then I wish they would be around here.
  6. The Gift of Prophecy: Is It Still Given Today?

    I think a problem, too, is that not many with the ability to receive revelation from God concerning prophetic utterances have been restored to the church as well. The previous verse (1 Corinthians 14:30) makes it clear that exercise of the gift of prophecy was to be accompanied by revelation, similar to how the gift of speaking in tongues was to be accompanied by the gift of interpretation (so that all might learn from the utterances going forth, as your verse points out). Prophecy and tongues are closely related in that they are like pure utterances from the Spirit. Revelation and interpretation are related in that they are more mentally-oriented, where what is communicated is then assimilated mentally for the benefit of the entire congregation. So all of it becomes a necessary part of the process, leading me to believe that the FULL array of the gifts need to be in operation in any given church on any given day, not just prophecy. Defenceless absolutely. I have had on-going arguments with people at other forums about their claim that the Spirit of God only speaks words of encouragement, when nothing could be farther from the truth. Any quick glimpse of scripture makes one come away with an awareness that prophecy was most often used by God to warn His people of impending dangers, both spiritually and literally on occasion. It is the same today, and any church that rejects the Spirit of prophecy (for whatever reason) rejects the Lord's ability to warn them of what the enemy may be doing in their midst, and the possible judgments that might ensue if certain members do not repent. This was happening all the time in the New Testament period. I quote this verse all the time, which when understood to be especially applicable today, makes the following verse you quoted all that much more important: We need to be desiring the gift of prophecy and praying for it incessantly. It is extremely important to the life and vitality of the church. If it were not, he would not have given this command.
  7. Intro

    Greetings, Gloria! Sometimes we do just need a break, and the Lord allows for this. It can be likened it to an army that marches, yet also sometimes camps for a little while. Take this time to do some things you enjoy, but praying and thanking Him as well, asking Him the entire time to restore you to a place of growing spiritually again. Your answer will come, so just rest in peace about it, and have faith. In the meantime you can fellowship with us here, and maybe meet some new friends who will encourage you. God bless, Hidden
  8. Just walk away

    Greetings! Welcome to Worthy!
  9. Bonjour

    Greetings, Lisanna! We don't have a lot of dogs participating at this website, but we're open to just about anything, LoL.
  10. first post and introduction

    Greetings, and God bless! Hope you enjoy being a member at this website.
  11. Musings about Hell pt2

    Well, without wanting to seem like I'm jump on every little word (I'm not that type), scripture doesn't actually say Hell will be eternal. It says Death and Hell will be cast into the Lake of Fire, and that the Lake of Fire is what will be eternal (Revelations 20:14). I'd rather not think about eternal torment, there do seem to scriptures that suggest it will take place, especially Isaiah 66:24. If their worm will not die then the assumption is that they can't either. If they were to completely perish and blow away, there would be nothing left for their worms to survive on. Just a musing... since we're musing.
  12. Darkness

    No, it was not. I'll try and get to it when I have some time, maybe later in the week hopefully. God bless!
  13. Darkness

    That is amazing. Thanks for the explanation, Friend Of. Timing - and therefore context - has huge bearing on interpretation, so it pays to mention stuff like that too. Just a heads up in case there's a next time. God bless.
  14. Darkness

    Ok, now take this seriously. When the Lord sends you dreams He is speaking to you prophetically (Numbers 12:6, Jeremiah 23:28), and these dreams have all the tell-tale signs of being sent from Him. They have not faded from your memory like ordinary dreams, nor do ordinary dreams get brought back to your memory during a discussion with other believers. And when the Lord speaks prophetically it often comes with a warning, as they do here. The meaning of your third dream is as follows: - The poor skinny man is you, in an advanced state of starvation from the true word of God. Again, this references to what was presumably happening to you as a result of the rotten fruit you saw being offered in worldly churches in your first dream. - That he is “in my closet” means that what the spiritual starvation creates in you (the machine) is something that could damage your reputation. The expression that someone had “skeletons in their closet” was used to describe that there were undisclosed facts about them which, if revealed, could damage how people perceived them. It evokes the idea of someone having a (presumedly human) corpse concealed in their home so long that it eventually decomposes. Skeletons "in your closet" may be a play on words here because you clearly see yourself as “skinny” and "starving." - That your stomach starts to swell and turn grey are symptoms of not just advanced starvation, but a particular kind of starvation where the victim is getting plenty of food, but with no protein in it. In other words, you were hearing plenty of preaching and thus receiving plenty of spiritual “food,” yet starving to death because there was (again) no true spiritual life or vitality in it. This condition is called Kwashiorkor, and it is what causes the bellies of starving children to swell up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwashiorkor. - That the belly turns grey is another symptom of the vitamin deficiency caused by starvation. According to the wiki on starvation, “Vitamin deficiency is also a common result of starvation, often leading to anemia,” and anemia is one of the leading causes for skin to turn grey https://www.healthline.com/health/gray-skin#causes. - Now, here is where the starvation threatened to have negative effects on your behavior. Please keep in mind that this dream was given to you a long time ago, and you may have dealt with this properly. You also may not have. I am simply telling you that this is where you were vulnerable to reacting in a way that was not of God. - The stomach is what scripture refers to as our “bowels,” sometimes translated as “affections,” and in this case yours turns into a machine; a destructive machine with “sharp teeth.” And the imagery of teeth is used in scripture of believers potentially “biting and devouring” one another (Galatians 5:15). - The yellow and red stripes under the eyes are in all likelihood symbolic of the war paint used by American Indians. All such marks on their faces carried spiritual meaning, and much of it referenced their "spirit guides" (i.e. demons). Under the eyes means that demons would be causing you to see things the way they see them, and react accordingly. According to one Indian website, “Red color symbolizes war, blood, strength, energy, power and success in war,” and “Yellow color symbolizes the color of death… and that the wearer… was heroic and willing to fight to the death.” https://www.warpaths2peacepipes.com/native-american-culture/war-paint.htm. Now don't take those things as a compliment here. In this context, it’s not. That the man’s belly had morphed into a machine meant it would attack and bring (spiritual) death to others indiscriminately. As I was saying in the second interpretation, believers have to be discriminating in recognizing those who are part of Christ’s body and those who are not. His true disciples can come from all different spiritual backgrounds on their way to finding the truth, though they will gravitate towards the truth no matter where they start from, which is why indiscriminately declaring war automatically on others simply because they are from a particular Christian background can be a big mistake. - The scariest part is in how, when the machine opens its mouth (i.e. speaks), it is filled with fire. Fire in its mouth here is a reference to the tongue being set on fire of Hell (James 3:6). Note James' teaching was that “wisdom” which engenders strife among the brethren is “earthly, soulish, and demonic.” (James 3:15. The specific Greek word used there is where we get our English word “demonic” from). The last dream is a little scary, but I know you, and I have noticed how many of your posts are very caring and loving towards others. This is what the Lord desires from you. He wants you to overcome the effects of the spiritual starvation you experienced earlier in life, and continue to seek Him for true spiritual food with life-giving power in it. He also wants you to always see things from His perspective when it comes to judging others, and remain on guard against what the enemy wants to make of you. He wants to use you to generate strife and hatred, whereas the Lord wants you to speak only words that are sown in peace (James 3:17-18). If you’d like, I can discuss any of these matters with you in private any time you'd like, so please just let me know. I’d be more than glad to offer any advice or encouragement I can give you when things get tough. And as I said before, I know how it is.
  15. The New Animal thread

    I think that's the reason for the large toothbrush he's holding in a previous pic, LoL.