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  1. Sam Benneth

    Word Game 1

    You are not following the game
  2. Sam Benneth

    Knowing if we are marriage ready

    Great God bless you
  3. Sam Benneth


    Woow , permit me to call you our daddy, I am so sure you will have lot of experience to share with us Hallelujah
  4. Sam Benneth

    Christian fellowship

    Oh wonderful sir. Is forum is a great place to meet with believers too. The truth is that you are not the only one who is introvert kind, just pray about it and try talk to your church pastor. Ask him to give you some responsibility in church, like helping during fellowships time. I azure you this will get you out of yourself and you will enjoy fellowship with others. This can also help your evangelism life, ad God expect us to speak with boldness about him. You are blessed
  5. Sam Benneth


    Woow welcome brother, Jesus welcomes you too, may the peace of the lord be with you Amen , I also recommend you some daily devotional messages on 247devotionals.com just read every morning this was how I started in Nigeria and a share after i read, an Jesus has helped me stay focussed once more
  6. Sam Benneth

    Question About the bible

    Hello everyone, My name is Sam, I am from Nigeria, my questioned is , how can we love Muslims despite all the killings they do to us here in Nigeria ? Jesus said love your enemies, but does that mean we can't defend ourselves anymore, does that mean we are to be persecuted just like that ? What can we do