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  1. Can we include prayers for these countries in our daily petition? Our prayers when we pray together becomes most powerful prayer. I cant imagine anymore killing lives:innocent children, family, relatives, fellow citizenship. Even though many of them are not christians but still they are children of God. We should love them as we love Jesus. We shouldnt shedding lives but fighting for the evil spirit which is Satan. Satan is using war to destroy us and our stand in Christ. If we could pray for them, we can make a big change. Thanks so much and God bless us in every way.
  2. I wish I could do something to help.. What I can only do is to pray. Even the most powerful country is not exempted to God. This is our wake up call from Him, that we as being created by him should act responsibly to his creation. Stop racial discrimination and treat one another with fair and just. How pity that even the little ones suffer from others' faults. We are all in this together. I fear that one day the earth is going to be a battlefield between nature and machine. And both will be blamed to humans.
  3. @JesusGivesLifeMeaning thank you for quoting bible verses. Its true by confessing your sins with faith we will be forgiven. But what if you commit grievous sin that you habitually does and for you, the only way to renew and be cleansed everything is to be baptised again? Is re-baptism possible?
  4. How often should we be baptised? Is asking for forgiveness or going to confession enough for you to be forgiven after you commit heavy sins like against the commandments?
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    Oh i see.. If you can, would you be posting it here? By the way whats the difference of using cement instead of marble or clay- based holder?
  6. Marriene


    Hi Omegaman! Though the details of each candle holder is not visible but your descriptions made interesting to look at closely. Is your family fond of candle sculpture?
  7. @other one hi! Can you give explanation why Ruth is your chosen figure? Wanna know your insight and how this figure help you way out Thanks alot! I appreciate your post
  8. As for me, I have many and would like to mention on different posts. But for now, its Jonah because like him, I am avoiding God. He provide me things or situation that I do not want but then now I am facing hardships that I cannot ecscape. Loneliness, being alone, self-pity are making me to cave more to darker and deeper instead of finding a way out. Can you find a way out inside the belly of the big fish when the only weapon you got is to pray? Now, I am waiting for the good Lord to rescue me because I believe He will.
  9. Hello neighbors Who is your most significant, favourite, inspiring bible figure that changes your outlook of life? Or perhaps you draw strength onto? Or knowing this figure is once like you? P.S. - Jesus is excluded because we all does. Credits to our Savior! Dont forget to explain why. Let's inspire, share insights, and learn from different perspectives with one another
  10. Hi guys, just wondering. I stumbled upon this site where it stated all christian religion where being grouped altogether except for Latter Day Saints which is not indicated.
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  12. Marriene

    Doubting his existence

    Hi Jen123, Have you tried looking for answers in the bible? Thing is that, what we see is what we get- wrongly. But please, dont be terrified. Be strong and have courage seeking the truth. As Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." Believe in Him.
  13. Marriene

    Baa-baa-black Sheep

    This post is unfortunately not about the black sheep according to a popular nursery song. If the black sheep have some wool to spare, I have too, something to tell. Black sheep, black swan, black cat, even black people, many of us quickly judge or believe rumors that things are black as unluck, misfortune, brings disgrace, disaster and danger. But, have we ever take time to consider that there is a wonderful soul living inside of it? I, many times been told, that I am an ugly duckling when I was a child. Not a day been compared(until now) with the eldest, smartest, self-confident, head-turner beautiful duck sibling. During our school days she was the apple of the men's eye. She even recieved an award during our junior-senior prom. All the nicest compliment were being told to her. While me, I was hiding under her shadow. The result? I evolved into a black sheep. Interested to know more about my story? To make me keep on going, hit me up or reply from this post 😁😄😊 I need to post more so I can fully access to this spiritual-filled forum :)) -written by a new member