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  1. Crazy4U

    Saved from what exactly?

    Is it right too say that Jesus is saving those who believe in him from his punishment, not sin itself. I mean if hell didn't exist, what would Jesus be saving you from exactly?
  2. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

  3. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

    Another lazy day of hotdogs & coke a cola.
  4. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

    My hats off to you, kind sir.
  5. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

  6. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

  7. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

    Yeah I guess....but you can't beat anyone up with those styles.
  8. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

    Thank you for dropping by.
  9. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

    Hey, wouldn't it be funny if Christianity had styles like in Martial arts. What Christian style would you be?
  10. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

    That's my name.
  11. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

    You know if I were a Christian, I'd be the laziest Christian on the planet.
  12. Crazy4U

    Is Mormon considered to be a Christian?

    I used to be a Mormon. The thing about the Mormons is that they believe to be the one true Church, that John the Baptist visited Joseph Smith and bestowed the priesthood upon him. They also have the apostleship, which they believe validates their claims to the one true Church.
  13. Crazy4U

    Hello WCF

    Hi, how are you. I hope you are well, and having fun. Me, I've been bumming around wasting days. Anyway, beats doing stuff.