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  1. i watched the video, it seems to me (as i understood him, i could be wrong) he was saying that God would be OK with abortion in situations of rape, incest and where it poses danger to mother's health. as far as gay marriage is concerned it did sounds like he was saying God would ok with it as a long as it is a committed relationship, but in his defence, he also said he can not think of a scriptural passage to support this skewed view, rather it is his personal opinion. it is very sad a born again believer would come to this point, pathetic if you ask me!
  2. Equippers

    what the worst "biblical" advicd youve ever gotten

    before you judge somebody, you might want to remember not everyone had the same privilege that you have had. i am sure your intention is well, but not everyone have or had access to Godly advisers who does not have a personal agendas. i for one have one nasty piece of work after another. so there.
  3. Equippers

    The Normalization of Pedophilia

    the pictures you have removed. do they actually represent the mainstream left or those on the outlier.
  4. Equippers

    what the worst "biblical" advicd youve ever gotten

    anything that has proven to be extremely harmful to mine life they are usually distortion of scriptures by taking things out of context, such as "love assume the best" which really meant YOU MUST BELIEVE EVERYONE UNLESS THEY COME AT YOU WITH A KNIFE, in another word, in order to be a half decent christian, i must pretend everyone is trustworthy and kind and doesn't lie and allow them to take advantage of me and milk me dry!
  5. Equippers

    How to cope with lonliness

    well i think before the OP is thinking about getting a pet, one consideration is definitely how manageable it is but ability of the pet to met the desire for affection is also important you don't want to get a pet that is easy to manage but is essentially a dead weight because it is not affectionate or does not know how to give out affection, and only add stress to your current situation. i think OP should be beware that there are a lot irresponsible articles online when it comes to pets. i have came across this article online claims Chow Chow is an affectionate breed, when in reality the breed is "well known" for being aloof and cold! also there are many people who would post Youtube videos claiming their pets is affectionate when in reality their pet is a completely cold fish i would recommend Op before deciding on the type of pet to get, instead of relying on articles, go to the forum to the pet you are thinking about and type in key words such as how affectionate. and see what the users there have to say, but more importantly , see how they define "affection" because sometimes they might claim their pet is affectionate but when you look at the behaviours they have described and you go "what"? and yes, Youtube videos, just look through the videos of the pet's actual behaviour, not the title of the video or what the owner would like to claim, you would get some specific ideas as well! cat might be a good compromised option, some cat breed are known to be more affectionate. but again , do research by looking at forums and Youtube videos posted. God bless.
  6. Equippers

    How to cope with lonliness

    are you able to get a dog? if so pug would be a good choice. obviously a dog cannot replace human companionship but they can still bring a lot joy to your life and alleviate some of that loneliness God bless.
  7. Equippers

    the "hunger game" begins for believers?

    i won't know, i haven't been to Burger King OR McDonalds for a LONG TIME NOW!
  8. Equippers

    the "hunger game" begins for believers?

    McDonalds? why not Burger King??????
  9. Equippers

    the "hunger game" begins for believers?

    the children of Satan will not have the last say. God will destroy them in the end and avenge His own children. praise the Lord! Zechariah 2:8 For this is what the LORD Almighty says: "After the Glorious One has sent me against the nations that have plundered you--for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye
  10. Equippers

    the "hunger game" begins for believers?

    WHAT? you DON'T KNOW WHAT A HUNGER GAME IS? where have you been?
  11. things just keep going down hill people with non PC views are being persecuted everywhere Christian bakers, non PC speakers on campus, Christian students on campus, Jewish students on campus. now aunty Maxine is calling for what against the cabinet of Trump administration..... i mean i have not been following US politics lately, too depressing, but detaining children seem too much.... i think Christians should speak out about it. but to refuse service and to heckle trump officials..... i don't know...
  12. Equippers


    sorry, Abby just saw this WISH YOU A BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  13. evil is rampant in this world. one good person can not make a difference, but they certain bring comfort to those who are being oppressed by not condoning or minimizing evil. When the Lord was walking on this earth, He always look for and stand up for the oppressed.