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  1. he did it in a way that is pretty subtle i don't have solid evidence so it will come down to he says she says he might up the ante......
  2. today i had a difficult time with one of mine lecturers.... years ago we crossed path,we had some misunderstandings years ago, i can not even remember what it was.. the last time i saw him, he smiled at me, i shifted mine eyes away ( bad habit of mine i never mean harm though) i run into him again now as he is responsible for current part of the course. i asked him questions today, and he keep giving me none answers and what appears to be wrong answers.... i don't get it..... i really don't i feel like i am in a midst of tidal waves.....
  3. Equippers


    . I am due for an injection of mine medication on Monday here is the problem it is meant to be a intramuscular injection as in it is meant to be injected into the muscle, not into the bloodstream the first time it was done by my regular nurse/key worker. there were a little blood coming out in the end, not a lot the second time it was done by another nurse (as my regular nurse was away), there was no blood what so ever. i asked her about it, if i remember correctly, she might have said there should not be blood when injection goes in, but when pulling it out, there might be some blood sometimes. i have no idea what was the cause of blood the first time. because right now i am suffering from side effects of medications, i don't really want risk not having it done properly. so how i would i communicate this to mine nurse? it is possible she is not good at it and may feel a bit touchy,also she probably does not want to appear incompetent ( not saying i think she is)  ask for a different nurse to give the injection is probably not feasible because i am her patient, this is her job.  one way i can think of to get around it maybe asking her to give the injection to the hip instead of the arm, but i have been told the needle used for arm is different from the needle used for buttock, so this may not work...... anyway, because right now i am under compulsory treatment, she has all the power. also i know sometimes people can fib in this type of situation, they could say something like "oh, it is all right, it is no big deal" where in reality they know while it is not going to be disastrous, it may still be harmful, it is just because you are the one going to suffer the consequences, so they don't care.... what should i do? thank you
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    urgent important meeting a few hours away

    thank you so much Annette
  5. thank you for your clarification and advice i really appreciate it
  6. thank you you are right we are all work in progress i guess i was thinking not so much about areas that i keep prone to sinning ( i probably did not express myself well) i meant unresolved sin. so for example, so let if i ripped someone off, and i "still" have not return him the money for whatever reason even though i do feel bad about it..... would that put block to God ability to help me, not that He doesn't want to, but because He can't until i put things right... that is the impression i get from the Charles Stanley sermon. thank you again for your input i really appreciate it.
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    My mother is not better... [URGENT PRAYERS!]

    may God bless you in terms of a job and continues to bring you comfort
  8. hello i am currently having some serious issues going on in mine life, which i have shared some of it in mine post Catch22 i have seen this Charles Stanley sermon once which come back to me now, and that is sin or disobedience short circuit our prayer life, that is God can not help us if we have an area in our life where we are not in obedience of Him. there is one area in mine life that i can think of, and that is my current source of income. i am not doing anything that is technically illegal, but still i know i am not being honest about the whole thing. i am scared, because giving my current ongoing situation, i need God's help more than ever, as well as His protection and guidance in all other areas of mine life. but i also feel the need to talk to someone, to be able to discuss the situation in detail on how to properly stop my current source of income as there are implications etc. i am wondering if God would be understanding of the situation and give me the help to make the right decision by giving me the opportunity of talk to a right person and think/talk things through so i can do this properly and safely...... i have been leaving prayer requests at different places asking people to pray for me for right guidance to come alone, i am wondering if God would at least grant this prayer and give me the help i need to do this..... what do you think i should do?
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    catch 22

    hello i am from nz
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    catch 22

    thank you the question is how to find a Christian physician.
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    catch 22

    hello yes, i am a Christian. i have decided to stay celibate to honor Him though i do struggle in this area. what do you mean by them over to Him though? do you mean that i can hand over things to God and trust He will take care of me regardless what happens......
  12. Equippers

    catch 22

    hello i have a mental health diagnosis recently i was put on compulsory treatment order in a court hearing in front of a judge by my doctor with help of false testimonies. he falsely claimed that i have a history of worrying about people put poison in my food, this is not true. he claimed i refused a heavier dose of this previous medication i am on, which is not true because i have specifically told my key worker i am open to higher dose of my previous medication. i was reluctant to be on new medications with nasty side effects. he said in one of our previous appointments, i was hurrying to leave because i said i need to go back to school, and later on he found me hanging outside the clinic leisurely. i am pretty sure i said no such thing. it appeared he stated this to discredit me to the judge..... there are other false testimonies as well when he tried to launched CTO against me, at one point he said coldly to me "you are not working with us, you don't trust us" it is true i did not fully trust them because of my negative experience with mental health professionals in the past, as well as how this physician had conducted himself. but i have always tried to answer their questions as much as i could. and his behavior now just confirmed i was right about him in the first place. where i live, we have this thing called the mental health act, it is designed to safe guard patients' human rights and acknowledging in the process that physicians can and do abuse patients, otherwise there would be no need of having safe guards in place. but here is mine problem, i can't talk to people about the dilemma i am in because when it comes to mental health, most people tend have their tinted glasses on when they listen to you, and they tend to want to give the physicians the benefit of doubts as take whatever they say at face value. i don't know what to do, i am a little bit scared of this doctor right now because now i am under compulsory treatment, he can do whatever he wants, and he has already proven himself to be dishonest and without integrity by lying in an attempt to put me under this order. i am currently experiencing side effects with mine new medication, but i am concerned he will not agree to change it back to mine old medications, which i did not experienced side effects on or agree to reduce the dosage. he has already dismissed mine concern once by stating the symptoms i am experiencing is considered rare for this drug, but when i do research on the net, it says one in 10 people experience the type of side effects i am experiencing. anyway, the point of me thread is to get advice on how i can talk to people about this type of things and getting a fair shot of them listening to me with an open mind i also don't know how to trust God in the midst of it when truth did not prevail and there does not seem to be likelihood of it ever does.....
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    Man Killed by Policewoman in His Own Apartment

    i can relate to this i was destroyed by bunch of false testimonies today......