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  1. hello i recently got back in touch with an old friend by email, but i have been having difficulties getting hold of her on the phone. can you please pray God will bless me on this thank you
  2. please pray God will be with me and i can sense His presence and for His help. thank you
  3. sorry to hear this TurtleTwo God bless you
  4. i hope so too. i have some issues with bullying from the case managers working in that office. it is hard for me to be sure what is actually going on. i am hoping it might be a mistake somehow they didn't wire the money into my account and they will reimburse me for it. may God be with me on this matter.
  5. hello i made an appointment next Tuesday with the case manager should find out more then thank you for asking.
  6. i double checked , no money came in i am going to sort it out next week, please pray God will be with me in this matter. thank you
  7. hi Frances may God bring healing to your migraine
  8. hello may God be with you, your husband and your entire family
  9. sorry to hear this, may God bring healing to your son for this condition.
  10. hi Debp, unfortunately, no. the slander campaign has really gotten out of hand. thank you for remember me in your prayer, i really appreciate it
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