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  1. well, if you search online, you would see plenty of examples where women talk about men in demeaning way. what you are talking about here is precisely the problem with modern day feminism, they have such a strangle hold over many left wing media that the so called gender pay gap, which is a distorted figure, has been cited over and over again that people begin to believe them here is a excerpt from the AAUW study "The AAUW has now joined ranks with serious economists who find that when you control for relevant differences between men and women (occupations, college majors, length of time in workplace) the wage gap narrows to the point of vanishing. The 23-cent gap is simply the average difference between the earnings of men and women employed “full time.” What is important is the “adjusted” wage gap-the figure that controls for all the relevant variables. That is what the new AAUW study explores https://www.huffpost.com/entry/wage-gap_b_2073804 the so called wage gap is simply the reflection of variables such as different career choices made by men and women etc Engineering is always going to be paid more than early child teaching. what you have described here, is it due to barriers that stop women from entering the field of IT, or is it simply a reflection of different interest by gender hence difference career choices made by men and women? i used to study nursing, and one of the thing i noticed when i was doing placement on the wards is that female nurses far outnumbers male nurses. so does that mean nursing as a profession discriminate against men? or is it a simple reflection of women are far more likely to be attracted to the profession of nursing compares with men? and it is not a reflection of any present barriers that stops a large number of men from entering the profession? the very fact that distorted myth such as gender wage gap is so commonly cited in the media by "mainstream" feminist, just shows the problem does not restrict to a small group of radicals.
  2. and let's face it. many good innocent men are ruined by lies of sinful women. and it is not just the men themselves, but their family as well. their wives, children, parents, siblings, friends all have to bear the brunt of those lies.
  3. i agree, i think we should make the victims of sexual harassment/violence to come forward. unfortunately, my impression of the me too movement is that they want to do away with proper investigation/procedures. Which put innocent men at risk. i am sure you can appreciate, being accused of rape carries heavy consequences, legal and otherwise. this kind of stuff can ruin a person 's life completely, that is why i am not a huge fan of the me too movement, to put it politely.
  4. I remember i was on this other Christian forum about 2 years ago. i was kicked off the forum among many reasons (some legitimate which i accept) but one accusation i got from a moderator there was i misogynistic i never received a proper explanation on how i was misogynistic. but one of the things i have posted on that forum at the time was mine misgiving about the metoo movement how the movement promote this idea all allegations of sexual misconduct should not just be taken seriously as in an impartial and thorough investigation must be carried out. But all allegation must be believed as in taken at face value. Which goes against the fundamental legal principle (which i believe is also a Christian principle) that is a person is innocent until proven guilty. not to mention as human beings, we all have sinful nature, and that means false allegations do happens. i have heard on many US college campus, metoo movements means proper procedures when investigating complaints have been set aside. which have resulted in young men being wrongfully accused and got kicked out of school etc anyway, i am rambling on a bit, but i have always wondered whether that staff member on that Christian forum is a feminist, and want to shut down opinions that are different from His, even though it does not violate the forums rules. anyway, so what is your guys' opinion on the current state of feminism and what is your opinion of men's rights movement?
  5. i guess i am not saying all mothers feel this way. but based on my own experience, many mothers seems do i have to say, i don't see the same thing with fathers and daughters what do you think?
  6. he admitted to two affairs, on two separate occasions i think (please check this though) one got him fired from CRPC, the other one got him fired from Willow Creek. i honestly don't know. God knows the truth, i just pray God will let the full truth come to light. that is all i can say.
  7. so sorry this happened to you I hope God will be with you in the mean time and through his faithfulness and mercy, heal you.
  8. i agree. a pastor's motivation is paramount but the key here is genuine repentance genuine repentance involves more than just feeling bad, it involves a change in direction, a change in mentality and behaviour. one can not keep using the argument of "whoops, i did it again" argument. without genuine repentance, one should not be allowed back into ministry again, even if they have a passion for it.
  9. i think you have a point, i think the emphasize here is on "certain sins" you know, years ago i was in this youth group where i was bullied and abused by the youth leader who was leading the group he consistently use the power that come with his position to settle scores with me he may have felt bad after those incidences, but he never changed his behaviour. which is a sign of non-genuine repentance and everyone was making excuses for him, he also have a nasty but powerful mother who think everyone should give her son a free pass, if they don't, she would abuse the scriptures on forgiveness and resort to bullying tactics herself to force you to forgive ( or is it to give her son a free pass?) the situation lasted a long time, until God finally stepped in Himself and removed him from the position Himself as far as i am aware of, even after God removed him from the post, no one from that church took responsibility for anything. and i don't think he and his mother fully accepted responsibility for anything either. i think given the lack of genuine repentance on he and his mother's part, they should not be allowed to get back into ministry but it is not mine call i think his mother may still be in ministry somewhere. there no justice, not even from God but you know what, if this young showed true repentance and gave me a sincere apology (which he never done) and show he has changed his ways, i would gladly have forgiven him and i would think he should be allowed to be back into ministry again but i don't think that will happen. i think it is possible he is in ministry at this very moment. and that disgusts me it also shows just how unjust God is by allowing bunch of human garbage remain in ministry i am still angry by the lack of repentance and lack of consequences for that mother and son, so it is mine anger talking right now. so don't mind me.
  10. hello you asked a very good question i too agree the most fundamental thing here is has he confessed to all the adulteries, because full confession is part of true repentance. regardless whether or not he is in ministry or not i guess we will never know the answer to that as the only person who know the full truth is the accusers and Tullian and God of course. but there are inconsistency in their answers, at least when it comes to some of the alleged affairs, as i understand. Tullian and some of those women can't be both telling the truth could Tullian be lying? yes. Could those women or at least some of those women be lying? yes\ when dealing with allegations such as those, one should be assumed innocent until proven guilty. as far as i am aware of, no formal thorough investigations was ever carried out to verify those women's claims (please correct me if i am wrong here) you know right now in my life i am dealing with a slander/smear campaign that is not true, and God knows it is not true. that is why i am careful to assume Tullian's guilt.
  11. i am just reading this article on Tullian Tchividjian planting a new church https://www.christianpost.com/news/back-in-pulpit-after-scandal-tullian-tchividjian-insists-sex-with-former-congregants-was-not-abuse.html the issue here appears to be he "allegedly" had affairs with multiple congregationers if i remember correctly, he might have denied some of them. it is hard to know what actually happened unless you are the people that is involved. i don't know, i know from experience that we are all sinners, all of us are capable of lying under the right circumstances. I can't really say who is telling the truth, is it Tullian Tchividjian or some of his accusers. but since it is Tullian's reputation that is at stake here, i tend to give him the benefit of the doubt there is one key affair that is outlined in the article, that is with the a woman named Rachel Steele ( this is one affair that Tullian admit to) base on what i read, Both Tullian and Rachel agreed they "both" wanted it. they do differ on other aspects. Rachel says Tullian gave marital advice (i am not sure exactly what this is as there is no elaboration) to her and her husband. Tullian says he did not serve in the formal "role" of a counselor. Rachel Steele felt Tulian "groomed" her whereas Tullian assert he did not use his role to entice people into sexual relationship with him. in Tulian defense here, i think is that only Tulian and God knows what he was thinking, the rest of us can only speculate, including Rachel Steele, though Rachel does have more information compares with the rest of us to help her make a conclusion at what Tullian might be thinking. anyway, i strongly encourage you to read through the article and this other one https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2019/september/tullian-tchividjian-infidelity-pastoral-abuse-metoo-church.html a word of warning on the second article whose link i shared above, the author in this article mentioned metoo movement which i think it is concerning, because as many of you know, metoo movement is problematic in many ways, one of which is every believer's accusation must be taken at face value and believed, rather than withhold one's judgement until a thorough and unbiased investigation has been conducted, and that a person is innocent until proven guilty. There are many other problem with metoo movement philosophy which i am sure many of you are familiar with, that is why i am alarmed that a "Christian" author would cite this movement and used it as part of her rationale for her argument. i personally also agree with Tulian that only a person who messed his life up before can help others who mess up effectively. so what do guys think, should he be given a second chance?
  12. don't know, pastors are human beings as well, they make sinful choices as well. for me, it is about genuine repentance as they don't reoffend. they can't just say sorry and keep their merry ways. but it also depends on what sins they have committed....
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