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  1. Equippers


    thank you very much guys may God bless you all greatly
  2. Equippers


    hello all sorry i have something i desperately need prayer for. i won't be able to share it on a public forum, but God knows all. please pray for me thank you
  3. Equippers

    Still work trouble

    hello Wayne thank you for your prayers. health wise, it is not getting any better, it seems to have gotten worse housing and employment situation is still up in the air dad seems to recover nicely though, we are still waiting for his test results thank you again. God bless you and your daughter.
  4. Equippers

    Are You Lonely Too?

    God created us for fellowship with other human beings, in this case other believers..... Charles Stanley has this video on loneliness i think you should check it out. i don't know who this Tozer person is, but i do know something about Charles Stanley, he seems to think as i remember it, God does not want us to be lonely for a long period of time, and He is a God that met our needs. also his video is targeted at born again believers i think.....
  5. Equippers

    Update on Grandson's Court Date

    praise the Lord
  6. Equippers

    Update on Grandson's Court Date

    how did it go? may Go continues to bless your grandson.
  7. Equippers

    loved ones needing Jesus

    pray God will bring them to Him and back to Him
  8. Equippers

    Weary Of Dissension

    may God bless you in this area, whatever it is troubling you
  9. Equippers

    New problem

    no problem at all, for me, this is what the prayer forums is for God knows everything, may He have mercy on you and help you and bless you
  10. Equippers

    Still work trouble

    may God watch over you and bless you
  11. Equippers

    my dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer?

    hello i had his surgery and just came out of the hospital yesterday. it might not be cancer after all but we are waiting for the test results keep fingers crossed. thank you for your prayer