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  1. Hello everyone, The song that I would like to share is kinda different. I would classify it as a Gospel/folk type of music that is sung and played (on acoustic guitar) by Tim O'Brien. I perceive that this "toe-tapping," catchy song has an edifying Christian message to it. I just happen to enjoy it; see if you do too! .. I would welcome any comments... -- Lar
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    Hi Marlene, You're very welcome! -- Lar
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    Hi Marlene, I'm Lar, and I would just like to say that it's nice to have you here on Worthy Christian Forums. I'm an older, Christian married man, and I too have felt a bit more "distant" from the Lord lately than I used to be. Certainly, I will pray for you - with regards to what you wrote up above. ~ Lord Jesus, please minister to Marlene in a very special way - about her recently coming back to You, and also, with regards to the problems that she is having with disappointment and hurt. Thank You for loving us, Lord Jesus, and thank You too for meeting us right where we're at. I praise You and I thank You: for the work that You're doing in Marlene's life - and for the work that You're doing - even now as I write this prayer. Amen. ~ May God continue to bless you and to keep you, Marlene, -- Lar
  4. Lar

    Separating Anxiety from Truth

    Hi BK1110 and YeshuaWarrior444, I think that BK1110 makes a very important point here: "Compare what you're anxious about with the Word [i.e. compare it with the Word of God - the Bible]..." YeshuaWarrior444, I was trying to exhort you and to comfort you with regards to how (I think) that you will *feel* when you hear from God (based on my own personal experience with this), but we must always remember that the Bible: the Word of God - always takes precedence (that is, it takes "first place") over anything that we might feel with our emotions (or even think with our intellect) with regards to anything that we may *feel* (or otherwise think) that we have heard from God. I was simply trying to encourage you on an emotional level - because I think that I may have been "where you are at" with regards to your feelings of anxiety and with regards to your honestly wanting to *feel accurately* that you are hearing God. I did this because we are both human, and I have found that it is often needful to comfort and to exhort someone who is feeling anxious about anything (such as their hearing from God accurately or whatever) - first in a caring, human, emotional sort of way - rather than to always start off in an objective, logical sort of way: that may perhaps sometimes seem cold and unfeeling to the person who is feeling anxious and/or upset. But I think that BK1110 made a very important point: and, (if I understood them correctly), even when you are feeling anxious about whether or not you are hearing accurately from God, the *safest* and the most *effective* way to discern what God's will *really* is is to compare your anxious feelings, ect. to relevant scriptures from the Bible - the Word of God. But while you are doing this, just know that God (and also, other Christians), truly *do care* about what you are going through *emotionally* - such as when your mind is discomforted and you are in a state of emotional turmoil. For instance, the Bible says: "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth [cares] for you." (1 Peter 5:7) KJV (the word in brackets is mine - added for language clarification purposes) My "read" on this particular scripture is that God cares not only about our practical, (biblically-explainable and/or empirical) situation(s), but He also cares about our emotional feelings - right in the midst of these situations. So when you're logically and biblically checking out the Word of God against your anxious, emotional feelings, then please do remember that God *also* cares about your anxious feelings and your emotional state of mind. OK? <smile>
  5. Lar

    Separating Anxiety from Truth

    Hi YeshuaWarrior444. Welcome to WCF!! I sincerely hope and pray that you will be blessed by your time here. I also suffer from anxiety and also clinical depression - so I can relate to suffering from these things. In my experience with hearing from God, I have found that genuinely hearing from God actually gives you a feeling of peace and well-being - (even when God is rebuking you or perhaps even chastising you). Perhaps this is because part of God's basic nature is *peace* - along with love, joy, goodness, longsuffering, ect. In contrast to this, the things that you generally hear from Satan will involve feelings of fear, emotional unease and torment - and will *not* involve peace and a feeling of well-being (which - as I have found - you will experience when you genuinely hear from God). I read the other posts to you on this topic, and they definitely seemed to me to be giving you good advice. The real battle that the Christian experiences is in their mind (as has already been pointed out). And I believe that God will give you the grace to sort things out in your mind - even during those times when you are experiencing anxiety. Also, (as has already been suggested), keeping a list: of what God's nature tells you, and of what Satan's nature tells you, also struck me as being a good idea for you to do. Because during those times that you are experiencing anxiety, it will be a great help to you to read these things - because even during "subjective" (and/or anxious) times, your reading the things that are on these lists will help you to take an *objective* view towards what's really happening. God really does love you, YeshuaWarrior444 - just like a good, loving father does. And He's definitely *not* "out to get you," or to somehow try to "trip you up!" The Enemy would have you to think these things about God, but such thoughts and/or feelings as these are *not* from God! I'll pray for you - that you will learn to know and to perceive the things that are from God and the things that are from Satan. May God richly bless you - as day by day - you will be caused by God to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua), Lar
  6. Hello Ed J, Thanks for your response to me. You're very welcome. May God bless you too. -- Lar
  7. Hello Marilyn, Thanks for responding to my post. I had forgotten that you have mountains in Australia. (I think that someone else had told me that...) We have mountains here too. Actually, my wife and I live on the side of a mountain. (It's kind of like a hill, actually.) You and I must be just about 12 hours apart. Morning for you is evening for me. Lar
  8. Hi ytLiJC, Thank you for getting back to me. I see your point, and I believe that I understand what you are saying. You see, to me: being "religious" is kind of like just outwardly "going through the motions" of being a Christian -- but without allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to spiritually and actively (and *dynamically*) live out His life: both in and through you. I perceive that there are many people who "act out" the Christian religion - but without living out their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ: by actively (and genuinely) loving their Christian brethren. Please see: 1 John 3:23 Brother, do you understand what I am saying here? (I truly do mean to say this to you in a gracious and respectful manner...) May God bless you, and may He lead you in His faith and in His love - by His Grace, Lar
  9. Hello Marilyn, It's nice to get to know you too, Marilyn. It's Sunday morning here where I am. on Mar. 4, 2019 -- at 8:42 AM (I'm located in upper New York state - in the northeastern part of the USA) My wife and I are currently "socked in" with a two and a half foot snowfall. (It's about 4 feet deep out at the end of our driveway: because when the snow trucks come past us, they leave a pile of impacted snow - that effectively "buries" our car [out by the road].) I tried to shovel out a place by our mailbox yesterday - for the person who comes to deliver our mail, but I became exhausted, and I didn't do a very good job - (I left almost a foot of snow on the road). This might be a silly question on my part to ask you, but do you ever get snow anywhere in Australia? (We could happily live *without* it!) Marilyn, do you have any idea as to what the time difference is between where you live and where I live? (once again, I'm in the eastern part of the USA). Best wishes to you, Lar
  10. Marilyn, I think that perhaps I responded to your post to me in the wrong place... <says Lar: scratching head> Yes, I agree with you - how merciful God the Father is: because He reaches out to all persons in His own way: as long as we each have breath. May God continually bless and keep you, Lar
  11. Amen Marilyn, sister, God the Father is so good, isn't He? He draws unsaved people to His Son, Jesus Christ - even though we (as human beings) are so undeserving of His marvelous Grace. I hope that things are going well for you in "the land down under," <smile> Lar
  12. Hi ytLiJC, I hope that I spelled your name right -- it's kinda late here, and my eyes are getting tired. Thanks for your post. Yes, I agree with you, there is much that is wicked for a Christian to beware of. ytLiJC, I have never been what might be described as a "religious person." I'm just a sinner who was mercifully saved by God's marvelousness Grace through the Lord Jesus Christ. Personally, I don't tend to think of Christianity as being a religion at all; rather, I see it as being a personal *relationship* with the true and living God - through the Lord Jesus Christ. However, please pardon me if I didn't get the full point of what you were saying - in your quote (above). May God bless and keep you from all evil, Lar
  13. Hi again Marilyn, Thank you very much for your kind and gracious words to me. Marilyn, a question for you: did you think that I was saying (or perhaps inferring) that the *only way* that a person can be saved is in the way that God saved me? Oh no! I didn't mean to say or to infer that! There's a rather crass expression that some Christians have used: "Don't put God in a box!" Well, I kind of cringe at that particular expression - that is, as pertaining to a Holy and Sovereign God, but I guess that I would tend to agree with the basic thought behind it. But I honestly wasn't meaning to try to place any kind of limits on God, and/or on what God can do! Seriously, I wasn't. Marilyn, if I in any way misunderstood what you were saying, then please forgive me, OK? May God richly bless you, Lar
  14. Hi jeff, Thank you for responding to me and to my post. As I read what you said here (in what I quoted of your words [above]), I was reminded that when God first called me and drew me to the Lord Jesus Christ, I was concurrently in a state of being afraid - afraid because of a "New Age" initiation that I had been invited to participate in - in just a few days time. So when I prayed to the God Who had created the creation (the only God that I was able to believe in at the time), I wasn't really aware at that point in time that I was seeking God with all of my heart. Actually, my prayer to God (at that time) was kind of like a cry for help - from me to God: in a time when I sensed danger ahead for me, and I was seeking to *really* hear from God Himself - with an answer to my earnest question: "What is the truth?" And God -Great and Mighty God - was merciful to me, and He answered my question with just five simple words: "The truth is Jesus Christ." Now some people might think or say: "How do you know that you actually heard from God?" I think that the only way that I can answer that kind of question is: I know, because God's words entered into my heart in a way that I had never experienced before; it was almost like a "knife of truth" had penetrated into my heart in a way that caused me to immediately (and personally) believe in and put my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ - as my personal Lord and Savior. If I were to try to explain my *knowing* in human terms - I think that I would have to equate it with the kind of knowing that a person has when they first realize that they have fallen in love with the love of their life. (By the way, my computer seems to shift over to italics on its own: I didn't do that myself, and frankly, I don't know how to get back to regular type!) I guess that I'm kind of like a stone-age man in a hyper-technical world. ("Firing off" a "smiley" here and there is about the limit of my technical prowess...) Pardon me, but I seem to be having computer problems right now. So I guess that I'd better close. May God bless you - one and all, Lar
  15. Hi Marilyn C, I think that I understand the point that you're making here. I was using the scripture from Jeremiah to basically say that *whoever* seeks God with all of their heart *will* find Him. And I guess that you're saying (or politely implying) that the context of this scripture from Jeremiah in the Old Testament was *not* actually using this scripture to apply to *all* people who seek for God with all of their heart finding Him. But allow me to share another interesting scripture with you (that you most likely are already aware of): "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" (2 Timothy 3:16) Please note what this passage from 1 Timothy says: that " *All scripture* is given by inspiration of God..." (and is then profitable for the things that this scripture then goes on to state). When seen in this particular light, then this particular scripture (from 1 Timothy) seems to me to be stating that even the scripture in Jeremiah (that you had referred to) could also be interpreted as a universal truth: that is, that *all* persons who seek for God with all of their heart *will* find Him! Marilyn, I'm honestly not a person who normally "argues" about or even debates about scripture (truly I'm not), but do you see the point that I'm trying to make here? On this rare occasion when I was saved, I was truly and earnestly seeking to know the truth from the only God that I was able to believe in at the time: the personal God Who had created all of creation. And when I received the answer: "the truth is Jesus Christ", I believe that I *found* Him - that is, that I found God at that particular point in time. Therefore, I am of the personal opinion that *all* people who truly search for God with all of their heart *will* find Him! Oh well, "nuff said" from me at this point in time (I think). A good friend of mine (back when I was still an unbeliever) once told me that I was a "stiff-necked Assyrian" - I think he said this because I wasn't able to personally believe in Jesus Christ at the time. I don't know... I'm a Christian believer now, but perhaps in some ways, I'm still a "stiff-necked Assyrian." <friendly grin> Lar