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  1. Hi Rosa, I get the impression that you have done a lot of thinking about what you said. There was one thing that you said that particularly interested me: "honesty is valuable when u can lie though u choose to say the truth." To me, that makes a lot of sense. If a person is capable of lying, then their choice to be honest is definitely valuable. When I was a child growing up, my mother taught me not to lie: because she felt that lying was wrong. And now, as an adult, if I happen to lie then I confess it to the Lord Jesus as being a sin, and then He forgives me and He cleanses me from all unrighteousness (please see: 1 John 1:9-- in the Bible) Rosa, what I'm going to say now is changing the subject a bit, but my understanding (from the Bible) is that there is only *one* true God and only *one* true way to be saved and to go to Heaven, and the Bible says this truth in various places. For instance, the Lord Jesus said: "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6 - from the Bible) (The Lord Jesus was speaking here of God the Father... More on that later) Also: “Look to Me, and be saved, All you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other." (Isaiah 45:22 -- from the Bible) (Here, the God of the Bible is saying that there are no other (true) Gods but Him alone.) And here: "I, even I, am the LORD, And besides Me there is no savior." (Isaiah 43:11 -- from the Bible) This is saying that only the Lord is mankind's Savior. (the Lord Jesus Christ - God the Son -- more on that later) It is true that Jesus Christ became a man and died on the cross to pay for the price of the sins of all mankind. (And then Jesus was buried, and then He was raised [resurrected] from the dead.) But Jesus is also *God* (God the Son), and He is the only way to be saved from sins and to go to Heaven. But please let me make this one thing very clear: there is only *one* true God - not three Gods (or more than three), and, (again, as revealed from the Bible), God has chosen to manifest Himself in three unique Persons: the Father, the Son (the Lord Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. And yet, God is only one God! (I know, this may be difficult to understand... Frankly, I suspect that many (or even most) Christians find this particular concept difficult to understand, but - by faith in God and by faith in His Word - they believe it to be true.) Wow, I think that I've shared a lot of stuff with you here. You seem to be honestly seeking to know the truth in your own way, and I respect that. I hope that you will find your stay here on Worthy Christian Forum(s) to be a valuable experience, and also to be enjoyable. -- Lar
  2. Hi again Rosa, I'm very glad that you believe in Jesus. I didn't become a Christian until I was 40 years old, and I believe that God spoke to me when I was praying, and God told me: "the truth is Jesus Christ". And all of a sudden, I knew in my heart that it was really true - and I received the Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. (God was very merciful to me.) But in all honesty, Rosa - I must confess to you that I am not a brilliant person. I'm just an ordinary guy... I make a lot of mistakes, and I still have a lot to learn!
  3. Hi Rosa, Your post here touched my heart. Yes, certainly I will pray for you. I believe that God knows you, and that He knows your present situation - and that He cares about you very much. Rosa, have you personally trusted in and received the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? I ask you this because having a *personal relationship* with God the Father - through the Lord Jesus Christ - is at the very center of being a born-again Christian, and it is sooooo important! Jesus really wants to be a part of your life, and He wants to help you, and to save you, and to give you eternal life with Him. -- Lar
  4. Hello everyone, The song that I would like to share is kinda different. I would classify it as a Gospel/folk type of music that is sung and played (on acoustic guitar) by Tim O'Brien. I perceive that this "toe-tapping," catchy song has an edifying Christian message to it. I just happen to enjoy it; see if you do too! .. I would welcome any comments... -- Lar
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    Hi Marlene, You're very welcome! -- Lar
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    Hi Marlene, I'm Lar, and I would just like to say that it's nice to have you here on Worthy Christian Forums. I'm an older, Christian married man, and I too have felt a bit more "distant" from the Lord lately than I used to be. Certainly, I will pray for you - with regards to what you wrote up above. ~ Lord Jesus, please minister to Marlene in a very special way - about her recently coming back to You, and also, with regards to the problems that she is having with disappointment and hurt. Thank You for loving us, Lord Jesus, and thank You too for meeting us right where we're at. I praise You and I thank You: for the work that You're doing in Marlene's life - and for the work that You're doing - even now as I write this prayer. Amen. ~ May God continue to bless you and to keep you, Marlene, -- Lar
  7. Hi BK1110 and YeshuaWarrior444, I think that BK1110 makes a very important point here: "Compare what you're anxious about with the Word [i.e. compare it with the Word of God - the Bible]..." YeshuaWarrior444, I was trying to exhort you and to comfort you with regards to how (I think) that you will *feel* when you hear from God (based on my own personal experience with this), but we must always remember that the Bible: the Word of God - always takes precedence (that is, it takes "first place") over anything that we might feel with our emotions (or even think with our intellect) with regards to anything that we may *feel* (or otherwise think) that we have heard from God. I was simply trying to encourage you on an emotional level - because I think that I may have been "where you are at" with regards to your feelings of anxiety and with regards to your honestly wanting to *feel accurately* that you are hearing God. I did this because we are both human, and I have found that it is often needful to comfort and to exhort someone who is feeling anxious about anything (such as their hearing from God accurately or whatever) - first in a caring, human, emotional sort of way - rather than to always start off in an objective, logical sort of way: that may perhaps sometimes seem cold and unfeeling to the person who is feeling anxious and/or upset. But I think that BK1110 made a very important point: and, (if I understood them correctly), even when you are feeling anxious about whether or not you are hearing accurately from God, the *safest* and the most *effective* way to discern what God's will *really* is is to compare your anxious feelings, ect. to relevant scriptures from the Bible - the Word of God. But while you are doing this, just know that God (and also, other Christians), truly *do care* about what you are going through *emotionally* - such as when your mind is discomforted and you are in a state of emotional turmoil. For instance, the Bible says: "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth [cares] for you." (1 Peter 5:7) KJV (the word in brackets is mine - added for language clarification purposes) My "read" on this particular scripture is that God cares not only about our practical, (biblically-explainable and/or empirical) situation(s), but He also cares about our emotional feelings - right in the midst of these situations. So when you're logically and biblically checking out the Word of God against your anxious, emotional feelings, then please do remember that God *also* cares about your anxious feelings and your emotional state of mind. OK? <smile>
  8. Hi YeshuaWarrior444. Welcome to WCF!! I sincerely hope and pray that you will be blessed by your time here. I also suffer from anxiety and also clinical depression - so I can relate to suffering from these things. In my experience with hearing from God, I have found that genuinely hearing from God actually gives you a feeling of peace and well-being - (even when God is rebuking you or perhaps even chastising you). Perhaps this is because part of God's basic nature is *peace* - along with love, joy, goodness, longsuffering, ect. In contrast to this, the things that you generally hear from Satan will involve feelings of fear, emotional unease and torment - and will *not* involve peace and a feeling of well-being (which - as I have found - you will experience when you genuinely hear from God). I read the other posts to you on this topic, and they definitely seemed to me to be giving you good advice. The real battle that the Christian experiences is in their mind (as has already been pointed out). And I believe that God will give you the grace to sort things out in your mind - even during those times when you are experiencing anxiety. Also, (as has already been suggested), keeping a list: of what God's nature tells you, and of what Satan's nature tells you, also struck me as being a good idea for you to do. Because during those times that you are experiencing anxiety, it will be a great help to you to read these things - because even during "subjective" (and/or anxious) times, your reading the things that are on these lists will help you to take an *objective* view towards what's really happening. God really does love you, YeshuaWarrior444 - just like a good, loving father does. And He's definitely *not* "out to get you," or to somehow try to "trip you up!" The Enemy would have you to think these things about God, but such thoughts and/or feelings as these are *not* from God! I'll pray for you - that you will learn to know and to perceive the things that are from God and the things that are from Satan. May God richly bless you - as day by day - you will be caused by God to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua), Lar
  9. Hello Ed J, Thanks for your response to me. You're very welcome. May God bless you too. -- Lar
  10. Dear "Worthlessloser," I wanted to quote what you had said, but I wound up quoting Ed J instead (Hi Ed J!) Worth, (I hope it's OK with you for me to call you that), You're of *great* worth to God, Worth! Otherwise, God would not have sent His Son into the world to die for you and to save you for all eternity. But because of where your mind and your emotions are at right now, perhaps God sending His own Son into the world to die for you doesn't really mean that much to you now. But Christians here on Worthy Christian Forum have already showed love and concern for you, and I feel that perhaps that is God's way of showing *His own love for you* -- right now. Worth, please find a counsellor (preferably a Christian counsellor) to help you out: now -- right where you're at. OK? Perhaps you could post a prayer request right here on Worthy Christian Forum: in the Prayer Request section - seeking for someone who is able to help you in the way that I have just now suggested. You see: you have (in essence) shared what you did as (I suspect) an unconscious cry for help. People here are already praying for you... And I too will pray for you. So please don't give up: on life, or on yourself, or (most importantly) on God! And if you have not yet accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, then please do that right away. Just remember John 3:16 (from the Bible): "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." And also: "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13 Worth, the above two Bible verses are *promises* - to you and to all people - from the everlasting God - Who created all of the creation. And God does *not* lie, and He will never let you down either. Wow, I guess that I was just preaching to you, Worth. But perhaps that's because I believe with all of my heart that God's words (from the Bible) are so much stronger and so more convincing than my own (human) words could ever be. Worth, I hope that you get the chance to read what I've shared with you here -- especially the scriptures from the Bible. May God protect you, and may He make His love for you *real* to you, Lar
  11. Greetings, GregoryB, Congratulations to you for having received the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!! I praise the Lord for that! And also, welcome to Worthy Christian Forum. GregoryB, I tend to write (and to talk) *too* much, (or so it seems to me). Would you please pray that I would become more of a listener - like you are. (smile) Thanks very much. May God bless you and guide you in your (relatively new) Christian life, -- Lar
  12. Lar

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    Hi yvonnenicole, welcome to WCF! -- Lar
  13. Hi missmuffet (and all who read this), To my way of thinking, a person is already - to a certain degree - dealing with (self-perceived) old age when they start getting *concerned* about a few grey hairs appearing on their head. Certainly, old age is largely chronological and/or physical, but there are some people who have started to *think* old - even when they're still relatively young! (and vice-versa, by the way) In other words, old age has as much to do with how a person thinks about themselves - that is, either as being old, or even as being young, as it does to do with their actual chronological age (IMO). (And BTW, I mean that *not* as just a flippant. sentimental, "warm fuzzies" kind of statement.) For example, my wife and I know a person who is actually chronologically old, but she talks, things and acts *young* in just about everything that she does. Really, she truly does!! (And I honestly believe that what she is doing is for real!) She genuinely comes off as being a young person! I must say that I'm convinced that she's honestly being *real* when she does this - (and my wife sees it as being this way too). This remarkable woman even uses a younger person's expressions and actions in just about everything she says and in just about everything that she does too. My guess is that she will have many more chronological years to live in her live - and that she will always see herself (and also genuinely act) as still being young. In my case, I have in some ways started to see myself as being old - but that is because I tend to focus on feeling old and tired much of the time (and by the way, I really *don't like* feeling this way). But even in the midst of my actual chronological age, (and some of the physical [or else, just the perceived] physical feelings and things that go along with chronological old age), I still tend to mainly think and even to talk as if I were still a young person. That is to say, a large part of me actually still sees myself as still being young. (And yet, I'm honestly being *real when I see myself as still being young -- and I'm *not* just being a phony!) Matter of fact, that's one of the things that's so cool about the Internet... if you still think, act, and talk young - I mean in your basic persona and your own self-perception, (and also, if you don't happen to mention your chronological age), then no one will actually suspect that you're chronologically old at all! Oh well, I was just trying to make a point, missmuffet, and I hope that you understood what I was trying to say, and also, the spirit that it was being expressed to you in. Also, perhaps I originally took the expression "golden oldies" in the wrong way, and *not* in the spirit that it was meant. (Please pardon me for doing that, OK: missmuffet and everyone else too.) May God bless you, missmuffet, (and also, all who read this), And may all of you still be young - day by day: everyday - in your hearts and in in your minds, because a person's heart and their mind (and also, their spirit and their soul) is where the true reality of this life actually is experienced in Christ! (IMHO) <big smile>, Lar *Note: Perhaps it would also be biblically correct to say that the true reality of being (and living) in Christ is mainly experienced in His Spirit and in His Word: both of which are eternal!
  14. Hi OneLight, Thanks for the tip - I'll have to go and check them out... Lar P.S. I liked the scriptures that you shared
  15. Hello all, I'm in the process of teaching myself how to play the flugelhorn (the flugelhorn is kinda like a large trumpet - but with a mellower "darker" tone to it). But I've run into a problem with my flugelhorn (also known as a flugel horn, by the way). I have an older flugelhorn, (which was made overseas and which was quite inexpensive), and I've been trying to find a flugelhorn mouthpiece that works well on my horn, and that sounds really good -- to me at least. And I found a mouthpiece that I like and that really seems to make my flugelhorn have that characteristic mellow, "darker" sound: that flugelhorns are known for. If anyone is interested, the new mouthpiece that I'm referring to here is a well-know brand of 4FL mouthpiece, and so far, it is the best one that I've found: for the kind of tone and sound that I want. (I've tried quite a few mouthpieces - that is, both flugelhorn mouthpieces and even trumpet mouthpieces: which, for some reason, will fit in my "made overseas" flugelhorn.) But here's the thing... My new 4FL mouthpiece sounds really great (and so far I'm really pleased with it), but after even just a short while of playing it, I have found that my flugelhorn seems to "gurgle" with accumulated "spit" in the horn - requiring me to stop playing it and to clear out the horn: using the "water keys" (that is, the "spit keys" [or valves]) provided on my instrument. Now, it just so happens that of necessity I am playing my flugelhorn in a rather cold room in my house, and perhaps, that is at least a part of the problem, but also, the new mouthpiece that I have has a large air hole going through it (which is where and how [I think] it gets its mellow, truly flugelhorn type of sound), and so therefore, perhaps it's because I'm blowing more moisture (and "spit") into the horn: because of the larger hole. I realize that with a more expensive, really good quality flugelhorn I might not be having this particular problem, but right now, what I have is what I have. Does anyone here have any ideas that they could share with me - that is, as to how to stop (or at least, to counteract) this particular problem that I am having? Possibly, warmer weather will solve the problem for me, but where I live, winter has just begun, and warmer weather is still a long way off. Please feel free to respond here to me -- even if you just want to talk about flugelhorn (or cornet) playing generally. Note: Perhaps because of their beautiful, mellow-type of tone, flugelhorns have been used in church settings (such as for playing hymns, Christian praise songs, ect.) A pastor friend of mine - that I have known for many years - really raved about a flugelhorn that was once played in his church - for a special event. Well, that's all for now. Thanks a lot for reading my post. Lar
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