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  1. Absolutely! That is why that is the first priority in my reading schedule. All the other books relate to that one in some way (theology, church history, apologetics, etc.).
  2. I use the Westminster Shorter Catechism. You can read it online at https://www.opc.org/confessions.html
  3. I take Lovastatin (80 mg/day), and have no side effects. Have been taking them for about 10 years.
  4. I have been retired now for three years. I taught school for 43 years - 31 in public school, and 12 in Christian school. My response to anyone who asks how is retirement? "It just keeps getting better and better!" I love the ability to be available for various church needs and people needs. I also love the extra time to do my favorite activity (reading). Last year I read 45 books in one year - this year, I plan to beat that record. There is nothing like retirement!
  5. I am a Golden Oldie, but I feel like I am 12. My wife is always accusing me of dressing like a teenager. Well, I did teach teenagers for a number of years, so I guess that counts.....
  6. "Do not admit a charge against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses." (1 Timothy 5:19). Yes, an elder may be brought before the church with charges, but there are procedures to be followed, beginning with Matthew 18.
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