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  1. newbie

    thank you so much for your warm welcome and kind words God bless you brother
  2. newbie

    hey Abby-Joy tank you and blessings urSelf
  3. newbie

    yeah i know, the Afrikaans language isnt that hard to understand ,at least not for me
  4. newbie

    thank you KPaulG , God bless you
  5. newbie

    thank you Annette, God bless you
  6. newbie

    aaah i see . im dutch my self thats why i asked
  7. newbie

    thank you Yowm , God bless you
  8. newbie

    thank you Teditis , God bless you
  9. newbie

    thank you Willa, nice to meet you . God bless u
  10. newbie

    hey hello LainL nice to meet you too your location Stellenbosch ., is this the Netherlands or elsewhere?
  11. newbie

    thank you all for the warm welcome GBU
  12. newbie

    I'm new here and looking for Christian friends to chat with. God bless