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  1. this is what i've been talking about... including the other topics that u posted on, it's the SAME thing, and i was just wondering... if there is a porblem with questions here, then maybe i should leave. or maybe...
  2. i'm not talking time.. just askin opinion. and it says in the Bible that we shall not know. and u've posted fluently in my other topics like this 1, anctually, one about the same subject. so y r u just now telling me that?????
  3. (c gala's 'John of God' and Recommendation 666 (gala is my other account name))
  4. that still doesn't answer the source question, all that is.... is repetition. and that gets annoying, ansering a source question with the same thing that brought up the source question to begin with. Felicia
  5. we cant blame the muslims for it either. not all of them r like that. on channel 19 (no cable), all they show about that stuff is the muslim suiside bombers and stuff like that.
  6. i think that that guy, what's his name, in one of my topics fits the discription better. but we really wont know 'til the time comes.
  7. a father at my school came back from Iraq a few months ago. he talked to our class. he said that they had rebuilt at least 12 schools in that area, around 20 clinics, and 7 hospitals. (at least, that is what i remember, i know that the schools part is exactly what he said). and i had never heard about that in the news. i have heard about car bombings, and all that, but never about how much they have rebuilt.
  8. yikes. well thast explains some things. ty, jade. glad u came!!!
  9. My dad said that that 'channeling' is forbidden by God. so i dont think that he is from God at all.
  10. Do you think that the Bible supports the pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, all three, only to... etc? And which do you believe? This is just out of interest.
  11. they have siad things like where they were going to search for Binladen next on the news before. (back when). so i dont thhink that that is an issue, the whole enemy will know thing.
  12. I'm back.
  13. I g2g2 gymnastics now, but i dont have any homework, so, unless Dad wants the computer, i will be back on by 9:00.
  14. LOL. i can see that. LOL. that is quite understandable. and i sure do hope that u look both ways before crossing the street! LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!!! Felicia