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  1. Don't stop at cutting off your hands and plucking out your eyes. God also wants you to cut out your tongue. The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the froward tongue shall be cut out. (Proverbs)
  2. To correct your sins and avoid hellfire, the Bible tells you to cut off your hand or pluck out an eye (Matthew). Have any of you ever done this, or should it be treated as allegory?
  3. As above link didn't seem to work, try another. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44576201
  4. Child abuse latest. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/06/22/church-england-excluded-child-abuse-allegations-inquiry-downplayed/
  5. Sojourner: Whatever your views on science, I stated that there are no absolute truths. Science attempts to find evidence which leads to the best current explanation available. So you can quote from creationist websites all you like. I will still go for evidence based science. Whichever one of the 30,000 or so different churches you subscribe to will have a different interpretation of the Bible to all the others, and even accuse the others of not being true Christians. But creationists believe in non-scientific stuff, and they can be found in any church. They even discredit the whole science of geology. So here's a tip for any budding student of geology. Avoid! The Bible is correct. Geology is inspired by Satan. So before the Flood the Earth had no mountain ranges. After the Flood the mountains were formed very quickly to support what little life survived, namely 8 humans and pairs of animals. Proof of the Flood is found in the oceans and the fossil record. Before the Flood people were living up to nearly 1000 years. After the Flood they were lucky to live for just a few decades. If you believe in this stuff then what you need is not the Bible or the Church. What you need, despite its faults, is science.
  6. Sojourner: I acknowledge that faith is indestructible and science is destructible. Yet some people do lose their faith and scientific theories do actually stand the test of time. Even so, there are no absolute truths in science or religion. That is because the Universe runs on probability and not certainty. But where would you put your trust if you had a serious health problem - medical science or prayer (one or the other)? So in answer to the first question as I understand it. If you know of anything outside the laws of physics then let's hear it. Add proof and you will make yourself a global hero, far greater than Einstein, Newton or Hawking. You might even claim the million bucks from James Randi. As for the carbon dating you are presumably relying on Creationist websites, so here you might find alternatives. http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/hovind/howgood-c14.html As for the Catholic question, and I am still a nominal Catholic. I have always been led to believe that the bread and wine once blessed and removed is actually changed into the body and blood of Christ. Certainly much blood has been spilled in war over this notion. But then...are Catholics actually Christians!? According to some Evangelists, apparently not. No wonder there are over 30,000 different types of church if they can't even agree over this.
  7. I realize that many questions have been put to me, but I've only had a limited time to reply. There were times when I felt I'd been descended on by vultures. Others I found my thread had been closed so I couldn't reply. So if you recap on some of the questions I'll do my best to answer them. I will base my answers on historical and scientific alternatives to accepted belief. If you dare, that is, because I know you don't like science and you would prefer to avoid actual history. I have also had unanswered questions. In the Catholic thread. How do you justify transubstantiation? There are enough of you to reply. If the bread and wine are actually changed to body and blood then why is that not cannibalism?
  8. #1 sin of the church is blind belief based on unproved faith. Stephen Hawking certainly knew this. http://time.com/5199149/stephen-hawking-death-god-atheist/