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  1. steve w

    Dealing with skepticism

    This is not scripture, but it's most read book after the Bible. I wonder just how he knew that, and does it mean we can read what we like?
  2. steve w

    Why Faith?

    This is the 'you'll be sorry' type threat, much beloved of Christians. No wonder Christians love to go to war, and Christianity has killed over 100 million people in the past. In the Christian Taiping Revolt alone up to 100 million people were killed. Christianity is a killing machine. The threat of torture goes on even after death, according to its holy book. The world would be a better place without Christianity.
  3. steve w

    Why Faith?

    The mental health of characters from the Bible should not be taken for granted. Faith has no substance. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/341926/Jesus-Christ-may-have-suffered-from-mental-health-problems-claims-Church-of-England The mental health of believers today should also not be taken for granted.
  4. steve w

    Why Faith?

    Whatever next? Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the one God of Abraham and the teachings of a man called Jesus. The rest of your post is nonsense.
  5. Don't stop at cutting off your hands and plucking out your eyes. God also wants you to cut out your tongue. The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the froward tongue shall be cut out. (Proverbs)
  6. steve w

    Is it moral if it isn't true?

    Otherwise known as babbling gibberish, and most commonly observed in babies and drunkards.
  7. steve w

    Why Faith?

    Science is an open mind. It makes no assumptions. It works off testable models. It doesn't always reveal what you would like to hear. Religion is a closed mind. It works off ancient belief and mythology. So if you talk about a virgin birth you are contradicting the science of biology. If you talk about a crucified saviour beamed up to Heaven you contradict the science of gravity. And so on... Quantum consciousness is at the moment only a theory, supported by the likes of Schroedinger and Penrose. Other theories are available. Quantum physics works off probability. Classical physics does not. Which one is true? Both work well. We do not have a theory of quantum gravity, but candidates include String and Twistor theories. The one thing that modern science does prove is that there is no supernatural which is what religion works from.
  8. steve w

    Why Faith?

    Nothing is more irrational than faith. If you are wise, when you fall ill ensure you get help from medical science, not from faith which would be useless. So it was faith that reduced the walls to rubble. This would be contrary to the laws of physics. Joshua was not even around when the walls fell. Jericho sits on a plate where earthquakes are common and it was most recently levelled less than 100 years ago. Now I ask you, give this a try and use your faith to try and bring down walls.
  9. steve w

    Why Faith?

    Provide evidence and faith would be redundant. Religion is purely faith based, and is overly trusting in what someone else is saying. There is also a belief in belief, because the realities of life are unpleasant. If we are lucky we might get 7 or 8 decades. If we are really lucky, even more. Faith is a denial that life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short (H0bbes). It demands not only this life, which is precious, but an afterlife also. If you are unmoved by the talk of an afterlife paradise, then you are probably a rationalist and a realist.
  10. To correct your sins and avoid hellfire, the Bible tells you to cut off your hand or pluck out an eye (Matthew). Have any of you ever done this, or should it be treated as allegory?
  11. As above link didn't seem to work, try another. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44576201
  12. Child abuse latest. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/06/22/church-england-excluded-child-abuse-allegations-inquiry-downplayed/
  13. steve w

    The key to heaven is a new heart

    The key to heaven is a new heart? Don't know what you mean. Don't swap it for a new one. Don't give up on your old heart. It's priceless, and a healthy heart helps with a healthy brain.
  14. The Bible is based on metaphor, and you could argue that everything either spoken or written is metaphor. None of its claims are testable. If they were proven you would not need faith, and without faith there would be no religion. People are tempted by Pascal's Wager. If there's a God and you believe, then you're a winner. If there's no God you've lost nothing. But if there is a God and you are an unbeliever, you lose everything. That is the foundation of monotheism. Except there are problems. What happens if you have backed the wrong religion or the right religion but the wrong denomination? According to some, Catholics are not true Christians, so they can't end up in Heaven. Just to be on the safe side you would need to convert to all religions and denominations, but God may not be sympathetic if you do. I've had it confirmed to me by even by church ministers that the story of Jesus has too much of the solar mythology in his story to be a coincidence. Where is the evidence he was born on December 25th, 3 days and 3 nights after the winter solstice? Why is his death linked to the vernal equinox? Which nation came up with the idea of one God and a Trinity which included an earthly incarnation (Horus)? Answer: neighbouring Egypt. There is too much to go into here, so I'll just mention a couple of texts. Anything by the Reverend Robert Taylor, imprisoned for teaching atheism from the pulpit: for example, The Diegesis, The Devil's Pulpit. Also, 'Bible Myths' by Thomas Doane for a comparison between Christianity and other religions of antiquity. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/31885/31885-h/31885-h.htm I'm sure you'll say, 'Yes, but where is the proof?' It's reason and logic, and it's in your head.
  15. Here I am surrounded by Christians who act like playground bullies throwing their weight around with biblical quotes. But only the truth is safe. There cannot be such a thing as biblical truth because it's based purely on myth and hearsay, ancient scribble and redaction. The one truth I can guarantee is that we all appeared out of the darkness and when our time comes we will return to the dark. There is no Heaven or Hell, so stop worrying. We have the privilege of life by the process of evolution, the true creator of life on earth..