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  1. Hello everyone, I made a hobby application, I hope it will be useful for someone. It's android app thanks to which you will never oversleep on Holy Mass. My "Catholic Alarm Clock" app has a very friendly interface. Select one of the images to display it during the wakeup. We all know that mornings are difficult. Biblical verses could be of help before we get up I encourage at least to try. Here you can get it : Catholic Alarm Clock I would be grateful for feedback. Features : - Wake up to the Catholic sounds or pick your own music, ringtone - Unlimited number of alarms - Simple and intuitive interface of alarm clock - Add short description to alarm clock - Use two convenient ways to set an alarm time : select time from time picker or simply touch the up or down buttons - Customize your alarms from settings menu - Choose repeat days for wake-up - In ours alarm clock you can select a wake up photo (catholic/bible theme) - Dismiss ('Swipe' mode to dismiss or use simple button) - Snooze button to postpone your awakening (configure snooze time) - Helpful notifications, cancel alarm from notifications - Use our alarm clock as reminder to - Increase sound alarm clock loudness - Force sound through the speakers - Our alarm clock give you possibility to wake up with bible verses Best regards
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    Hello everyone I'm new to this forum, I hope I will be able to be a full member soon! I am very happy to be able to join you Best Regards