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  1. Just signed up. Was an Atheist for 29 years.

    Aww thank you! I love it!
  2. How Do You Learn Everything?

    I’ve been posting online to find someone to tutor me with Bible Study. I even suggested ways to read the Bible Together other than in person if they wanted, such as Facetime(iPhone) or simply a phone call. No answers. So how do I navigate the Bible and get answers to my questions when I have them as I go along? I feel overwhelmed with no one to help.
  3. Just signed up. Was an Atheist for 29 years.

    I’m learning to ignore such things. I appreciate the advice. I know there are always bullies.
  4. Just signed up. Was an Atheist for 29 years.

    Thanks so much! :-)
  5. Hi, everyone! My name is Kira and I’m very excited to be here. I recently opened my heart to God after 29 years as an Atheist. I hope to learn new things here and actually meet my very first Christian friends on here! I hope to find a few people locally as well because I would love to have a Bible Study Buddy and it’s been hard to find one. See you around!