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  1. I would like to pray for accepting the truth in things and being able to let it go. I have two situations regarding people that I know, one being my daughters father. He doesn't care anything about her and I want to let it go in my heart. Even though I try.. the pain is still there. I say I accept it but in the deepest part of my heart.. I guess I don't. I wish that she had a relationship with him but he doesn't care at all. She is growing up well without him but I recently spoke to him about an issue. I haven't spoke to him in years.. he hasn't seen his daughter is over 5 years.. and he didn't once ask about her. How do I take the anger...hate...venom, pain, disappointment, sadness..out of my heart? I having been moving on with my life but he has been a constant in my head.. I guess what I am saying is, how can I get rid of that person out of my head completely?... I mean just forget. Can I ask God to help me to not just get past the pain but I want to forget about him. Forget about his existence. She is 8 years old. He has never been in her life... its always been just me and her.. but he has been this "ghost" in my head... I want to accept it, walk away and not think about it anymore.. unburden my heart... Its been 8 years... when will I truly get over this??