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  1. Learn how to use public transit, it's invaluable when it comes to getting around. It wouldn't surprise me if there are several Christian groups and clubs on campus she could join as well. Ultimately, she should be fine. The hardest part is probably just going to be that she's on her own and that's fine, she can discover what she wants and likes to do. Make sure she calls you every once in a while.
  2. And how is allowing his gay son and his fiance to attend promoting homosexuality? I see the church making more of an issue out of this than the son is. If someone being gay is reason enough to block them from speaking at their own father's funeral, that doesn't reflect some kind of love or forgiveness from the church, instead discrimination based on a trait that is irrelevant to the given event. If the son was giving some speech about his sexual orientation, that'd be one thing. But this is a funeral, he'd probably be talking about his dad, not his being gay. And seeing all the responses here about the opportunity to deliver a sermon against homosexuality also throws me off. It's a funeral, are they going to talk about his father's life and accomplishments with or without what would probably be the most passive-aggressive call-out against the son and his fiance I can imagine? And I certainly don't think simply allowing the son to speak and sing at his own father's funeral somehow translates to showing an acceptance of homosexuality, more like letting the close family do what a close family member does at a funeral. Given that conflict, and the article you posted, it seems that the family took their funeral to a different funeral parlor, avoiding the conflict altogether. I think that's for the best. If you're going to condemn homosexuality, maybe don't do it at the father of a gay son's funeral. Save that for something where talking about it might actually be relevant.
  3. It's important to understand that IQ is measured by a series of tests based on things like pattern recognition and processing speed. It in no means is a way to measure skill. It's also just placed on a bell curve, with 100 always being the mean IQ of a population and 15 as its standard deviation (they've actually had to make the tests increasingly difficult over time to keep 100 as the mean, as people have been getting increasingly higher IQs over the past few decades. Your 94 may have been a 105 or so a couple of decades ago). If you believe that you have the necessary academic skills to attend a certain college then do that. I'd argue that your ability to adapt to a problem is more important than IQ. Alternatively, if the academics of a traditional University don't work out for you, you could always consider something like a trade school. People with higher IQs will generally be able to solve problems faster and move through them easier, but that doesn't mean that you can't solve the problems. Work at your own pace, figure out what works best for you and pursue that.
  4. Well I guess I'm now the sole leader of this club so I should at least try and jump start some activity. What are your hobbies that are peculiar or otherwise interesting? What introduced you to this hobby and what do you enjoy about it?
  5. I'm indifferent to genres, but I prefer more high energy music. Be it anything from rap, electronic, or metal to orchestra, choir, or acoustic guitar, as long as its got a faster-paced beat or rhythm I'm into it.
  6. Oh! Awesome! This is the first Christian forum I've been on and it looks like its near the top of Google for a reason. I look forward to participating. God Bless.
  7. I've been on computers my whole life and just saw the huge quote button. Thanks for pointing it out! You make the world a better place. Thank you.
  8. I created the r/watchpeopledie post on October 12th. I would just like to thank everyone who gave me such thoughtful advice on the thread, you are all wonderful, wise people. I would especially like to thank Yowm, his advice was ‘is it something you’d want to be doing if Jesus came back at that moment or do you think He would join you in watching it’? This advice was impactful past my current problem and really changed how I view my actions everyday. I've stopped watching it, and while what I've seen will have a hard time getting erased, this forum has helped me spiritually and improved me as a Christian. God Bless You All! P.S. How do I reply to comments, I'd just comment this in the thread but I'm not seeing an option to. Do I just need to post more? Thank you.
  9. I was browsing Reddit and stumbled upon /r/watchpeopledie. Subreddit name should be self explanatory. Either way, I clicked through a link, a forgot which one, and saw what the title suggests. I continued browsing. Most of it was security camera footage, etc. I never realized how fragile the human body was, how terrified or surprised the victims would have been. I never felt disgusted though, at least not for accidents or ones which blame could not be made. It was intriguing and I felt bad for these people but it was just so morbid and intriguing I continued scrolling through. What started as a morbid curiosity transformed into binge-watching the subreddit. I know it is by no means normal, but could this content have a negative effect on my spiritual being? Thank you, and I apologize for the morbid question.
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