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    If something I say is so absurd or stupid it makes you want to write a hundred page essay easily detailing how I'm wrong in every facet of my statement, please assume what I said is a meme or reference of some sort and don't take the statement seriously whatsoever. Thank you.

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  1. FPS games anyone?

    They turned into more of a competitive shooter. It's probably not as long and tactical as Vegas' missions but its still got tactics and is insanely fun. It's got a much larger focus on competitive multiplayer now, although it does have a few PvE gamemodes. It's pretty great, but it does have a steep learning curve and the community can get kind of iffy.
  2. FPS games anyone?

    {-}7 Rainbow Six Siege is great. I like it so much I made Dokkaebi's icon my profile picture. The developers have really put longevity in the game and it's one of the few games whose playerbase has grown over time, having over ten times the players online at once than they did at launch. Unfortunately, that does bring in some toxic people, but the majority of the community is pretty good. I can't wait for Operation Chimera. You can find the patch notes for it here: https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/game-info/seasons/chimera/index.aspx
  3. Mind your Language!

    Good old Engrish:
  4. Music 🎶 what type is you preferred

    I'm indifferent to genres, but I prefer more high energy music. Be it anything from rap, electronic, or metal to orchestra, choir, or acoustic guitar, as long as its got a faster-paced beat or rhythm I'm into it.
  5. Oh! Awesome! This is the first Christian forum I've been on and it looks like its near the top of Google for a reason. I look forward to participating. God Bless.
  6. I've been on computers my whole life and just saw the huge quote button. Thanks for pointing it out! You make the world a better place. Thank you.
  7. I created the r/watchpeopledie post on October 12th. I would just like to thank everyone who gave me such thoughtful advice on the thread, you are all wonderful, wise people. I would especially like to thank Yowm, his advice was ‘is it something you’d want to be doing if Jesus came back at that moment or do you think He would join you in watching it’? This advice was impactful past my current problem and really changed how I view my actions everyday. I've stopped watching it, and while what I've seen will have a hard time getting erased, this forum has helped me spiritually and improved me as a Christian. God Bless You All! P.S. How do I reply to comments, I'd just comment this in the thread but I'm not seeing an option to. Do I just need to post more? Thank you.
  8. I was browsing Reddit and stumbled upon /r/watchpeopledie. Subreddit name should be self explanatory. Either way, I clicked through a link, a forgot which one, and saw what the title suggests. I continued browsing. Most of it was security camera footage, etc. I never realized how fragile the human body was, how terrified or surprised the victims would have been. I never felt disgusted though, at least not for accidents or ones which blame could not be made. It was intriguing and I felt bad for these people but it was just so morbid and intriguing I continued scrolling through. What started as a morbid curiosity transformed into binge-watching the subreddit. I know it is by no means normal, but could this content have a negative effect on my spiritual being? Thank you, and I apologize for the morbid question.