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  1. Keep in mind some of these may not be the most wholesome, but they are good and mostly non-violent. I'll read the ones off of my Steam library and give a small description: Battleblock Theater - A fun little platformer with co-op. Rare potty humor but otherwise fun to play. Hollow Knight - A bit of fantasy violence and a dark setting, but as you play you help out cute little bugs and stuff. I hate comparing games to Dark Souls, but it's like the Dark Souls of platformers mechanics-wise. Ori and the Blind Forest - Another platformer, this one is really fun and lighthearted. Excellent visuals and sounds give a beautiful story with few words. I'll admit that I cried in the first 10 minutes of it. Portal 2 - A classic Valve game, very light swearing and violence but some are still there. It's more of a puzzle game with some humor (sometimes dark). This is a must-have for a lot of gamers, but most of the game isn't necessarily wholesome. Project Cars 2 - A racing simulator with a lot of variety. Requires a decent rig to run. Huge variety in races, from F1 to Rallycross. It also has a ton of available cars to race in and multiplayer. Rocket League - A popular game for a good reason, Rocket League is soccer with cars. You can play against bots but the real game is in the multiplayer, this means you might meet some bad apples. Civilization V - Not violent on a personal scale, but you are capable of going to war and even nuking other players. You can also play diplomatically, and try to win through methods like a cultural or diplomatic victory. Not necessarily wholesome, but mostly non-violent and a very popular strategy game. Space Engineers - Like Minecraft but in S P A C E. Build tons of spaceships and stuff. I'm not good at any of that though, so I get my cool ships from other players on the Steam Workshop. It has multiplayer too. Not at all as in-depth as Kerbal Space Program, though. SpeedRunners - A fun party game where you and up to 4 other players race around a map collecting power-ups and swinging over gaps. Eliminate players by forcing them outside of the screen. Last player left wins, and it's best of 3. Not that fun unless you have other people to play with, though. Subnautica - Don't play if you're scared of the ocean. This is a survival game set on a vibrant water world. You can build underwater bases, scavenge supplies from your crashed ship, explore a somewhat dark story (I haven't gotten that far through the game yet), etc. Most violence would be killing fish with a knife (no blood) or hitting them with a submarine (also no blood). Tabletop Simulator - A multiplayer board game simulator. Play any game you want, you can find almost every game imaginable on the Steam Workshop. If it's not there, you can make the game yourself pretty easily given available tools. I've played bootleg D&D with a random group of people off the Internet, played Guess Who? with a guy from Kazakhstan, and organized a few games between me and my friends. I'll list a few games I don't own that might work too, you may or may not be able to find these on Steam: Minecraft Undertale The Escapists FTL: Faster Than Light Papers, Please ... (This is what I could think of off the top of my head, sorry it's not much) Steam games with the tag "Family Friendly" --> http://store.steampowered.com/search/?tags=5350
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  3. I'm indifferent to genres, but I prefer more high energy music. Be it anything from rap, electronic, or metal to orchestra, choir, or acoustic guitar, as long as its got a faster-paced beat or rhythm I'm into it.
  4. Oh! Awesome! This is the first Christian forum I've been on and it looks like its near the top of Google for a reason. I look forward to participating. God Bless.
  5. I've been on computers my whole life and just saw the huge quote button. Thanks for pointing it out! You make the world a better place. Thank you.
  6. I created the r/watchpeopledie post on October 12th. I would just like to thank everyone who gave me such thoughtful advice on the thread, you are all wonderful, wise people. I would especially like to thank Yowm, his advice was ‘is it something you’d want to be doing if Jesus came back at that moment or do you think He would join you in watching it’? This advice was impactful past my current problem and really changed how I view my actions everyday. I've stopped watching it, and while what I've seen will have a hard time getting erased, this forum has helped me spiritually and improved me as a Christian. God Bless You All! P.S. How do I reply to comments, I'd just comment this in the thread but I'm not seeing an option to. Do I just need to post more? Thank you.
  7. I was browsing Reddit and stumbled upon /r/watchpeopledie. Subreddit name should be self explanatory. Either way, I clicked through a link, a forgot which one, and saw what the title suggests. I continued browsing. Most of it was security camera footage, etc. I never realized how fragile the human body was, how terrified or surprised the victims would have been. I never felt disgusted though, at least not for accidents or ones which blame could not be made. It was intriguing and I felt bad for these people but it was just so morbid and intriguing I continued scrolling through. What started as a morbid curiosity transformed into binge-watching the subreddit. I know it is by no means normal, but could this content have a negative effect on my spiritual being? Thank you, and I apologize for the morbid question.