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  1. My favorite heavy metal band would probably be Mastodon. Throw in Sabaton for the historical meme value. Oh yeah, and Mick Gordon's work on the Doom 4 soundtrack. Welcome to Worthy!
  2. Agreed. I've always seen taking candy as more of receiving charity than demanding. Halloween isn't some mandatory holiday, those who want to give out candy do it and those who don't want to don't, it's entirely up to the would-be candy donor.
  3. A music genre as broad as rock, and even heavy metal, can't be so easily dismissed as Satanic. I thought this scare was over in the 80s. Yes, there are some bands and songs that put lyrics with questionable content in them. No, not all bands and songs put lyrics with questionable content in them. It might be a bit harder to find with some genres, but it's almost guaranteed with any genre you visit that you'll be able to find some music to enjoy with clean lyrics. Even a band as raunchy as Death Grips has songs with clean lyrics. Sometimes you just have to do a little searching, not all lyrics for genres are identical.
  4. I've seen the Pew Research Survey myself, and this is a trend that's been happening and observable for a while. I'm not even a millennial, I'm Gen Z, and I can count the number of friends I know who identify as Christian on one hand. Almost every Christian identifying person I personally know are all the Catholics on the mom's side of my family, and besides a couple of them they're not very religious either. I'm not going to bother collecting a data set to rival Pew's, their's is pretty good. The fact of the matter is every reputable data collection source has marked about the same decline in Christian identifying people over the past few decades. If you do look at Pew's report, there is a clear generational decline in Christian identifying people from the Silent Generation to Millennials, and I'd expect that to carry into Gen Z as well. A friend of mine decided to go to a church service about a month and half ago after never attending a service in his life, he said it felt cult-like. I'm not sure what kind of church he went to, but I can easily see how Christianity can seem that way from an outside perspective and especially in an increasingly secular society.
  5. Pineapple's the best pizza topping imo. I've noticed a polarity between people who think it's amazing and people who think it's disgusting. It's a fun thing to fight over. I'd probably take the Bugatti La Voiture Noire in its stock paint as it sells for about $12.45 million. I'll drive a beater for the rest of my life for 12 million bucks. Which fictional universe would you most like to live in?
  6. Hey you got that down basically perfectly. This thread is almost completely dominated by male posters now.
  7. I'm a guy but here's my input: What you'll see as attack headlines on YouTube or news sites is generally single instances of radfems which get spread around like a wildfire. There are still several issues facing women today, we've seen some of that with the #MeToo movement, and I've seen a lot of the ways other men talk about women as demeaning. There's also issues like the gender pay gap, which I read as $0.89 per dollar the last time I checked, although different sources will give wildly different answers. During an IT internship I took over the summer, I met about 40 male employees, I only saw two women; there's still a major disparity between genders in certain job fields. Yes, there are a few man-hating radical feminist types out there, but there are also some real issues and I don't think we should let that small vocal group overshadow the other actual problems women have to deal with.
  8. I'd add multiple gigantic subterranean levels to maximize space inside my home. Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza? Why or why not?
  9. Any sort of nuclear option is basically off the table, MAD made sure of that. Regardless of whether or not Iran has nukes, any usage of nuclear weapons by any nation is simply too risky. It's not gonna happen.
  10. It is true that Israel conducts airstrikes whenever a new Iranian airbase begins construction. Who wants a war with Iran? Does anybody think that's a good idea in all honesty? The Syrian Civil War, a conflict based entirely within Syria, killed about 371,222–570,000 people, internally displaced about 7,600,000 people, and created about 5,116,000 refugees. Iran has about four times as many people as Syria. A war against Iran would be disastrous for everyone involved. Even if it was some plot to escalate the proxy war against Iran, that would help Saudi Arabia way more than Israel. Allowing Turkey to invade like that benefits only Turkey, Jihadist militias in the region, and, after the war concludes with the likely victory of Syrian Government forces, the Iranian and Russian governments. There is practically no way that this helps Israel or the West. This isn't some Donald Trump playing 4D chess type shenanigans, he just went against his military advisers for reasons left unknown and gave up a crucial geopolitical ally. My hope for democracy in Syria has vanished, thanks Trump.
  11. We had 50 troops there, and that was really all we needed to dissuade Turkey. We were also establishing a "safe zone" along the border, this was supposedly supposed to allow for the settlement of Syrian refugees. Part of that safe zone arrangement was the destruction of Kurdish defenses along the border. About two weeks after the border defenses were removed, Turkey began Operation Peace Spring, launching an offensive into Rojava. Trump disallowed Turkish use of Coalition airspace as well, the Turkish Air Force violated that too. Trump not only allowed this to happen, he made it worse through the removal of Kurdish defenses. Turkish forces have already begun moving in on border cities, there are already casualties military and civilian. This is a betrayal plain and simple.
  12. I've been following the Syrian Civil War fairly closely for a bit over a year now. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were the closest thing we had to a democracy in the region, and Trump deciding to pull out against the Pentagon's wishes just ruined that. Turkey has had a long conflict against the Kurds, with Kurds living in Turkey facing laws in the 80s and 90s doing things like even outlawing the Kurdish language. From these attacks on Kurdish identity, a Marxist group known as the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) emerged and started launching attacks against Turkey. Turkey associates the SDF with the PKK, and has been eager to crush them over the course of the AANES's existence, with occasional shelling happening along the border and firefights between Turkish backed rebel forces and Jihadists occurring from Afrin to Manbij. This is the first time since I started monitoring the war I feel legitimately terrified about the implications. Trump essentially just gave the green light for one of two things to happen, the Kurds in Syria facing at a worst case scenario, an ethnic cleansing, or the Kurds will be forced to give in to Assad. Either way, Trump has blood on his hands, avoidable blood. And if the Kurds decide to submit to Assad (which I think is the most likely outcome), well you can expect Iranian airbases to start popping up closer to Israel. The Kurds also have been keeping former civilians from ISIS controlled territory, many of whom still support the Islamic State, and Turkey has just opened up the opportunity for the resurgence of ISIS. We've already seen this with the recent strikes in central Aleppo and the recent escape of the al-Hawl refugee camp.
  13. I did link it. If you want the raw text from the tweet: "Children - notably Nordic white girls with braids and red cheeks - were often used in Nazi propaganda. An old Goebbels technique! Looks like today's progressive Left is still learning its game from an earlier Left in the 1930s." -Dinesh D'Souza (this guy was convicted of a felony for using straw donors to make an illegal campaign contribution in a 2012 Senate election, he was given a full pardon by Trump). Also, literally in this thread:
  14. Most people I've talked to couldn't care less about Greta. They agree with her message (to a degree, she has some bad takes) but overall think it's not a good idea to have a 16 year old be the poster child for climate change. I realize I'm hitting the climate change denialism nerve here but a 16 year old saying that we should produce less carbon emissions like over 95% of climate scientists think we should isn't exactly indoctrination as much as following the scientific consensus on what's happening. At the end of the day, the best you can do is not care about her. I'm tired of seeing people comparing Greta to Nazi propaganda (looking back, that tweet is worse than I thought. Anyone who thinks the Nazis were left wing because they had "socialism" in the name needs to read up on both history and political science) showing up on the front page of Reddit. Seriously, it's just a UN meeting. Greta's not going to change the mind of anyone who's not already set on upping climate change-related regulations.
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