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  1. I am wondering if all you are having is bad luck and things in your life aren't abundant do you think that is a sign from God you are taking the wrong path? I feel like I am making choices that the bible says we should but I seem to be the queen of getting kicked when I am down. I am sick of doing everything right and still getting nowhere in life. I have to say at this stage it is turning me very bitter, exhausted and resentful. I am left just praying Jesus will walk by my side and help me carry the load because I am so unhappy and I don't have anymore strength left. I am tired of battling and I am wondering if I am just getting a big message from God I am going the wrong way even though my choices would be what the bible asks us to do. I know I am not entitled to have what I want but at this stage I have worked hard enough and been hurt emotionally enough to deserve it no matter what. I have given up everything for everyone else and I am not getting anything back as far as a life that is barable goes. Jesus might have been able to deal with that but I can't! I am done with not having work no matter how hard I try or what qualifications I get and I am done with being taken for granted and overlooked no matter how much I give! I at this stage can only think it has to be a sign I made the wrong choices and I am on the wrong path. If so do you also think God would hold it against me forever if I gave him the finger for being a pain or would he eventually forgive me?lol (Not really with the last sentence just a joke to lighten the mood from a very depressing question no offence meant, I have no desire to test whether God is in a smiting mood)