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  1. Prayer for dying nephew

  2. Please pray for Melanie

  3. Dealing With The Gay Marriage Ruling

    Daniel never strayed from his faith and love for God during his captivity in Babylon. He remained faithful to God. He never became an activist. But what he did do was pray. Even when praying to God became illegal, he prayed to God. Even though Daniel was placed in high positions, positions coveted by select Babylonians, Daniel remained faithful to God. King Darius and King Nebuchadnezzar, both witnessed the power of God and acknowledged Daniel's God. With that said, we can be effective witnesses to the lost by showing Christ's love to them, even though they may think they are going to make us run, fold, or just cower beneath them. Jesus reclined at sinners' tables and ate and drank with them. He talked with a Samaritan woman. These were people that the Jews were to stay away from, because the sinners would make them dirty. He never required them to repent their sin before He would eat with them or talk to them. Oh and Jesus prayed to God. He prayed often. Daniel remained faithful to God, we need to remain faithful to God. Jesus met us at our low with love and compassion. We need to do the same with the lost. Though we cannot save them, we can lead them, or at least show them Jesus through our actions. Because its Jesus that can save them too. So, if they don't see Jesus in you, who are they seeing?
  4. 4.2 magnitude earthquake hits Michigan

    Hey wing, we have earthquakes all the time, and we dont feel them unless they are 5.0 or more.
  5. New to forum.

    Welcome David!
  6. Hi everyone!

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  7. Hello everyone

  8. prayer and praises

    Praying for you both!
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  11. this is not the way to get rid of bedbugs

    We got bit by bed bugs during our trip to Europe. Thankfully it was at the end. When we got home, all clothing went into the wash,(even the clothes that got washed while away) and all non clothing was wiped down, Garments that had to be dry cleaned were sealed in plastic bags and taken to the dry cleaners. Suitcases were steamed cleaned, shoes were steam cleaned, and my own bed was steamed cleaned everyday for weeks after we came home. Never had a bite since.
  12. Hi! My name is Holly Hobbie

    Welcome back to Worthy.
  13. Plastic bag dilemma

    My daughter takes them and stashes them in her room. When she has a bunch, she cuts them into strips, and crochtes them into sturdier plastic bags that we use for shopping, swimming, and anything else you might need a bag for.
  14. Misconceptions about where you live.

    I have lived in Alaska for a few years, and so I will clear up some misconceptions that I have heard: We do not have 12 months of winter, its 6 months, and we do have summer, two weeks in July, the temps have reached triple digits above zero We do not have complete darkness in the winter, but close, we get 4 hours of daylight in the winter, and Barrow, AK gets 4 months of total darkness. We do not live in igloos, we live in houses, apartments, cabins, and tents Not all indigenous people are Eskimos. Alaska is larger than Texas.
  15. If you want to add me on Facebook (that is assuming you have it) my real name is Eric Weltner (living in Adelaide, South Australia)