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  1. well, the news only reports on the worst of the worst. my former classmates were there and they were VERY peaceful. But of course, the entire premise of the G20 is bogus ... just like the UN. In any case, 7hrs till Ronaldo
  2. because its more fun to watch with people thats why!
  3. good predictions. I havent seen Spain play yet so I am not sure how I feel about how they will fare tomorrow against portugal. I do feel, though, that Germany and Argentina are playing way better than Portugal. Now, where to watch the final? Stupid G20 messed this weekend for soccer!
  4. Actually France got beat by my S.A . If that one shot that was offside had been allowed, S.A would have advanced. Oh goodness, it was awful! I was watching it with a Brazil fan who also admitted to the handball thing. Ivory Coast's cheat at the end was not as bad as the handball. Where did you see the interview? CBC? Cant wait for some Brazil - Portugal awesomeness!!
  5. seriously?? nobody has said anything about the disaster that is the Portugal - North Korea game?
  6. On a hot summer day! sheesh, time-keeper and this guy dont even bother inviting others
  7. Guys! Leave her be! I thought we already established that she is from another planet, errr, part of the world where they speak like this.
  8. those are not boxline reductions. thats Sudoku!! Of course everybody loves Sudoku.
  9. LOL! So embarrassing!!! I blame it on Zidane. He started the trend for being crazy. I am happy with Mexico and Argentina today. I thought Mexico played really well the entire match. The mexican players arent hard on the eyes either That ref though ... just being picky and dishing out cards every five seconds.
  10. I was at work, so I missed it. They ended up losing though. I also heard something about a warranted red card??? Now, just rooting for Mexico but i think France is gonna win.
  11. Blien, lower your head in shame. Thats just terrible. Just like all the matches today.
  12. oooh! I am reeling at the Spain loss.
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