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  1. John 16 the Work of the Holy Spirit

    Yes, Jesus was raised up in the Spirit. By the Holy Ghost, by the Holy Spirit.
  2. Second Coming

    And the bibles says there will be signs in Heaven and Earth!!! Funny you just said you believe in Scripture, but Scripture states plainly there will be signs in Heaven and Earth!!!
  3. Second Coming

    Absolutely not!!!
  4. Second Coming

  5. Second Coming

    If you believe in God and have Faith then when God presents a sign you should recognize the Truth!!!
  6. Second Coming

    That is what scientist call a circumzenithal arc, but God calls it a Smile from Heaven!!!
  7. Second Coming

    Or this!!! Look center right. Do you see a doves head and One in flight!!!
  8. Second Coming

    Or this
  9. Second Coming

    Is there anyone you know that has a cross that I put up with a Smile from Heaven above it?!?!? No! No one, no church, no priest, no pastor absolutely no one!!!
  10. Second Coming

    That bunk!!! Cause the Pharasees demand to know when the Kingdom of God comes!!! With no observation, meaning it happens underneath your noses and you don't even know it's upon you!!! Jesus was speaking future event!!! Then as lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under Heaven, shineth unto the pther part of Heaven!!! We know lightening doesn't travel the whole sky, but put something on the internet and it travels around the world in a moment!!!
  11. Second Coming

    What does Scripture speak of the Antichrist? That there are many who deny Christ in the flesh!!! But then there is one who stands out!!! One who speaks vile words, full of himself, prideful, lover of gold!!! A deceiver even the elect are deceived!!!
  12. Second Coming

    You are totally wrong and deny Jesus Word. For Luke 17:24,25 For the Son of man must suffer many things and be rejected of this generation. How can the Son of man "suffer" if He is in Heaven? Revelation 12:5 And she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron!!! Yes, Scripture and Jesus Christ are plain, speaking plainly, the Son of man is born into the world again!!!
  13. Second Coming

    I'm glad you brought up the Antichrist!!! Just as I asked how will you know the Son of man is born into the world again? I ask; How will you know this Antichrist?
  14. Second Coming

    That the Son of man is born into the world again, in the Flesh. Christ does not float down from Heaven. Remember when Jesus was being Baptized by John the Baptist? The Heavens opened up and a dove descended upon Jesus!!! It is the Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God that descends from Heaven!!!
  15. Second Coming

    And what about the Clouds of Heaven? Daniel is directly related to Revelation!!!