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  1. Hello Basilica, Yes here is a good good place to worship and share The Good News. People here are helpful to get you insights deeper about bible. I am loving to be here. Anyway welcome.
  2. Hello, thank you. thank God for wealth over wealth over wealth of natural resources in Indonesia. US through Freeport, are digging gold in Indonesia. Also Indonesia have largest mangrove in the world, three times than India per km sq. But in the other hand, I was between happy, amazed or sad when I went to Lake Toba (North Sumatera) I found out Lake Toba previously was volcanic where it exploded 77,000 years ago, it killing 60% human populations in the world (search in wikipedia under Lake Toba). Today volcanic became a beautiful lake, and Lake Toba today has 97% of Christian population, largest in Indonesia. God is great, yes? I was there at Lake Toba three weeks ago witnessing the beauty God has created.
  3. Hello, welcome to Worthy. I do hope that you may find this Worthy a resources to grow your closeness to the Lord.
  4. Howdy (is this how American say Hi?) Hi everyone. I am from Indonesia and I am joining here for reasons of course. I am looking for community, Christian mentor and help one another if I can. Anyone know where Indonesia is? BALI belong to Indonesia, I am lucky to be Indonesian not to ask for visa or even buy foreign currency to enjoy my stay in Bali. So, I knew Christ in 2001, been a long time, rough journey like everyone else perhaps I have slightly easiest among all, but I the rougher the more blessings you get, correct? Intention joining here also to make friends, I would like to have Christian friends all over the world, if you can't afford going to US, UK, Canada, just join here, talk and make friends, it is free some more, so thank you for providing excellent resources and I hope I can utilize it to read encouraging articles to make my faith greater like a seed. Hallelujah.
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