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  1. IvyRose

    Take me to the River

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really like this song and I like his singing better on this one too.
  2. IvyRose

    He Hideth My Soul by Don Moen

    I love this song it's one of my old time favorites ☺️
  3. IvyRose

    Going on with Jesus

    This world my get us down sometimes but we just gotta be determined and remember we're going on with Jesus . We just gotta hold on to him and know that nothing in this world can separate us from him, so come what may but we're still going on with JESUS just the same ☺️
  4. IvyRose

    The Survivor (of abortion) by Phil Keaggy

    So sad and heart breaking . GBY
  5. IvyRose

    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

    I love you and every one else too. I'll be happy to meet all my brothers and sisters and especially JESUS. Until then God bless you 😊😊
  6. IvyRose

    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

    I love it honey and I LOVE you too. I'M so glad to have you in my life you are the best. I love you my sweetheart.
  7. IvyRose

    More Than You Think I Am

    Amen...never been or will be any like JESUS ...that's an amazing song thanks for posting πŸ’•
  8. IvyRose

    What is "Holiness?" What does it mean to be "holy?"

    Be you holy for I am holy saith the Lord... I think being holy could be both separate and righteous or pure. We are a peculiar people. We should be holy and separate from the evil of the world. But we also have to show our love and show ourselves a light to this world.
  9. IvyRose

    The Heart of a Graveyard

    Good message. I can answer that question with another old song... There ain't no grave gonna hold my body down. When I hear that trumpet sound I'm gonna get up out of the ground. πŸ™Œ
  10. IvyRose

    Good Feeling

    I like those lyrics...thanks and God bless you.
  11. IvyRose

    Good Feeling

    A blind man can see this spark. Seriously no covering it up or hiding this light. Reminds me of song... Praise the Lord I saw the light πŸ’‘
  12. IvyRose

    This Little Light

    Yeah we all need to let our soul shine. So come on ya'll and let your soul shine. It's much brighter when you let it shine together. So let it shine, let it shine, shine, shine ya'll. 🌟
  13. IvyRose

    Strange Beliefs

    Yep, been to those churches...My dad says a guy with puny arms made that doctrine up because he didn't want anyone to look at his arms...lol