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  1. Thank you Annette! Oops, I meant to mention we have seven children 4 girls and 3 boys ages 22 down to 6 years old. A full house and a full heart that is for sure!
  2. Good evening everyone! I used to be part of Worthy Boards approximately 10 years ago. My hubby is dadof many on here, hence the name dadofmany. So much has happened over the last 10 years, but to save everyone the boring details, let me just say that God has been so good and so amazing to me and my family. After spending seven of the last 10 years experiencing terrible depression and severe anxiety, the Lord grabbed a hold of my hand and pulled me out. Answers God's call on my life, I am currently enrolled in Liberty University's online program and working towards gaining a Bachelor's degree in Christian Counseling. I am focusing on helping women, especially wives and mothers who are also faced with the struggles of depression and anxiety. God bless everyone! I'm excited to be back! In HIM, Becca
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