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  1. I ´ve found the medicine and within a couple of weeks doctors will check in.

    Thanks for this learning!

  2. Prayer asked

    Thanks! I am receiving madical treatment, daily, but I haven´t found the IVECMETINA () IVERMECTINE to kill the bug that seems to remain, due to Venezuelan general shortage of medicine, food, etc.
  3. Friendship aboard

    Meeting? If you paid the coke and a seat I would volunteer. He! He!
  4. Friendship aboard

    Nice avatar you chose!
  5. Friendship aboard

    Hi! For years I have believed friendship or love cannot be asked. However, as these could be idealized, finding someone we could cling -the way we really are- is so cherished that I think God also loved the idea, that His own Son also showed the way He lived and loved, and said Christians will be reconized for the way we endure loving. I hope you find such ppl you would enjoy!
  6. Prayer asked

    Thanks to the Lord! I have also asked a friend in Europe and she backed me up, few minutes back. She prayed using some Jewish words I don´t know, but I believed God knows the problem I have with a bug that bit my neck and left some worms (I extracted one) and the doctors prescribed medicines I can´t buy or find. My friend in Bulgary recommended me garlic, same way several ppl in Venezuela, so I will follow what God leads me to. Thanks again, to any of you!

    Your wording reminded me the command of "do not make an image of heaven or earth..." Idealizations have led me to errors, and that´s way I chose to show my fancy face of a kermit, instead of misleading ppl into the error they might imagine, because the inner man can only be seen by IT DEEDS, by the words we said, whiel I AM an earthly man, secular, as I struggled to be changed to be a New man.

    I´m not sure about it, however I admit ALL reatures seem to be prone to loving. I miss my favorite dog and I like I could be reunited to him "next" life and, those I loved, i do not miss. I know, within me, there is a need of what you´ve said. I wish my kids were those they were when they were younger as babies, the way I could take care for them. I wish we ppl would never get old or too ugly we would think there are others we liked more than others. you said "my" charater doesn´t change but I see it has changed and others have changed too. Perhaps, next life, that answer will be found!
  9. ISLAM: We are spirits

    As far i have read john´s I remember it mentions Jesus would die to reunite those who belonged to jewish family and those who were dispersed in the nations (and goyims). For me it is clear many religions would die as it seemed Jesus showed another way his ppl would walk out of the religion his followers knew, Mrs MVEN.
  10. ISLAM: We are spirits

    Thanks for the compliment! but i don´t want to be banned. ;P
  11. Trump and WAR

    When I read the forecast of the time or weather and it says "it´s gonna rain"... There are signs, as Jesus said something of the times.
  12. What is RESURRECTION

    When a person love or liked another, do they feel from their bodies or from the bottom of their souls? I have decades trying to be detached from my likes, needs, etc. and the older I get, I see I still like things I like and it drained me that, when I really died, this flesh keeps on asking me the things I like, since I don´t know the dimension of the self that rules my liking. Do I like humanly, subjectively or spiritually?
  13. ISLAM: We are spirits

    Disqualified or not, we would speak about the things we´ve known or learnt and, if I have heard Him (more than reading books) that concern would embody Muslims, Catholics, Atheistic believers, pagans and my own kids.
  14. ISLAM: We are spirits

    Don´t forget you would teach the Muslims Islam will end!
  15. ISLAM: We are spirits

    You won! and I´m not giving up. ;P