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  1. naominash

    American culture hates men

    I wasn't there. But this is interesting.
  2. naominash

    American culture hates men

    Well, that very attitude--- taking responsibility for oneself--- to me that is a lost treasure in cultures around me. I don't want to suggest that people who are in a self-destructive cycle are merely victims of their circumstances. But being poor and having the knowledge of God is a totally different thing than being poor and having no Christian example or witness. But not me. Im harder on myself than anyone else. I'm always trying to improve. It's not anyone else's fault when I make a mistake. And it's up to me to grow and grab hold of God's promises. And that's what I tell all my friends now. You are responsible for you. I can't fix you.
  3. I know this in my mind. But my heart just was failing when I made the topic. The encouragement and prayers you all have done for me are amazing.
  4. naominash

    American culture hates men

    I guess the reason I point that out because many in my generation have been raised by TV's and tablets more than parents. Often single moms are so exhausted, they don't have the same time to influence their children away from the values of the media. I hear those three things all the time. Especially amongst those who are struggling paycheck to paycheck.
  5. naominash

    Life falling apart

    I think my husband and his family dabble in the occult and have demonic presence oppressing them. Please pray that The Lord delivers them.
  6. naominash

    American culture hates men

    Ever watch Sex and the City?
  7. naominash

    Life falling apart

    Hatching an idea.
  8. naominash

    Life falling apart

    It's amazing how your mind can work when in survival mode. From my "base" I'm singing songs of encouragement. From there, everything becomes very cut and dry. I need this. Do I need this? This is useful. I can use that. This is practical. Prioritizing like a machine. A short prayer: Just Jesus' name. Act normal. Everything is fine. Move quickly. Wait on the Lord.
  9. naominash

    Life falling apart

    Husband has threatened to show up at my job. Lord, my life is in your hands. Do as you will.
  10. naominash

    American culture hates men

    Just want to make a statement. There is nothing wrong with being male. Or white. Or a rich conservative white male. When you know better, you do better. No need to hate, just take notes. God actually challenged me on this. How many attitudes and prejudices have I just inhaled without even meaning to? I felt awful. Yes the culture may be different. But there's nothing wrong with being financially responsible and having values that get you ahead in life. I never thought demonizing white people would actually solve anything though... It just presents a lose lose situation for those accused of "white privilege". I've always thought being a loser is an individual's own fault, not a racial oppression issue. I was raised that way at least. The left seems bent in demonizing the very principles that could turn society around. Thank God for Christ. I woke up and found out the Democratic party ruined a large chunk of the African American community. By degree of faithfulness, many African Americans have escaped in a distinct middle class--- my culture.
  11. naominash

    American culture hates men

    I only know two men like that. My grandfather, and my old pastor from Wilmington. I believe that's what men are called to. There really is no excuse. But it's rare for me personally to see it done in my generation.
  12. naominash

    Guard Your Heart 101

  13. naominash

    Guard Your Heart 101

    It's hard to describe how I make decisions. I agree that it's a mistake to make some arbitration rule as if it's set in stone right next to the ten commandments. For example, I if I said, "Naomi, never private message a male outside if your family or husband ever!" Unfortunately, Satan uses that! Next thing you know, sinful humans are gonna just focus on nothing but staying within that rule--- and what you can't have. That forbidden fruit. So I try not to do that. Jesus looks at the heart. So if my heart gets tempted to stray by something, I make a decision then and there to flee whatever temptation happens at that moment. In that sense it could mean I avoid an entire social media page for a while. Or I have a brief pm with a trusted person with a good reputation, but forego some long crazy dramatic wall of text. It just depends on what weakness presents itself. If fire Pokemon are weak against water types--- stay out the water !
  14. naominash

    American culture hates men

    I would love to have a son. But I hate how so many messages say toxic things about masculinity. I think its become like poison to my husband. I would hope my son rejects every one of them. Here's what I hear pretty much all the time: 1. Men are pigs/dogs Male sexuality is dirty, wrong, and violent. Their attractiion to women's physical appearance automatically makes them shallow. They thing they're better and open doors for women because they feel superior (yes, people think this). 2. Men are unnecessary. It's true that women can now educate themselves or work outside the home as much as they want now. But how is this working out in our culture? Men are told they're not needed and act accordingly, dipping in and out of relationships, jobs, locations, any commitments. Well feminists, you got what you wanted. Now men feel no compelling reason to stay in the life of a child they helped create. Men are not needed, right? He'll be fine. Women have more options than ever before. But are they happier? Something to think about. 3. Men don't have feelings. Some talk about them. Some don't. All feel. At times, very strongly. Not many people say "men don't have feelings" but I used to say things like, "You call yourself a man!" And "what kind of man does that" and figured it was no big deal because only women get ashamed and hurt and in their feelings. I deeply regret thinking that. That's like saying to a woman, "Why are you so fat, don't you want men to date you? Or " You're way too ugly to wear that." Not okay, at all. God created male and female. The man is not to be ruled by creation (nature, lust, sin) but to rule over it. The success of any society depends on his strength. He is responsible for his wife and any children he creates. His presence helps them in ways no female can alone. Men are gifted in how they can go outside the home over and over, toil, and handle it, on a whole with more durability. They do not get pregnant and can provide for the needs of children. In singleness they can spread the gospel to unreached people groups and do amazing work for the Kingdom of God. As husbands they cherish and support their wives, ideally allowing them to flourish. They reflect the very nature of God: providential, faithful, patient, authoritatitive. As Father's, they impact their children's view of our heavenly Father for the rest of their lives. In the world , men tend to make up the widest range of IQ's. More prisoners are men. More geniuses are men. Men go out into the world and make their mark on it, as Adam did when he named the animals in the garden as God commanded. Their sexuality is God ordained and a gift in marriage. Our society's constant need to bash men is killing us as a whole. We would do well to fear God and stop doing that before He comes to judge the Earth. I'm personally sick of the media's anti-man campaign. I wish they'd stop.
  15. naominash

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    What is going on here? This is getting out of hand. No amount of web editing skills can make you last, Enoob. Cause I'm last