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  1. Worthy has changed a lot in ten years ...

    We all tend to fall into the trap of pride and the need to be right about things. A trap I fall into many times. It's hard to think about what's beneficial to the forum when someone attacks you. The anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God. I can only hope that a refreshing wave of humility causes others to rethink their ways when we come across people we don't agree with and even don't like. It's not that there isn't a place for frankness in dealing with certain situations. But until we can really assess another person's intentions, speaking the truth in love is the way to go.
  2. church routine

    No. It's people's responsibility in part to get things out of the service and prepare their hearts. Not just to sit on the pews but get involved and actually serve or get invested somehow. Pray for the leadership, get involved somehow and live out the messages and then the routine won't be as superficial.
  3. If exposing personal pain and loneliness to Christ is what's needed to help me love others than so be it.

    1. 4LdKHVCzRDj2


      Sincerity is very, very important. The Lord is always there to help you.


      God bless you!

  4. What Is the Meaning of Hebrews 6:4-6?

    Keep in mind, I am young, but I'm vaguely referring to a Pastor's blog post on these verses. There are people in the church who live a lifestyle of evil and claim to be Christians. Not just people who sin sometimes and feel remorse. These are people who have heard the gospel over and over but refuse to repent and deceive others in the process. A classic example is a church member who is found to have been a chronic spouse abuser. Everyone is shocked because they seemed so nice, Godly, and charming, but in reality, they are reprobate and refuse to repent and have gotten to the point where they cannot repent. In short, these verses are not for those who have come to repent and live for God. They are for those who call themselves Christian yet spit in the face of God by living chronically hypocritical and evil lives. They cannot repent because they have hardened their hearts to the true message of the gospel to the point where they can't go back. I don't think you have to worry about anything.
  5. Worthy has changed a lot in ten years ...

    I feel like its fine for people to post their beliefs and interpretations. My issues is people who are divisive, disrespectful, and condemning. Everyone should be able to express themselves and their differences respectfully. Not just going from self-promotion to "Are you even saved?"
  6. Worthy has changed a lot in ten years ...

    I'm rather new here but in my opinion, the solution has two parts. They include both Patriot's suggestion of producing quality content and Sojourner's idea of confronting false teachers with more force. I don't entirely agree that we should ignore the bad content, though. Even if we rallied and only posted edifying content, it would still be hard to change the tone of the forum. Only instead of accusing people of false teaching (that is too unclear), ban people for being fruitlessly divisive and self-promoting. It's possible that if a user fails to respect others in their posts and drags threads into the mud, that they could be banned by mods. I agree with that. Even though this is not a church, this is a Christian forum, not a Wolf forum. Every person here should be respectful. Those who come only to promote their own teaching and condemn others should not just be allowed free reign. A strict warning or two and then out. The mods should be designated to do this and those of us who aren't mods should focus on encouraging others and posting quality content. We should respect the mods and not argue with them when they make decisions, since believers are supposed to follow rightful authority anyway. That being said, I should not become a mod. I'd have a little too much fun "cleaning up".
  7. Sometimes it's hard to love people.

    1. 4LdKHVCzRDj2


      You have to pray. Pray:

      "Lord Jesus, I want to love people more and more each day!"



      "Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray,
          believe that you receive them, and you will have them." - Mark 11:24

  8. Need MASSIVE Prayers to stay on God's Path

    At least when it comes to finances, I've been there. Just hold on. It won't rain always. I'm still in prayer over your situation. Praying for blessings of every kind for you. Edit: In this world, you have to fight on every level, especially emotionally. If that means only listening to positive and encouraging music, cutting out negative people, and praying in tears, then that's what you do. There was a time when hubby and I literally had not a cent to our name and nothing but debt. All I listened to was Christian radio, and little prayer instrumentals on Youtube. No matter what cheesy positive things like cat memes or trying to encourage someone else, do it, because you must fight. Mental health is a battle. God has a reason for everything. There may be someone who will go through the exact same thing and need to hear encouragement. When the Lord delivers you, you will be able to share your story and reach out to that person with a kind of authority that someone who hasn't been there just doesn't have. Don't give up on yourself. God may be preparing you to be a blessing for His Kingdom in ways neither of us understand. It hurts and I'm sorry. But just hold on.
  9. Cases of correcting what was preached

    At the church I went to, women could never wear makeup or jewelery. I love modesty and moderation but I don't think that's what Paul intended. I could list a whole host of things they taught I disagreed with. I basically went because I wanted unit with my husband. He eventually decided to leave on his own. Looking back, I may have overdid biting my tongue on some of the issues. But had I resisted too much, he may have just locked into that church more.

    Welcome. I go through dry seasons too. Hold on.
  11. THE EXHORTATION THREAD (For Christians Who Love Jesus)

    Let us wholeheartedly chase God because we'll find Him when we see Him with our whole heart. Fasting and repenting, let's make our hearts a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit. Let the consuming fire in our hearts burn so bright that those around us with broken hearts begin to enquire about the God we serve. Let us be faithful witnesses and ambassadors on the earth. Finally let us love one another sincerely, encouraging one another in the faith!
  12. Need MASSIVE Prayers to stay on God's Path

    sorry, i didn't understand before.. i will fast tomorrow morning for your situation.
  13. THE EXHORTATION THREAD (For Christians Who Love Jesus)

    You are right, except I have not seen many people on this forum discouraging obedience. Those who emphasize grace don't necessarily believe or teach others that you can live a carnal lifestyle and still be saved. I think they are trying to warn against trying to attain righteousness in our own strength. Righteousness is attained by the blood of Christ. Sanctification and right relationship with Christ requires obedience. But it is not simply a matter of trying harder but fixing our eyes on Christ. When Christ becomes so beautiful in our hearts that the hold of sin weakens, someone calls it obedience and another calls it the grace of God. I think it's both.
  14. THE EXHORTATION THREAD (For Christians Who Love Jesus)

    Just asking in a curious detached way, Why is there hostility between those who emphasize grace and those who emphasize obedience. Aren't they both pillars of the faith? I don't think the ones emphasizing obedience are anti-grace and I don't think the ones emphasizing grace are anti-obedience. Scripture teaches both are important. We are justified by faith with obedience being the fruit of that faith. We remain in Christ's love be obeying His commands. His command is that we love one another.
  15. Did Jesus Die 'Spiritually' on the Cross

    Some of you are so wise in handling the Word. Yowm, SisterActs2, Enoob and others. I can tell you've really spent time in Scripture. It's really wonderful.