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  1. You said it. The Lord has been my everything! He keeps us from sin! He's awesome and mighty! He loves righteousness and hates sin! Sometimes you just can't wait till Sunday. Sometimes you've just got to get your ugly cry on and praise the Lord on a weekday! And if it's every day? Even better. It is truly and honor to serve the Lord. Just to be able to say to Him, "Please Lord, accept my whole life. It's the least I can do."
  2. I wish The New Heavens and The New Earth were talked about more. Don't ask me why, but I almost believed heaven would be just floating around some vague, gassy, place with nothing to do... When Jesus comes back, we will have real bodies, and there will be a city (Jerusalem), different ranks and positions, rewards, new creation with trees and animals and awesomeness forever! When that gets into your mind? Oh my goodness. This world is passing away. This is just a short time. I can endure anything knowing the real glory begins after death. The best part? Eating, laughing, walking with Jesus, our Lord forever. Perfect communion with the Lord, forever. Makes our world pale in comparison, doesn't it?
  3. naominash

    Lonely Christian

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It honestly makes me sad to hear that you are not being included into church fellowship. This makes me want to become more aware of singles who I can reach out to. I'm sorry. I agree that it shouldn't be that way. Because it took us a while, but we wanted a church that took fellowship and community seriously. That has become so important to me. It's how the church acts like the church. You are absolutely right to want fellowship with other believers. I think sometimes in America, we have such an individualistic mindset but we aren't meant to be Christians all by ourselves. I'm going to pray for God to help you find some vital fellowship. And I will try to look out for marginalized people (especially women) in my own church.
  4. The thing about God's Holiness and Wrath are that they cause me to worship God more. When I read about the coming destruction of the wicked, it is brutal. But you know what I start thinking? God is awesome! God leveling the wicked with His power is amazing! This kind of thinking has helped me most in worship and evangelism. Why worship a God you are not impressed by? Our Lord's past, present, and future judgement, righteousness, and wrath are impressive to say the least. It helps in evangelism because I become bolder when I fear the Lord more than I do people and their opinions. I have heard about R.C Sproul a lot. I have to check him out. I've been listening to a hip hop album on the Attributes of God by an artist named Shai Linne. It has helped me so much. He raps from a reformed Calvanist standpoint. Yes, it's an odd mix, but it's wonderful.
  5. Someone said this: "Most atheists grew up already hearing the gospel. It's living it out in front of them that will make the difference." They were arguing that witnessing directly wasn't the best method to witness and that friendship evangelism was better in the case of someone who already heard the gospel.
  6. naominash

    What is Effective Witness

    Thank you for this response. I am hanging on every word for this topic. I agree that it is very hard to walk away without a convert when witnessing. I like how you said that God drew those students of yours. I can admittedly be impatient to see fruit as reassurance that I'm actually being faithful. I'm not sure how to fix that. It'll probably just take some more experience.
  7. I would like for Christians to describe times when they witnessed effectively--- leading or influencing someone to accept Christ. How well did you know the person? Did you use Scripture? Was it a fast response?
  8. naominash

    Do You Really Love The Sinner Hate The Sin

    I made the mistake of sharing this approach with some people who are really really into friendship evangelism. It was really discouraging. They kept telling me it's best if people hear the gospel in from people they trust and who they know care about them. What do I say to that?
  9. naominash

    Do You Really Love The Sinner Hate The Sin

    On a side note, after looking up some articles on biblical evangelism, I've come to realize I'm still doing things wrong. My approach was to do recon about the other person's beliefs and try to weave arguments for Christianity into a debate and hangout sessions. I think this is wrong. I like what one article suggested. Start by saying, "I'd like to have a spiritual discussion." Or simply ask something like, "May I share why I have faith in Jesus with you?" If they say yes, just share the gospel. I love the honesty and straightforwardness of this approach. It's been hard to get out of the mindset of friendship evangelism, but I want to give it my best try.
  10. naominash

    The knowledge of evil.

    Here's my take on it. How do we know that God wouldn't have given Adam and Eve knowledge Himself had they not ate of the fruit? I believe God wanted us to come to Him for knowledge and not sidestep him through disobedience.
  11. naominash

    God Has Emotions Too

    My agnostic neighbor thinks if there is a God, that He doesn't care about His creations at all. And I wonder sometimes if other Christians would agree if I said God has emotions. As I relate to God more and more, I am convinced He experiences emotions like hurt, sadness, anger, happiness, and joy regularly, just on an infinitely larger scale and in ways I could hardly comprehend. This is why I'm so sure He is grieved for the lost and unhappy about lack of conviction in churches. I started to look into Scriptures that demonstrate this. Genesis 6:5-6 New King James Version (NKJV) 5 Then [a]the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil [c]continually. 6 And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. Then there's the very short verse in John 11 where Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus. I believe my actions and thoughts before I came to know Christ grieved God. I think when mankind turns after idols and does evil, it grieves God. And that just breaks my heart. This helps me for two reasons. 1. When I pray, I feel like I'm praying to a Holy Person, not just a concept or uncaring force. It keeps me mindful of what I say. For example, I would never just have a conversation with another person where I only talked about my needs and wishes. Or never listened to hear if they had anything to say. So why do that with the Lord? 2. I look forward to meeting the Father with all my heart just to know Him. I know the Lord is a complex Being with many emotions. How wonderful to meet Him and just walk side by side just to get His opinion on everything? Like a daughter and a Father. Find out what makes Him laugh or what makes Him grieved. How awesome would that be? And the best part is, when we die, we get to be with Him without sin forever. He promised.
  12. naominash

    Do You Really Love The Sinner Hate The Sin

    Often, I think people must sense that we really care about them and love them before they'll listen to us. This is so important. If it's not real, they'll see through us and our message will just seem coercive.
  13. naominash

    Do You Really Love The Sinner Hate The Sin

    The Lord is all truth and all love. We carry the truth of the gospel of Christ and have compassion for the lost in our hearts. That's a powerful combination!
  14. naominash

    Is the Church necessary?

    The Church should be like a loving family where people come to use their spiritual gifts to serve one another. Whether a church that does that follows that above format or not, they should be seeking community with one another, evangelism, and proclaiming God's word. That being said, the Church is still God's ordained way of accomplishing His mission on the earth. I hate the idea of people side stepping or rejecting church and thinking they are being more effective somehow by non-involvement or non-attendance. Sometimes, I think we want to be so spiritual that the ordinary disciplines--- attending church, praying, reading the bible, fellowship with believers, praise, and witnessing offend us. Let's not go that route. No one is so spiritual that they don't need healthy Christian community, accountability, and a way to serve and use their gifts for the uplifting of the the Body. (Not saying that's what you meant by your post) I say, either find a tolerable church and make it better with you being in it, or start one of your own if you're concerned about the state of the local churches around you. Yes Church is still necessary.
  15. I asked because I couldn't tell if you were of the mindset that God created the universe or not. I believe God created the universe out of nothing.