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  1. That is so beautiful. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you
  2. Thank you, Turtletwo! You and the others at Worthy have become a safe haven for me. I always feel like I can be encouraged here and you're one of the main reasons why.
  3. I hear you. I'm realizing now that I often lose sight of what's truly important. God always has a reason for why He does things in our lives. I'm praying that I can value God first in my heart once again.
  4. What could God possibly want from someone like me? I understand logically what you are saying so far. It definitely makes sense. But in my heart, I think I've closed apart of myself off from God. I'm not the believer I once was so how could He use me, I wonder. Thank you for writing.
  5. I do have this feeling--- that God is at work. It is a painful process. It's as if all my dreams and ambitions for life have been put to rest. For a long time, those dreams and ambitions have been my identity. Maybe it's just like you said. God's purpose will stand. I just have to trust Him in the process. Maybe it's this death to self that God really wants for me. My biggest fear is having no purpose for being here on the earth. But if what you're saying is true, I can trust that God is making a way for me to be of use for Him. Thank you, that makes these painful things make more sense.
  6. Im in a season of life where I feel like I'm in the wilderness. At 24, I thought I'd have a successful career or become a mother. I figured I'd have more friends to hang out with. But life isn't like that for me. Im not working, trying to manage life on medication, have hardly any friends, and am in a marriage where money is scarce. Even though everybody's struggles are different, I often end up feeling defeated. I asked God what He wanted from me here. He told me to trust Him. I still feel that God is there. Would you all care to share how God has gotten you through hard times?
  7. I remember how badly I felt just a few days ago. Fortunately, my anxiety is almost completely gone since changing my meds. Thank you so much for praying for me. I hope you're doing well too. Glad you got your internet back.
  8. When I find a church to get involved in, the fellowship will be a long time coming.
  9. In the beginning when I was first saved, it was because I understood that God has grace for me through Jesus Christ's death on the cross. That grace, that undeserved kindness of God transformed me. Lately, I've been struggling to relate to God. I've read a lot of posts about being able to lose salvation and essentially living a sin-free life. I respect these posts a great deal and they have affected me. I'm just saying that grace and the Love of God has to still be a driving force in my walk with God because I can't be holy through my own effort. If Christianity is about not sinning, then there is no hope for me. But love fulfills the commandments of the law. Lately I've had this constant fear that I don't measure up to God's standard of righteousness and I'm not saved. But it wasn't measuring up that got me saved in the first place. It was realizing that I could never measure up but God loved me enough to send His son to die for me so we could still be together. I've read Galatians trying to understand the difference between living by the Spirit vs the flesh. I'm starting to understand now. Only a heart transformed by the grace of God can truly be saved. And only in continuing in that love do we grow as Christians. Edit: Here is a verse that jumped out at me from Galatians Galatians 2:21 New King James Version (NKJV) 21 I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comesthrough the law, then Christ died [a]in vain.”
  10. Have you been going there a long time? I am in love with the idea of settling in to a church for years until the members feel like family. As it is, I don't have many friends to share life with outside of my husband. Sometimes I get discouraged and feel like I'll never belong. Maybe I should be focused more on the accuracy of the word preached. That's the right attitude for a faithful Christian.
  11. Thank you all. None of you seem to be saying I should give up my search. I'm thankful for that. Im also liking the idea of finding a "good enough" church and making it better. There is another church I'd like to try this weekend. Hopefully, it is a church I can plug into.
  12. It checked all my boxes: "gospel-centered", multi-ethnic, filled with youthful energy. But it felt disengenuous. It felt like this super streamlined, organized operation that appealed to the need to have church activities. It felt like the leaders were trying hard to emulate another church's successful model. The only problem is, I don't believe the Kingdom of God is measured in church growth and activities. The Kingdom of God is invisible right now and comes down to the changed hearts of believers. I feel discouraged that my gut is telling me to keep searching. I really wanted to love that church.
  13. I put this topic in the wrong section. I'll fix it.
  14. The Lord is truly kind. I'm beginning to feel like my old self again, ever since one of my medications was changed out. I think I had a bad reaction to it. Thanks again for praying through this with me. I've had some dark days, but I'm beginning to get my footing and am adjusting to life with my husband again.
  15. As I transition to the new prescription, I'm steadily feeling normal again. I'm glad the new plan is working out. I cannot thank you all enough for your prayers.
  16. I went to a visit a church today and I was blessed by the worship there. I think I'd like to go back next Sunday. I have to keep trusting in God, that He will see me through the trials I face. He promised to be with us in whatever circumstance and I believe that He is.
  17. Why do I struggle so much sometimes? Just getting through the day seems so tough. I should be grateful I don't have to work but This feeling of having no purpose in life, no direction. I have to fight so hard just to make it on my own in the hours before my husband wakes up. It's even affecting my faith. I hope God hears my desperate prayers for Him to be with me and help me through these trials.
  18. I struggled at first today. But I tried casting my cares on the Lord. I felt such a sweet presence of Jesus then. Jesus' voice is always so gentle and kind, never condemning. Thank you for praying for me today. God is helping me
  19. Thank you, I really needed these words today.
  20. Hey you're not alone. I struggle with anxiety too. Except Im mainly worried about how my own life is turning out. I don't get into the news hardly at all. If it helps, take a break from the news and focus on taking good care of yourself. I try to drink plenty of water and go on walks so I can stay healthy. It helps my state of mind too when I do those things. For me worry is like a cloud in my mind that I either fly directly into or try to refocus on something else. Today is independence day for the US, so I'm focusing on things to enjoy in the moment like fireworks or the parade. Think of happy wholesome things. Do it like you're waging war on the negativity and be intentional. There's just as many positive things to focus on as negative.
  21. I'm doing okay. Thank you so much for praying for me! I hope you're doing well too.
  22. The Lord's patience is beautiful. And His provision is beautiful.
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