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  1. JoyfulSpirit68

    Praising the Lord for answered Prayers

    Praise the Lord and Thank You all the prayer warriors here who have been praying for us and for our truck . The Sapphire Lady (Our 2003 Silverado 2500 ) had a successful face lift we picked her up on 12/21 but on 12/26 took her back seems the rear view mirror wasnt working and the dash (no speedometer no fuel gage etc ... went back today 12/29 they put in a new sensor Mirror is doing fine now dash began working today they think cold weather will bother it suggest we put a heater in the truck and we of course have been plugging in the truck . If it happens again we go back they cant test unless its in fail mode they said . I took Physical Therapy for the month from 11/28 to 12/19 iam doing fine continuing with the exercises they taught me . We thank you for the prayers and support here it is greatly appreciated . - JoyfulSpirit68
  2. Please keep my husband and I in your prayers ...on 11/6/17 ( our 46th Wedding Anniversary ) we had a car accident . Hubby couldnt stop our truck ( a 2003 Silverado 2500HD ) we hit a Honda Civic 2009 , the family we hit did not get hurt physcially in the accident their car was totaled though ;( . I was the only one hurt both knees went into the glove carpartment . Iam beginning physical therapy next week please pray the injuries heal soon . Please pray that the Insurance Company will repair our truck ( we put new injectors in her in 2013 so shes like new , has air bag rear suspenion , a brake contoller , a 5th wheel hitch , bedbox and water tank . It is looking promising that they will repair the truck should know by mid week next week .......so please pray that the Lords Will be done concerning our truck we do have a rental for now pray they will let us keep the rental till the truck is fixed or the decsion is made .......JoyfulSpirit68
  3. JoyfulSpirit68

    Hello from Oregon

    Hi from Oregon , my husband and I have been married 46yrs as of 11/6/17. We were married 5yrs when we both accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior on 9/16/76 . We recently relocated to Central Oregon too much rain up North lol ......we live in Central Oregon in the winter and work in Eastern Oregon summers camp hosting ! Retirement now looks like retirement !;) I see now we will have our online church home here at Worthy Christian Forum . And we are searching for a local church home for winter and another for summer .....will explain more in detail later as we find those church homes ..... so looking forward to getting to know all of you here a great web site looking forward to growing in the Lord here with all of you . Love in Christ to those of you who do know our Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and to those who are seeking I will be praying for .......JoyfulSpirit68