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  1. Can you please show me an example in the Bible when anyone prayed directly to Jesus?
  2. Does the Bible specifically say that we should pray to Jesus, or only to God?
  3. Where in the Bible does it say pray to Jesus? I thought we were always supposed to direct all our prayers to God.
  4. Why are you lacking love when you make your case for body function? (I don't know what you mean by 'body function') What is your light of truth, and what is the subject? I feel like I've entered the convo half way through. Maybe you feel that your words fall to the ground because people, like me, don't quite understand what you are saying. Thanks for your message. I am not perfected in unconditional love either. But if we seek, we shall find.
  5. Thank you for all your help. No, I won't contact a medium. I was just wondering if Katelyn can hear me when I talk to her. I know that Jesus can hear me. I'll ask Him to pass on the messages to Katelyn.
  6. Thank you for helping me better understand the concept of talking to my daughter now that she has passed. A lady today also told me that I could possibly pass messages on to Katelyn through Jesus Christ our Lord. Indeed, Katelyn is in heaven.
  7. My daughter recently passed away. I think of her often. I talk to her all the time in my head. I sometimes talk out loud to her. Can she hear me?
  8. I sure hope I can help you. Make sure your resume is crystal perfect, as wonderful as it can be. Do you feel that you are unworthy in certain areas? Leave that out of your resume. The company who hires you wants to know that you are the ONE for the job. The perfect one. So make sure your resume shows that. Your cover letter has to be backed up by your resume. For example, if you write in your cover letter, "Did financials using Excel" but omit Excel in your resume, you won't be hired. Make sure your cover letter and resume match. Pray for results. If you pray to the Lord, "Please get me a job" but you do next to nothing to get you that job (I see you have done lots. In this instance I am speaking to others who read this), then that prayer will likely go unanswered. Pray and work. Then you'll be okay. BTW I am an old person too. I am an employed old person who faced the same things you are facing now.
  9. My 27-year-old daughter is dying of cancer. She is at stage 4. I just don't understand why God would take such a beautiful woman off this earth. She is a good girl, a faithful child of His. Katelyn is loving and kind, wanting to put everyone else ahead of herself. She talks about the Lord constantly, and makes sure that everyone knows that she is a Christian by her actions. She is way too cool!! If Katelyn dies, I will not blame God. Everyone has a time to die. If she dies, then the Lord needs her in heaven more than we need her on earth. Anyone who knows Katelyn is exceedingly blessed.
  10. I'm confused. Either God can see into the future, or He cannot. If He cannot see into the future of any moral agents, then how can He see into anyone's future because we all make decisions hundreds of times a day? You mentioned Abraham and his command to sacrifice Isaac. God knew what Abraham was going to do all along. Abraham himself didn't know what he would do until he raised the knife. You see, Abraham could not see into the future. His heart was all for following God, but the fact that he actually did it was beyond his own ability to fathom until it was done. But I feel that that story wasn't to show that God couldn't see into the future. Rather, the story was for us, the people who later read the Bible to learn what a true sacrifice was all about. The story was about why God made such a powerful covenant with a mere man. It was proven to all that followed that the mere man, Abraham, was willing to give his son for the Lord. He was willing to sacrifice his son, just like God sacrificed His own Son. I believe that the Lord knew what Abraham was going to do all along, but if the Biblical story was brief and said only, "Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son" and no more, and did not describe the struggles and triumphs, what would the people of the future have learned from that? We have to remember that the Bible was written for us, written for those who follow at a later time. Gen 20:20 With Sodom, Abraham pleaded to God for the Lord to spare the city if 50, 45, 40, 30, 20, even 10 good people could be found. The Lord, who was trying to assure Abraham said, "Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know.” "If not, I will know." In other words, the Lord was saying something like, "I'll check it out Abraham, and if it's not true, do not fear, I will know it." The Lord was reassuring to Abraham by stating the He would check it out. The Lord already knew the answer. He knew that 10 good people could not be found in that city. He showed patient endurance to allow Abraham to go on about "If only 10 can be found..."
  11. Greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world. There is no limit to God, and I will never change my stance on that. Never. Not ever.
  12. I believe that that the Lord knows everything about everything. I believe that nothing can constrain God.
  13. Thanks for your most welcome comment. I believe this too. Do you know of any verses that could help me in my walk regarding the fact that God knows everything? Thanks a bunch! God bless, Cindy
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