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  1. BeyondET

    Elvis Has Left the Building -Larry Norman

    Thus does nothing to edifying Christ at all, this worthy site is completely bias, I can't get songs approve because sone Modder doesn't like metal songs, but this get through, what a joke. Shame on you Modder.
  2. BeyondET

    Holly Starr-Run The Race

    Hebrews 12:1 Therefore let us also, seeing we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.
  3. BeyondET

    Good Feeling

    I'm jubilant you've enjoyed the music...
  4. BeyondET

    What is "Holiness?" What does it mean to be "holy?"

    Man ~ Humble Obedient Loving Yoked God ~ Honest Orderly Loving Yields
  5. BeyondET

    This Little Light

    One up Hadasa how about a little of both, Mr. talkbox "Shine" ~ LZ7 "This Little Light" and the title is...
  6. BeyondET

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    It's amazing how God became a human to suffer for our sins, exactly how this was done is mind blowing for sure, but nonetheless he come down to die for our sins. just the shear thought of God being part of the human race, one of His creations not separate but actually one of us to die for our transgressions brings tears to my eyes.
  7. BeyondET

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    No I don't hold to those beliefs I didn't know about some people thinking Jesus was black at all, I apologize for reacting the way I did is not me, but it sounded odd to me the black mother statement I was alittle confused about that until I read your post on that. thank you Willa for replying to me and helping me to see things in different ways and teaching me about that.
  8. BeyondET

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    Thank you, now you can delete my account, people giving me likes because they like hurting me, it's not because they agree they Ike it, it amuses them.
  9. BeyondET

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    I am waiting how come you haven't posted my answers, who ever you are Modarator you didn't wait before what's up now?
  10. BeyondET

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    I never said God created himself, that poster injected that idea and never once ask me what I meant when I said indeed he did, if you go back and read what he said to me I was answering to Yes in the beginning God created heaven and earth. Yes I do too test spirits around me. do people give others a chance to answer or the benefit of the doubt. no he did not and for some reason I knew he wouldn't because he kept on saying that what I meant without even asking me if that was what I meant. i just sat there and waited and sure enough he started saying that what I meant.
  11. BeyondET

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    Their so called god, black mother, etc.. was all just a reminder? you don't see me as brother, you don't believe I believe in the same God as you, the black mother thing is quite apolling to even say, you don't even know if I am a black man or not. yea that seemed like a racial statement. There's a better way of expressing that without using skin color for an example. I still don't know what you meant by that. and a guess the whole gang is in here to stone me, there's 5 or so dogging me out.
  12. BeyondET

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    Thank you for hurting my feelings.