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  1. I didn’t know where to post this, and this issue might be known or not but I see there is added @ at the top of website purple title bar which now makes the bar wider and blocks out the user name can’t log out or even go to my homepage. I’m using iPad not sure if that is why the top bar is wider.
  2. in my opinion, Yeshu tears was of sorrow for those who sorrowed.
  3. Yes I haven’t been banned nor do I think I mentioned as such, the checks and balances hmm, well I’ve seen and reported some things I’ve seen moderators have posted and it doesn’t seem very much of check n balance some lean towards a knee jerk reaction rather than check n balance, but of coarse surely even this site has slip ups from folks even among their own ranks, but I am not going to sweat the small things. but in my opinion good moderators would as well be quick to think slow to speak. it is quite profound the use of words, sometimes our words even though might be logic in our own minds yet can insulting to others or even egg them on even farther with animosity’s Lawrence
  4. Thank you for the conversation about the topic, as well I’ve enjoyed reading posts from members in this thread also.
  5. John 11 35 And the tears of Yeshua were coming.
  6. It appears so, in my opinion, the whole chapter has a lot to say. Ecclesiastes 3 1 To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:
  7. there’s been about two ways of looking at some of those verses. some say 1. But when ye shall see, as meaning for them in that time. 2. but when ye shall see, as meaning not for them in that time but a future time.
  8. Well I’ve been on restriction for quite some time, probably for ever who knows. And the offense was that I said looking at all the religions of the world there’s none that have 101 denominations like Christianity and there’s something seriously not right about that. I still stand by my words I was excused of insulting Christians, sadly the moderator basically was calling me a non Christian for saying things against Christianity Moderators are human like anyone here and can make hap heartily decision based on personal opinion rather site roles in the heat of the moment. And to this They are human beings and make mistakes. If you disagree with one of their decisions, make use of the PM system or email or the Report Post button to get satisfaction. (Matt. 18:15) I will let the decision ride and moderators can ponder the right and wrongs others in this world
  9. Well there’s one thing I can say, there are quite a few views on tribulation, each have their own interpretation. to name a few Prewrath Tribulationists Pretribulationists Midtribulationists Posttribulationists dispensationalists Futurists Preterist Historicist
  10. Hehehe, thanks for the humor, that’s the internet of gods and peasants
  11. Your quite the sport I like that amen bro.
  12. Traveler I’m still not seeing what you mentioned below in scripture. anti christ image in the rebuilt temple of God in Jerusalem
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