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    Not Today

  2. Just as thought it would be, again the post was deleted I wipe my feet of this I'm done no sheep here find.
  3. Indeed I had posted a good write about that but for reason it wasn't accepted, hmm I would hate to call any moderator a nick picker but I get a sense it's more about something else.
  4. BeyondET

    Only Jesus

    You are very welcome my friend, indeed it was heartfelt as well.
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    You Say

  6. BeyondET

    Jesus Saves

  7. BeyondET

    Mercy Is A Song

    Indeed there is not single person who is not guilty, all of us are filthy rags but it's important for people to understand that facing that fear that says they are not worthy enough of repentance. there is nothing more the devil wants is to keep people in chains under lock and key. people need to know Jesus saves Jesus forgives Jesus is the redeemer, He sets the captive free from the bondage of sin and brokenness. You have done to much God won't forgive you is the devils favorite shackle line.
  8. BeyondET

    Mercy Is A Song

    Your right but that is not what the author is writing about, to many times people have sin and believe it can't be forgiven they feel guilty ashamed beyond repair that is a lie. the enemy places such nonsense in thier head. this is what it says Guilty is a lie, spoken by a fear Saying after what you've done, you don't deserve to be free. i understand what your saying but as well I understand what the author is saying about people feeling ashamed beyond repair that is a Lie
  9. BeyondET

    A purpose for Satan and mankind's fall

    And How we treat others...
  10. Indeed such a edifying Christian song, i prefer Alex Murdoch ~ Orange sky Yea I had dream
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    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

    Thank you, and Excuse me, loss wasn't the right word I should of used, a momentary physical separation.