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  1. Carbon dating, millions of years old, the Bible doesn't account for that. Maybe carbon dating is totally wrong but there is a conflict here with the Bible.
  2. You're very right indeed.
  3. Is it possible that God created the dinosaurs after the Bible. If we think that God is a superhero and can do whatever God wants to do then it is extremely possible and probable that god made the dinosaurs after the Bible.. God could have created the Earth, the Bible was written, god played with time which god can do, created the dinosaurs then added this as the first bit of time and then added the Bible time to the end of the dinosaurs time.. It's very possible when we think God as a superhero..
  4. The incidents happened and I'm buzzing like a bumble bee, there's a good website about vibrating for God, lots of other people have experiences with God. My experiences show that god does indeed exist and has a sense of humour, statistically these experiences would not happen normally, in fact you probably got more chance to win the lottery. People look all their lives to find god and never find him and so I thought I would shed some light on my experiences. I did give the homeless person alcohol which was what I wanted to give him, it was a freezing night and alcohol would have given him a little buzz and warmed him up, I normally give frozen pizzas, well I did once but the point was God appreciates the thinking of the Poor. I've seen a psychiatrist psychologist gynecologist transfer-ologist and a vicar and a pastor, me thinking my sense of humour is in there somewhere in the last bit. I'm certain God used the devil to get me out of the house I was in, I spent 15 years in solitary confinement, god God fed up with my moaning and helped me and I love God for this and various other things like being a god.
  5. Hello fellow vibrator, I've been experiencing it for about a year now, if it's too much ask God to turn it down, make it more finer, it seems to me when people reach a point of understanding it happens or confess sins, forgiving of those who anger you, examine one's own life, not forgetting love God with all your heart, God saved my life from the bottomless pit I was in, what a god, my knight in shining armour, my hero, my saviour.. I would love to hear your story too. I've written throughout my posts my story.
  6. Sol Man


    I would love to hear your story.. I love hearing about God and God's people.
  7. And so we read the Bible, being Humble and understanding life is the way to greatness, understanding god is understanding change.
  8. So are you saying only a fraction of Life exists at any one time but life actually life feels whole? I believe we live in a computer generated world, is the world fictionalised, am I, you the only one in the world and the world revolves around me, you? So if so if factorisation is true who is God me, you? Or are we a part of a bigger factorisation Arena? To be continued
  9. I wonder what her story is, everyone has a story about childhood, maybe she had a volatile childhood maybe she had a volatile childhood where her mother and father stole from her, does she have an addiction, people with an addiction 9 out of 10 times have a bad childhood of some sorts, can we actually blame her for the way she is or is it society or her childhood or both? I know one thing her very existence in this world is to blame, but if it is that which it is then we cannot blame her for the way she is we can try and help her or we can stay clear of her but blame? I would look for the root cause why she is like this and keep an open mind you know you might be surprised..
  10. I'm still not sure what you're trying to say, god sent his only son down here to die for our sins therefore god doesn't need to babysit the world, including the elements of our world, therefore god is free to do what he pleases and what interests god which one of his interests is science I would assume which is fine because God made us, even God needs me time, god is amazing because he handles the good portion of society and has a rather brilliant personality where he understands humans and their needs and their very existence in this world more importantly, god loves his tests, he tests people..
  11. I'm not sure what you're trying to say unfortunately, god does what he pleases, god learnt a lot in the Bible, as far as I know no predictions of the future by God, god learn how to time travel and then went back and did the dinosaurs and then made them extinct because maybe he didn't want them to interfere with what was already there, I am a theorist, so could be wrong.lol
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