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  1. zuzana

    Peace to everyone

    Nice to read some Slovak and cool to hear about your wife's grandparents. God bless your family.
  2. zuzana

    Peace to everyone

    Yowm, TheAimes, Justin Adams, da_man1974, Willa, Teditis, SueZQ, NOONE7, Gary Lee, shanee, listener24, KPaulG, Annette, Thank you
  3. zuzana

    Peace to everyone

    Thank you for your welcome!
  4. zuzana

    Peace to everyone

    I have finally read the important paragraph at the top of this forum site So here I am, letting you know I'm a newbie. I have come to this place because when I have some free time it's interesting to hear/read a conversation in Christian chat rooms/forums- it provides encouragement, inspiration for thinking, and new friends too. I hope I can be (at least) some of those to others. Wishing you all peace.