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  1. If all of this is a reference to me and my type......I do not hate atheists.....I used to be one .....I hate what they do when they ridicule the good people of this site.Wolves attacking sheep. I don’t like it. God doesn’t either.Of course we forgive them, that does not mean we have to like it OR put up with it— we are to shake the dirt off of our feet and move on.......
  2. I admire Netanyahu to the same extent that I loathe Trump as a man.As the Electoral Winner of the White House, I think his support of Israel is a great thing.Of course, even the blind hog finds an acorn , so let’s hope his dealings with Israel remain consistent and proper in the future as they have been for the last two years. “ I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you” . Trading land for peace is not pleasing to God.Trump knows less about the Bible than he does this mornings security briefing, but as he flounders around the Oval Office he sometimes manages to make a move that is Biblicaly sound .He is oblivious to it, but that does not matter, as long as it gets done.
  3. If you believe the Gospel, which is Jesus died for your sins and rose from the grave, that means you a member of the Body of Christ and your sins are forgiven - all of them.God will chastise you if you are one of His.If you are NOT one of His, you got bigger problems than just getting angry at God.I hope that is not the case with you.God bless.
  4. I would love to see your quiz....sounds like a great tool! Do you take VISA? Lol......
  5. Not that I think it matters that much, but I usually bookend them.....God knows my mind and heart Yes....I suppose you could call them “mini” prayers......whatever the tag, they get max results.....it is not my nature to brag,but for some reason God answers all my prayers....it is uncanny- the modern day chief of sinners ,blessed beyond belief......God bless.
  6. I humbly thank you for one of the best compliments one could ask for......Saints be praised ! Lol
  7. Paul says to “pray without ceasing”...... I never set a time for prayer.I never put any time limits on it. Since being saved, prayer is an all day, ongoing conversation with Him.Its like having a good friend,right by your side and you talk back and forth all day.I really have nothing to do with it , it just came naturally with the Salvation package, to put it poorly.
  8. The Law is not the way to achieve righteousness .....if that is true, Christ died for nothing......The only “righteousness” Anybody will ever be able to claim is the “imputed” righteousness given to all of those that believe in the Gospel and it alone for Salvation.Paul prayed for his fellow Jews that were lost.Why? They were trying to establish their own right- standing before God By obedience to the Law. That obedience is a great thing, but it will not save anyone.NOTHING but the Blood for Salvation.Telling God about all the good things you did will prompt God to say “ depart from me, I never knew you”. It ain’t about you or your performance, it’s about Him and HIS PERFORMENCE and your faith in THAT alone which saves you. God bless.
  9. Working iniquity is not trusting the Gospel alone for your Salvation ......your sins are still on you.....not on the Cross......
  10. RCC. Is legalistic from top to bottom....one of the basics in their Catechism is you are to be damned if you believe in justification by faith alone....there is much more....
  11. I can hear it already..... “Well , He wont let go of us — but we can let go of Him! I don’t care if they are in a hand or not— they verse says they shall NEVER PERISH! Case closed......only a Willfull fool would try to argue against that.Sadly, we can now sit back and watch them argue that NEVER does not really mean NEVER....
  12. It seems that I have presented myself as a real ogre.I should explain my position better.Here goes—- I have engaged many atheist here in my short time at Worthy.As a former atheist myself, I will bend over backwards to help these lost souls if they come here in sincerity to have an open and honest conversation.Even the troublemakers have my prayers .The majority that I have seen are only here to show off their superior intellects,doing their best to show that Christians are stupid, too weak to confront the cruel realities of life and thus are easy targets for a guy to spend a fun afternoon or two .I put up with it, Pray for them and try to get them in the Bible.Not all are “ swine”.It is only when they cross a certain line.As Jesus wisely said, they will attack what you say and then come after YOU.That's the swine that Jesus spoke of.When I see the good, sweet people here, especially the women , that is when I see red.A justifiable anger.Even at that, I don’t personally call them “ swine”. As an end to a conversation that will go nowhere,unless the Holy Spirit open their eyes at some later time, I will tell them that I will not cast my pearls before swine.They are entitled to the truth, even if it is unpleasant to hear. My conversation with them is at an end at this point .....perhaps the “pearls before swine” will give them something to think about. I believe that along with the initial friendliness we should show an honest seeker, they also need to hear the scary truth that they are unaware of.They are headed for Hell like a speeding bullet .They need to see that they are lost sinners who need a Savior.They falsely think they have the option of choosing which side is correct and make their moves accordingly.The Truth is that “ Nobody comes lest The Spirit draw him” They are in more danger than they realize. I believe in using the bad cop/ good cop approach. I strongly believe that they need to hear the bad news before they are ready for the “ Good News”. Jesus delivered the unbelievabley horrible news of going to Hell for harboring as much as a lustful thought, the bad cop message. Then He procaimed that “ all who ask for mercy shall receive it.”How would the see a need for mercy until they saw their depravity before a Holy God?Paul, at the very beginning of his missives, talked about the universal depravity of all Mankind, then revealed God’s way of rescue.Bad cop-Good cop.We need to be kind to the unbeliever, but real love must also contain some painful truths.Engaging with these types intellectually is a waste of time. Convince their hearts , with some old time “ fear and trembling” and the intellect will follow.I never moved a muscle towards God until I saw the horror of my unbelieving state of mind.If it worked f or me, I am confident it will work for others.Let us take these people from ignorance to wisdom— “ The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom”. God bless
  13. I am not smart enough to be God’s critic.Some think they are .They must be patient .....they will all get a chance to tell Him to His face someday.....They can set Him straight and reveal how “ they” would have ran things
  14. I love the book of Hebrews as well as James.....what have ya got? “ faith without works is dead” I completely agree .Hebrews 6 or 10? George posted a thingy by AZ Tozer that explains it magnificantly. Can somebody find it and post it here? Perhaps I can reread these books and you check out Galations.Judaizers need to recognize themselves, and discover the cure for it that eludes them. ( hint: the cure could be believing Nothing But The Blood)Does it belong in your hymnal?
  15. Please show me what I ignore.....YOU are ignoring the verse I just sent you.....difficult to get around I would think.....just a little head’s up to stuff you may be offering up in your defense......they will ALL be verses taken out of context or verses not speaking to the Body of Christ— I’ve seen them all before....
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