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    What Is A Christian?

    Paul’s Gospel , given to him by Jesus, is the Gospel that saves in this Age of Grace.It is found in 1cor15:1-4.Simply believe that Jesus died for your sins and that He rose from the grave after three days and you will be saved.It is a gospel of Grace, and if one adds to it with works , you have perverted it and the Cross of Jesus is of no benefit to you.Pauls Gospel is what God will judge us by and it is hidden from those that perish..This is the Gospel message that God will bless. Is this the gospel,that you preach?
  2. Blood Bought 1953

    Sherlock Holmes & The Scriptures

    Boldness is a virtue when you have “ eyes to see”. As you do.Keep on keepin’ on.You are a great asset here!
  3. Blood Bought 1953

    What Is A Christian?

    Was your version of the Gospel the correct one? Was it faith in the Shed Blood at the Cross plus nothing for Salvation, or was it Jesus Saves BUT once you know that you have to do something ?Like keeping the Commandments, or living the Christian life, or repenting of sins- especially willful sins before you die,lest you be damned?Many preach a weak Gospel or even a perverted Gospel and don’t know it.God ain’t gonna bless that.No accusations are being made—- Its just important that we know if your doctrine is or is not in error.
  4. Blood Bought 1953

    What Is A Christian?

    Excellant point, but God chose Paul to do waaaay bigger things than we do,obviously.Many if the things he was teaching—- secrets God had held for Millenia— were so different from the ways of Paul’s Jewish brethren ,God gave him the power to raise the dead and perform all types of miracles to verify he was unique and one chosen by Christ Himself.
  5. Blood Bought 1953

    urgent prayer request

    Amber...welcome to 90% of of the congregation .Anybody who goes beyond “ Nothing But The Blood” for the GIFT of Salvation is a Legalists.Almost all so-called “Christians” agree that “ Jesus Saves”.Unfortunatly, just to be safe , they hang on to something ,thinking they must do something to KEEP themselves saved.Usually it takes the form of eliminating “ willful sins” or if you DO commit a willful sin, you must repent for that sin before you die or you are going to be damned .Willful sinning is foolish and if you are ignorant enough to make a practice of it, God will chastise you severely.He could even strike you dead and bring you Home earlier than He would have otherwise.Thank God, The Blood covers those sins also.As a member of the Body of Christ, I find myself automatically repenting almost everyday.I blow it , I confess it, and thank God for His forgiveness and His Grace.I do the same thing with my sins that God dies for all Believers—- I put them on the Cross and leave them there.
  6. Blood Bought 1953

    What Is A Christian?

    Romans2:16. “ in the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to MY GOSPEL” Who do you think inspired Paul to say these words? The Bible states that ALL Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit .If Paul said it— Jesus said it.The few times he writes about HIS personal opinion,he makes it clear to the reader.If one refuses to obey the one that Jesus declared His “chosen vessel”, you are in dangerous territory—- To reject Paul , you may be rejecting Jesus too.
  7. Blood Bought 1953

    What Is A Christian?

    As Noble as your position sounds—- we ALL exalt Jesus—- your zeal does not square with Scripture.Why would you chose to ignore the one whom Jesus Himself declared to be a “ Chosen Vessel” to spread The Word? Do you also ignore Luke and Peter and John, all of whom declared that the Holy Spirit spoke through Paul? To reject the one that Jesus chose to reveal secrets that had been hidden for centuries is to reject Christ Himself .So If you choose to ignore Paul’s teachings, please refrain from discussing the following , exclusive to the Ministry of Paul: Salvation by Grace alone.....the Rapture......the Gospel Of Grace......the meaning of the Cross.... The indwelling of the Holy Spirit of the Believer.....the Body of Christ .......Saved by Grace ( a word that describes the Thing that saved everyone who was ever saved—- mentioned 90 times by Paul in his Epistles, not once in the Four Gospels) Please remain silent in areas such as Christian Giving, Christian Discipline or many more areas that Paul taught as Jesus instructed him to.Pauls Gospel is the Gospel thAt saves us today.It is what you are going to be asked about on Judgement Day.Jesus is everything.Paul was Nothing, But If Jesus tells me to listen to and follow a jack-ass and all the other disciples agree that God is speaking through him, I ‘m gonn listen .
  8. Blood Bought 1953

    What Is A Christian?

    Perhaps you missed my previous posts or I did not make myself clear.Paul is just like you and I . A wretched, Hell- deserving sinner.Had it not been for the Grace of God on the road to Damascus, he would be in Hell today.A damnation well deserved,again , just like us.Of course he is fallable and Jesus is not.He would be the first to agree! Previously I have mentioned that Paul was chosen by Jesus to be His mouthpiece after His Ascension and the three examples you give where Paul clearly states that he is speaking for himself prove that point.He let’s us know there is a difference in the source of his teachings.......sometimes Jesus, sometimes himself.A testimony to his humility and to his honesty. Paul refers to the Gospel given to him by Jesus personally as “MY Gospel”.None of the three times that he said that did he indicate it was just his personal opinion.Itvis in the Holy Scripture, which is proof that it was “God-Breathed” as us anything else you read in the Bible.When Paul said we were to follow HIM ( meaning Paul) do you think he just pulled that out of his hat? No.Jesus told him to say that or he would not have said anything which would have been so utterly blasphemous without Jesus stamp of approval. Again, Paul was NOTHING—— he was undeservedly chosen to speak for Jesus. The fact that Paul was so vile and wicked before his salvation, was precisely the reason he was chosen. It has given hope to countless other Vile sinners like you and I .People can look at Paul and say..... “ If God can save that Christian-Murdering man, I bet he might be able to save me”. God bless
  9. Blood Bought 1953

    Has Anyone Noticed That Time Seems To Have Accelerated?

    I agree.....a week now seems like absolutely nothing.......
  10. Love God and love others ......those are the only rules for those in the Body of Christ....every day is a sabbath day for a Christian ( we are to REST or Sabbath in the finished work of the Cross )and tithing is O.T. Law.Christians are to give what they truly want to give,God is looking for “ cheerful givers” and the early Saints gave up everything they owned.If you choose to not give a dime,you will go to Heaven and find your Heavenly bank account empty.Your choice.
  11. Blood Bought 1953

    Hello everybody :)

    A wise Meteorologist once stated that if you go through a year where the weather is not crazy.... THAT would be crazy......not trying to minimize anybody’s plight, lol.......crocs and snakes are scary, indeed.....I once was in a house blown away by a tornado......one thing scarier than a croc is a flying tree stump or tractor.....hang in there everyone! G’day , mates!
  12. Blood Bought 1953

    Why Our Evangelism Efforts are Failing....

    I could not agree with you more! In fact, I will go farther than you in stressing the importance of repentance.NO ONE WILL BE SAVED WITHOUT REPENTANCE! Let me repeat myself so that there will be no misunderstanding— IF YOU DO NOT REPENT, YOU WILL GO TO HELL! There are three different Greek words that the Bible translators chose to call “ repentance” That is the problem .The Greek word used for the repentance pertinent to Salvation is “ metanoia”. It means a “ change of mind” Even Judas “ repented”. That type of repentance comes from another Greek word which indicates sorrow and regret.Nowhere in the KJV does it say that we must REPENT OF SINS in order to be saved.People have been hearing this falsehood for so long they don’t even think about it. If we must repent of sins to be saved, why doesn’t the Book of John mention that word one single time? Here is the reason.John says over and over that we must BELIEVE that Jesus was who He said He was , the Son of God, the Messiah , The Annointed One.The Lamb Of God who was sacrificed for all the sins of Mankind.If you are an atheist,if you are an agnostic,if you are one that thinks Jesus was just a good and wise man,if you are a man that carries the sin of self- righteousness that thinks that he is not quite perfect,yet “ good enough” to merit Heaven—- YOU are the man that needs to repent! You need to “ change your mind” as to who Jesus was and what He did for you at the Cross.John knew if you truly BELIEVED IN Jesus, you have already repented.You have gone from unbelief to belief, you changed your mind.....you are saved.The Gospel given to Paul, that Jesus said will save us if we simply BELIEVE it incorporates all of this. 1Cor15:1-4 maintains that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the grave.That is the Gospel thAt saves us.If you believe that Jesus died for your sins, that inherently shows that you believe you are a sinner that has to have a Savior to take care of your sin debt.THAT is repentance ! The best picture of repentance is given by the publican who saw his hopeless , helpless, lost state and was justly horrified when the Holy Spirit opened his eyes as to his true position in the eyes of a holy,perfect God.He was in a position of total emptiness. He was without excuse anymore, no more rationalizing— he was bound for Hell and it was only Hell that he merited .All He could do is cry out to God, “ Lord have mercy on me a sinner!” He wasn’t crying that out the day before that.He had to have a “ change of mind”. This self- insight that was a gift of the Holy Spirit (nobody comes to God lest the Spirit draw him) tells you that you just ain’t as hot as you think you are.You need a Savior.That is the repentance God demands for Salvation.If your heart has not been pricked by the Holy Spirit to show you these Truths you have not repented.You are not ready to believe the only Gospel that can save you.You are not ready to believe that Jesus was who He said He was.....your ONLY hope of Salvation.You are lost. If you have not had a change of mind about who and what you are,pray that the Holy Spirit open your eyes to the need for a Savior.Repent.Dont waste your time “ repenting of SINS! That kind of repentance that even Judas experienced will save nobody .That type of repentance will occur everyday in the life of the Believer— ONCE HE IS SAVED! The indwelling Holy Spirit will see to it.It restores lost fellowship.NOT your Salvation.That was a GIFT! You never earned it by being “ good” and you ain’t gonna lose it by being “ bad”.God will chastise His Children for being bad.First things first though.Become His Child by the mandantory requirement of repentance. Please make sure you know what it means....you’ve Salvation depends on it.
  13. Blood Bought 1953

    Why Our Evangelism Efforts are Failing....

    Mat 12:49 And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! Mat 12:50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. Jas 1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. Jas 1:23 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: Jas 1:24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was. Jas 1:25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed. Joh 15:14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Do the will of the Father? Of course.What IS the will of the Father? When asked this by His Disciples He had the chance to really unload. He could have said, “ Make sure you keep the Commandment,even the least of them, quit that lusting! Abandon everything you have and follow me, cut off your hand if it causes you to sin, give to the poor,make sure you tithe , give anything to anybody that asks, if somebody slaps you , offer them the other cheek.How ya doing with this potential list so far, you that want some hard , fast rules to be saved by ?Jesus must have been off His Game the day He was asked what is His Father’s will.What a missed opportunity .Jesus said the will of the Father was this— “ Believe in the One That I sent” Imagine that! Something we can actually do! Simply believe. To all my Superiors out there that can give away everything they own or give strangers all that they ask for, or turn the other cheek if struck.....aw heck, let’s just cut to the chase—- Jesus said you must be “perfect” to get to Heaven.If you choose to go down that performance road, have at it. I’m guilty of many things......hypocrisy is not one of them. I ADMIT I can’t keep God’s standard.The difference between us is that I know the continued Grace of God is the only thing that is going to get me and keep me saved.Our obedience is great. God desires it.He will bless us for it.If and when you give up your pitiful performance as the basis for Getting and staying saved and move on to trust and understand God’s Grace, you will discover as I have that Grace will stir up love and a desire to please God that comes from the heart.Nothing else works and God knew it all along.Christianity is a paradox at times—you go up by going doing, you become first by making yourself last.The less I am concerned with sinning, the less sins I commit.As far as my Salvation is concerned, I could not care less about my performance.....it’s HIS performance.... It’s HIS Shed Blood that saved me and keeps me saved.....paradoxically,I live a life more pleasing to Him and I don’t even try.How great it is to understand the true meaning of Sabbathing.You sing it— try to live it—- NOTHING but the Blood.God bless you in your understanding of these things.
  14. Blood Bought 1953

    Why Our Evangelism Efforts are Failing....

    I’ll attempt to address our differences one step at a time..... When I say Christianity should preach “ done” instead of “ do”, I am saying that everything required for Salvation was “ done” at the Cross.OurcSalvation is a gift, is it not? If we have to DO anything, other than believe it, it is no longer a gift.Sanctification is the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives as GOD completes our transformation into the image of His Son— the whole point of everything.This journey that God takes us on can be a smooth one if you are obedient and do your best to stay in line with His Word, or you can be a disobedient fool and cause God to kick your rear- end for an entire lifetime.He is still gonna get you Home— God’s gifts are not rescinded.His Word is at stake.More to follow......
  15. Once again......chapter and verse,please.....all you have is unverified speculation.....the Bible clearly defines what the unforgivable sin is— it ain’t murder.
  16. Blood Bought 1953

    Why Our Evangelism Efforts are Failing....

    The True Gospel, properly understood, would seldom be rejected .People usually do not reject Christianity.They reject “ religion”. The fact that Christianity has been turned into a religion by many is the tragedy that makes people reject it. They would rather take a chance on going to Hell than have to be religious.I don’t blame,them.Religion says “ do”. Christianity says “ done”.Well meaning but poorly taught Believers tell potential converts that they must “ repent of their sins” to be saved.That is nowhere to be found in the KJV.Repentance is mandantory for Salvation.It is a change of mind that takes you from unbelief in the finished work of Christ to the belief that it is only HE that can save you from your wretched, lost state.It is a one time event that changes you for life.Once a person is saved, there is another type of repentance which is regret and sorrow for our daily sins.People are told they have to change to be a Christian , start walking the straight and narrow, clean yourself up, etc. None of this is true, but the poor unsaved sinner is never told the Truth.We dont clean ourselves up and then invite the Holy Spirit in.We invite the Holy Spirit in and let HIM do the cleaning. He started the work and God will “ finish the work that HE started”. If we let Him.That takes faith.That is what He is looking for.That is what people need to hear.FAITH PLUS NOTHING.Simply come to Jesus with a contrite heart,thank God for His Grace and let Him save you and change you from the inside out— an act only God can perform.
  17. Blood Bought 1953

    What Is A Christian?

    Paul was a secretary for Jesus after Jesus went to Heaven.He write nothing that was not prompted and condoned by the Holy Spirit.When Paul spoke, it was just as an inspired as when Jesus spoke. The true Gospel is the Gospel of Paul......given to him not by himself or other men, but by Jesus Christ himself. This is what Paul makes clear in 1cor15:1-4.It is exactly what Paul is referring to when he warns about those who preach a false Gospel or try to add to his Gospel of Grace.Jesus told Paul to tell us that to be saved in this Age of Grace,this side of the Cross when this hitherto secret of the Church Age was revealed by Jesus through Paul that we need to believe two things to be saved—- Jesus died for our sins,and Jesus rose on the third day.He later declared that THIS GOSPEL ( which at least three times he referred to as “HIS” Gospel- as Jesus told him to do) This is the Gospel Paul was referring to when he spoke about the Gospel that was hidden from the lost and it is the Gospel that God will judge us by.We must prove ourselves to be good students of the Word and that Word must be properly divided.I think you need to do more homework,with all due respect. To clarify—- Paul was nothing but a wretched sinner.Jesus does not take a back seat to any man.Jesus did ALL that was necessary to insure our Salvation .Paul is of NO value other than the fact that Jesus chose him to EXPLAIN what was accomplished at the Cross.Every word in the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit.What things that Paul spoke about in his Epistles May as well have been spoken by Jesus Himself.Jesus told Paul to tell us to do this... “follow me ( Paul), as I follow Christ”.......you wanna obey Our Lord? Follow His most recent marching orders.
  18. Blood Bought 1953

    What Is A Christian?

    Are you accessing this site from the library or from a friends house ? Otherwise it appears that you have not forsaken everything.You should have sold your computer or phone or whatever and given away the proceeds ,if what you are proclaiming is true As for me,I will not be forsaking everything.Just like you didn’t.Neither will I be gouging out my eye the next time I lust.Eye-Gouging and forsaking everything are not the way to get to Heaven.Give away every dime you have, and if it is done because it is a part of making yourself “ worthy” of Salvation, you may as well have gone and thrown it off your roof......oops, you probably don’t have a roof if you have “ forsaken everything” If you prefer to go down the path of “ Do”, after you forsake everything,you are still just scratching the surface. Jesus said you are “ to be perfect. This side of the Cross , in this Age of Grace, we do not have to meet impossible demands.All we have to do is believe the Gospel found in 1cor15:1-4.God is now looking for “ cheerful” givers.Thats one way to build up Heavenly Treasure.If you can give to God everything you own with a cheerful heart— have at it! Just realize it is not a requirement for Eternal Life.Nobody can reach God’s standard—- go with Grace.
  19. Blood Bought 1953

    What Is A Christian?

    The obvious question here is—— have YOU forsaken everything to be a good example as to what Christianity is supposed to be about ?
  20. Chapter and verse please? Otherwise it is just an opinion.One could maintain that jay-walking is the unforgivable sin, but without Scripture to back it up it’s just plain silly.
  21. If that teaching is correct, Moses, David and Paul are in Hell today .I doubt if you or anybody else believes that.
  22. Blood Bought 1953

    Are all believers kings or not?

    If the truth were known, something tells me that these eruptions Of pride would be very rare.
  23. Blood Bought 1953


    Guys like Stalin and Hitler were merely full of nonsense according to your philosophy.Seven million plus victims of their “ nonsense” would disagree.A man in this area was just convicted of raping a three year old.Such nonsense! I get the point you are trying to make.Language is important and “ nonsense” is not a synonym for sin and wickedness.Give it up.Please.
  24. There are are two types of churches......the “ do” church and the “ done” church.If you are going to the first type- run,do not walk,from it.......
  25. Blood Bought 1953

    sin is nonsense

    “I have stopped sinning and never will again”......... now THAT is nonsense......If you have a lustful thought, you are as sinful as an adulterer......you may want to rethink your declaration