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  1. Les Feldick is an amazing Bible teacher! I watch him all the time.....check out his website
  2. I have a long-standing offer that is still good.I will hand over $10,000 to anyone that show me in the KJV that we must repent of sins to be saved.Hint: You ain’t gonna find it..... Here’s some stuff that may or may not interest you...... God repented more than anyone in the Bible.... Judas not only repented, he paid restitution and was very sorry for what he had done.....He still went to hell... The Gospel Of John says “ believe” 85 times, it says “ faith” 101 times and the word “ repent” 0 times... We all are aware of at least one guy that was “ justified” or Saved because of his faith.The Publican that Jesus talked about.All he did to be justified or seen as“ just as if I never sinned” was to cry out to God — “God, have mercy on me a sinner!” Did he make a promise to quit sinning? No.Therefore that shows that nobody has to make a vow to give up sins to be saved.All he did was turn to God as a lost sinner.Nothing more, yet it was enough.Repentance is MANDANTORY fir Salvation, But one must know what repentance means before you become a member of the BODY of CHRIST.An unregenerate person lacks the Power to attempt to abandon sin seeing as to how he lacks the Holy Spirit .Before Salvation a person needs to repent in the sense of “ changing his mind” ( metanoia in the Greek) The day before the Publican cried out to God, He was doing just fine, deluded in the sin of self-righteousness- he was getting the job done without God’s mercy and forgiveness.He did not need it.Crying out to God the next day showed that he “ changed his mind”. He had abandoned all thoughts of being righteous before a Holy God on his own......he saw his need for mercy and forgiveness.....he “changed his mind” and saw that he was a lost sinner, NOT a good man on his way to Heaven just like he was.THAT is the repentance God demands for Salvation.God fulfilled His Promise to save all that come to Him with a contrite heart.God puts His Spirit in those that repent in this manner and now that this man is saved, he will find himself in a new battle.His new nature vs.his Old Adamic Nature .One day he has one nature, the next day, after Salvation he has two.When he yields to the old Nature and sins, he automatically finds himself in the other type of repentance— the one that involves guilt and sorrow for sinning.So we see that Salvation is a must for Salvation, but we must know which repentance we are referring to. THE INCOMPATIBILITY OF FALSE TEACHING ON REPENTANCE WITH THE GOSPEL OF GRACE "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed." Galatians 1:8, 9. "The word Metanoia is in every instance translated repentance. The word means a change of mind. The common practice of reading into this word the thought of sorrow or heart anguish is responsible for much confusion in the field of Soteriology ... This definition of this word as it is used in the New Testament is fundamental. Little or no progress can be made in a right induction of the Word of God on this theme, unless the true and accurate meaning of the word is discovered and defended throughout." Chafer, Lewis Sperry. Systematic Theology, Vol. III. (p. 372). "Often the idea of believing is expressed by the word, repent (Acts 2:38; 3:19; 5:31; 8:22; 11:18; 17:30; 20:21; 26:20) ... The word means to change one's mind, and by its usage in the Book of Acts it means to change one's mind about Jesus of Nazareth being the Messiah. This involves no longer thinking of Him as merely the carpenter's son of Nazareth, an imposter, but now receiving Him as both Lord (Jehovah) and Messiah. Thus, repentance as preached by the apostles was not a prerequisite to nor a consequence of salvation, but was actually the act of faith in Jesus which brought salvation to the one who repented." Ryrie, Charles. Biblical Theology of the New Testament. (p. 116, 117). "What place has repentance in salvation? Should we tell people to repent of their sins to be saved? The Gospel of John is the Holy Spirit's Gospel Tract, written that men might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing they might have life through His name (20:31). And it does not mention the word 'repentance'. But that is only because repentance is a necessary part of saving faith. Strictly speaking, the repentance means a 'change of mind'. It is by no means the same thing as sorrow (II Corinthians 7:10). Since it is not possible to an unbeliever to become a believer without changing his mind, it is therefore unnecessary to say anything about it. The only thing for a man to do in order to be saved is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ: and to believe on Him is the same thing as receiving Him (John 1:11-13)." Pettingill, William. Bible Questions Answered. (p. 215-216). "But in order to clarify the subject, it may be well to observe carefully what repentance is not, and then to notice briefly what it is. First, then repentance is not to be confounded with penitence... penitence is simply sorrow for sin... Nowhere is man exhorted to feel a certain amount of sorrow for his sins in order to come to Christ. Second, penance is not repentance. Penance is the effort in some way to atone for the wrong done... In the third place, let us remember that reformation is not repentance... Need I add that repentance then is not to be considered synonymous with joining a church or taking up one's religious duties, as people say. It is not doing anything. ...the Greek word, metanoia, which is translated 'repentance' in our English Bibles, literally means a change of mind." Ironside, Harry. Except Ye Repent. (p. 12-15). "When thinking of the word repent or repentance, there are at least two general ideas that are not repentance. Repentance does not mean to be sorry for some wrong I have done... Some may think repentance is promising to do good. I do not want to seem to be too harsh, but how much good is it going to do for anyone to promise to do good? ...Repentance is primarily a judgment about myself. The expression is often used which has an awkward translation into English is 'repenting of our sins'. Actually this is not a sound idea. The reason it is so awkward to say is that man does not 'repent his sins' nor does he 'repent of his sins', he repents himself. Repentance is judgment upon myself whereby I admit that I am not good... Repentance is a very important matter. Because it is not until I am willing to acknowledge before God that I am nothing in myself that I will believe the Gospel." Gutzke, Manford. Plain Talk About Christian Words. (p. 122, 123). "It is our purpose to discuss the Scriptural doctrine of repentance. It is important because so many minds have been confused concerning the simplicity of salvation by the perversion of the Scriptural teaching of this important doctrine... The doctrine has suffered tremendously from an erroneous concept held by most men, for when the word 'repent' is used, it brings to mind of the average individual the thought of sorrow for sin... And this sorrow for sin is usually called 'repentance'. But there could be nothing further from the concept of the Word of God than the idea that repentance means sorrow for sins. From the Word of God we discover that the word translated 'repent' means 'a change of mind'... Now, such as change of mind as the Scripture enjoins when it speaks of repentance may produce a sorrow for sin, but it will be the result after one has seen his sin in the light of holiness of God and has changed his attitude toward it." Pentecost, J. Dwight. Things Which Become Sound Doctrine. (p. 61, 62). "Repent of Sin." This often-quoted phrase does not even occur in the Bible. Most people are quite shocked to find that it does not appear in the Scriptures. Nowhere does the Scripture use the phrase, "repent of sin" to be saved. Scripture does say in Acts 20:21, "repentance toward God" ("change of mind", and "faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ"). Repentance is the translation of the Greek word "metanoia". The literal meaning of "metanoia" is "a change of mind". "Meta" means, "change". "Noia" means "mind". So, therefore, "meta-noia" means a "change of mind". Before learning about metanoia, I am sure that you are already familiar with a Greek word with the prefix "meta". That word is "metamorphosis". "Meta" means "change", and "morphosis" means "form or structure". This word metamorphosis is used to describe the change a caterpillar goes through to become a beautiful butterfly. I am sure that you have studied about this change of form. Repentance, therefore, (metanoia) is a change of mind. This misuse of the word repentance has caused untold confusion among believers and unbelievers alike. Satan, the author of confusion (I Corinthians 14:33), has delighted in this misuse of the word repentance. One of the counterfeits Satan is using today is the misuse of the word repentance. To insist upon repentance that in any sense includes a demand for a change of conduct either toward God or man is to add an element of works or human effort to faith. Let's define. Penance is payment for sin. Penitence is sorrow for sin. Works and something of self is turning from sin. But repentance (metanoia) means a change of mind. Man's great need is to understand God's way of salvation and accept His sacrifice. Repentance in salvation means a change of mind from any idea of religion that man might have and accepting God's way of salvation. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16)." Why do we have the problem? The problem has come about because "metanoia" should never have been translated in the English word "repent". "Repent" (English word) does not mean the same thing as "metanoia" (Greek word). Perhaps what the translators should have done is a "transliteration" of the Greek word. For example: the translators of the King James Bible took the Greek word "baptizo"-they dropped the "o" and replaced it with an "e". They brought the new word "baptize" into the English language. This is called a transliteration. They should have done this with "metanoia" and the problem would have been eliminated. Can you imagine preachers saying "metanoia" to their congregations? At least the correct meaning would be known. Understanding the doctrine may relieve some of the confusion you or your friends may have had concerning repentance. Here is a way to get a handle on it. Remember this, "A person may 'repent' without 'believing', but a person can't 'believe' without 'repenting'." A person may "repent" (change their mind) without "believing" (trusting Christ), but a person can't "believe" (trust in Christ) without "repenting" (having changed their mind). Repentance is necessary for salvation, but keep it in mind that it means "a change of mind". Dr. C. I. Scofield, in the Scofield Reference Bible (copyrighted in 1909) has the following footnote, "Repentance is the translation of a Greek word (metanoia-metanoeo) meaning 'to have another mind', 'to change the mind', and is used in the New Testament to indicate a change of mind in respect of sin, of God and of self. This change of mind may, especially in the case of Christians who have fallen into sin, be preceded by sorrow (II Corinthians 7:8-11), but sorrow for sin, though it may 'work' repentance, is not repentance. The son in Matthew 21:28, 29 illustrates true repentance. Saving faith includes and implies that change of mind which is called repentance." Dr. Scofield clearly points out that "saving faith" includes and implies that change of mind, which is called repentance. One misunderstanding is to say that the word repentance must be used in order to be teaching repentance. If that were true, we would have thrown out the gospel of John from the New Testament. Think of this in the light of why John's gospel was written, "But these are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you might have life through His name (John 20:31)." Repentance, you see, is taught in John 3:16. A person can't believe (trust) in Christ as taught in John 3:16 without repenting (changing his mind) in the process. "Repentance, as it relates to Christ, means to change our minds about Him, who He is and what He's done to provide forgiveness, and deliverance from our sins. When we place faith in Jesus as having taken our place personally on the cross and borne the penalty due our sins, then we're automatically repenting, because we couldn't accept Him in this way without having had to change our minds in some way concerning Him." Hal Lindsey. The Liberation of Planet Earth. (p. 133). Salvation is by faith and not by works according to the Scriptures (Ephesians 2:8, 9; Romans 4:5). Let's not become tools of the devil to add works to salvation in a subtle way by the misuse of repentance. Let's give out a clear message! (I Corinthians 14:8).
  3. Believers are saved because they believe, not because they repent of sins....
  4. I enjoy the challenge of trying to properly fold them *#&#*# things! Haha.....
  5. I’ve seen 115 in Vegas..... Ive seen - 30 here in Ohio They BOTH suck.......
  6. ...or think by their “ sacrifice” they are earning their way to Heaven......who on Earth can “ pray” for hours and hours.....horse hockey!
  7. God is still in the vision business......you’ll just have to trust me on that.....The vision I was given was so amazing and precious I have never shared it with anyone .....and when it is from God, you KNOW it’s from God......
  8. Yeah, but you guys got that “ dry” heat......let’s turn that humidity up to about 90% and watch them drop like flies....lol.....
  9. I thank my Lord for Pinacle......anytime he gives me an “ oy veh”, I KNOW I am on the right track! Thank you, my unknowing “ friend” !
  10. Curses are subject To the seniority of the Curser...... As an old Coot, my curses trump any curse by a young punk rapper......
  11. It was waaaaay too hot for my round of golf today . It really messed with my game and I did not score very well.In fact, I was four over par before I even got my golf ball out of the ball washer! Lol......
  12. If you want to discuss name calling, I can’t hold a candle to Paul......have you ever heard me call anybody a “ pervert” ? This is what Paul called those that wanted to add to the Good News Of Grace—- GRACE ALONE! Those that preached this “ perverted message” were “ accursed”.... that means damned forever by God.Have I ever told anybody here that they were God damned? To those that insisted on circumcision in addition to the Gospel, Paul said he wished they would cut their entire members off ! Paul was a real sweet namby-pamby, wasn’t he? Anybody observing certain days in the manner of Tze ( where on earth did he get that name...lol ) is doing a neat thing.....he does not claim it is for Salvation and he does not push it on anybody else.If you are like him— fantastic. If you believe that the Sabbath is still in effect, you are a “ weak” Believer.No harm, no foul.If you say that it is necessary for Salvation you are a Judaizer, fallen from Grace and severed from the Cross Of Cross. I am not sure if that means you are damned or not .Intelligent, God-Dwelt Believers disagree .Whatever these things entail , one thing is for sure —- you ain’t gonna like it! If you go around “ preaching” that we must add to the Blood Of Christ and His Gospel Of Grace you are going to Hell, you are “accursed”. God’s Word does not reveal much about Judgement Day, But Paul did say we will be judged by HIS Gospel ....the one given to him by Jesus in person.God’s gonna ask... “ what did you do with My Gospel?” Are you gonna tell Him you had to add just a little bit of your works to it, just to be safe ?God demands TRUST, and that ain’t Trust.....that’s hedging your bet , and God won’t have it.You can “ try” to be saved and be lost or you can “ trust” to be saved and find Life. Your choice. I have no desire to step on anybody’s toes, and I hope the above applies to nobody in here.I apologize for my “ bad manners”. Thank God that Paul had the “ bad manners” to correct people who espoused a “ different Gospel” That At the very least ruined lives, and at its very worst, sent people to Hell.People are literally playing with Fire and need to be woke up......many years of “playing church “ and perverting the Gospel was a subject never discussed.I bet Satan loved that.The blind leading the blind....
  13. I remember that a few months ago you posted a brilliant post about observing the feast days, sabbaths , the Law, etc.You made it clear that it was your personal decision to observe these Old Testament requirements because it gave you joy to do it.You never said you did these things things to be saved,nor did you claim that doing these things “ kept” you saved.You did not imply in any manner that others “ should” do it , or were commanded to do it.I though your idea was great ! Had you said “ this is the way I live and YOU too must do it if you want to be saved!”THAT would make you a Judaizers.You clearly are not.Nor is nobody else that observes feasts and laws out of a sense of appreciation and Love.If people do what you do thinking they will go to Hell if they don’t—— they are adding to the Gospel Of Grace and are severed from the Cross and have fallen from Grace.....A bad place to find oneself. For Anybody that thinks I do not believe in Sabbathing, the Truth is , I esteem it more than my critics do. I Sabbath every day.True Sabbathing is resting in the finished work of the Cross.As I said....it is a command of God.Read and understand Heb 3 and 4........ May God bless you in your understanding of these things. btw....when you read thru the Bible did you skip the 14th chapter of Romans? Paul so clearly reveals what Jesus thinks of Sabbath observers......nothing wrong with it at all if you do it to please Him.....just realize that Paul says it is for “weak Believers”. If God has given us freedom in these matters , why not strive to be strong? God bless . btw pt2......I notice that your quotes were all from the Old Covenant.....something happened later on that changed everything.....the Cross we are not under Law, we are in the Age of Grace...Why not get your license and enjoy it to the full? NOT a license to sin ,but the license to REST. How sweet it is!
  14. All Unbelievers do not “ belong” to Satan.It is closer to the Truth to say that they have “ been BLINDED by the Ruler of this World”. Satan , of course. “ The Gospel is foolishness to those that perish”. Only the Holy Spirit can remove the scales from their eyes......We are to present them with the Gospel and the rest is up to God.I am sure many unbelievers have convinced themselves that they can “ get religion” before they die, just in case they are wrong .It does not work that way .The initiative belongs to God- not them.
  15. Those numbers are nice....my friend that lost her home to medical bills will be overjoyed to be informed about those receipts! All politicians fall into one of two categories—- With Democrat’s Its “ tax , tax. Spend , spend.......With Republicans it’s “ borrow, borrow, spend, spend”......May God help our children and grandchildren who ultimately will be picking up the tab.....
  16. You robbed me of everything was going to say.....except this...It is this: God Could not care less about the Sabbath.The only “ rest” that He wants to see is Believers resting in the finished work of the Cross. Ignore THAT rest and you are in a state of disobedience and you are guilty of unbelief — One would think that Modern-Day Judaizers would put that rule at the top of their “ DO” list.
  17. Wendy’s has free coke and free coffee for seniors!!!!
  18. I try to do my best to stamp out the enemy of Christianity.....religion.
  19. Many Of the demons that Jesus encountered were in the Temple or Synagogue.....they were picky where they hung out I think it is safe to assume they have not changed all that much.They dwell in the hard hearts of legalistic,religionists that are scattered among the pews .Unsaved Tares That dont enter the Kingdom nor allow others to enter.Nothing has changed.....they go where they can do the most damage..
  20. I hate to see people file bankruptcy or be kicked out of their homes because they could not pay their medical bills, but we must face the truth......it was more important to get that one and a half trillion dollar tax cut for the needy billionaire buddies of our Electoral president.
  21. I sure agree with that last statement....we are in a new reality.... “ Nothing matters anymore” . Sad.
  22. The boyfriend may be “ amazing”. That is great to hear. It was almost 50 years ago , but I can remember “ just a bit” of what it was like to be 19 years old .Seems like the level of testosterone was “ amazing” also.......lol.......You guys are playing with Fire.Grandchildren are “ amazing” too! Do you like surprises?
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