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  1. The Galations perverted the Gospel Of Grace. Paul called them out and said they were fools.Legalists that come in here and cause Believers to “ fall from Grace” and have them “ severed from the Cross Of Christ” without these poorly taught individuals even knowing the precarious shape they are putting themselves in should expect no less.The Legalists in here actually get by pretty easier compared to what Paul would have told them. I have never called them Fools. Jesus called some people “ Vipers”. What a “ rude attitude !”
  2. I know how they argue.....it is impressive.....just another reason to respect them ...I love everything about the Jews and Israel.....part of having a New Heart Methinks .....lol....Zola Levitt was my favorite person on the planet....boy, do I still miss him..... I can’t wait to see him again... “ Pray for the Peace Of Jerusalem” Everybody! .....visit his site and check out his old videos.....you will learn much from him.....Levitt.com.....
  3. I never heard the Gospel Of Grace that I advocate being referred to as “ nonsense”. Or maybe I misunderstood you.I hope so.
  4. ......or maybe my post that put to shame your false and mean characterization of me “ hiding behind a guise” shamed you into deleting your “ Accuser of the Brethern” post.
  5. Instead of hiding under the guise of "I'm trying to help newbies stay away from false doctrine!" If you think I post under a “ guise” , you don’t know what you are talking about.If you oppose honest, SINCERE debate, regardless of whether you agree or disagree, perhaps YOU should be the one to hang out in the Welcome Section Of Worthy . This site is HOLY GROUND as far as I am concerned .I take my Posts VERY seriously . Life and death matters are being debated here every day. God knows my heart....you have just proven you don’t. I would never pay any attention to somebody that was a phony- - hiding behind a “ guise”. I would ignore them . Please do me a favor and pretend that I don’t exist .....nobody is forcing you to click on my name.It is my sincere desire to spare Newbies of going through the anguish and wasted years being victims of Jack-Leg teachings and enduring sleepless nights Because they are smart enough to know they can’t live up to a Standard held up to them by ignorant hypocrites.They know something isn’t right, but they can’t pinpoint what the problem is.Im here to point it out—- they’ve been fed a lie .They don’t read the Bible because they don’t understand it. If they DO find a Translation they can understand, they are told they are reading an unacceptable version— get rid of it! They are left to just believe that because a man stands in a pulpit, he must know what he is talking about.Seldom true, unfortunately. I could be wrong about everything I post......are you smart enough and humble enough to admit that is possible for you too? I may be wrong , but until somebody proves it to me with Scripture ,I am staking the Eternal Destiny of myself and my family that I got it right, and the Legalists have it wrong.....perhaps, literally DAMNED wrong.Many people arrive here at Worthy with a brain full of religious mush and I have welcomed many of them here.We can go around and just pat everybody on the back and let it go at that—- God forbid somebody would “ make waves”. Stay at the Welcome section and leave it at that if you choose.Please permit me to use my “ guise” to free people from the Damnation Of Religion and introduce them to religion’s opposite— Christianity.Resting in the Gospel Of Grace .Over sixty years of “playing church” and never heard a word about it. I don’t want others to suffer that long. Needlessly.Please ignore me, as I am learning to ignore you.Thanks.
  6. The “ Spiritual Rat” is a Doctrine......not a person....I would not not call anybody in here by that name....
  7. Nutshell ? MUCH BETTER! Thanks....now people will read your stuff.....I did you a favor.....you’re welcome. Weak Law? Take it up with Paul....he said it was “ weak and beggarly” because it had no power to save. Baby Believers? Paul said baby or “ weak Believers” worry about Laws- What to eat.....when to worship ....what Festivals to celebrate, etc. Only the most mature Believers can understand verses such as “ All things are lawful” , or the Ultimate test of Faith is having enough Faith to rest in the Gospel, as God ordered and your types ignore because you do not understand what True Trusting entails. Only God can get you there....Babies are not allowed... The plan for Mankind? Spending Eternity increasing in our Knowledge Of Him. God derives pleasure by giving His Children pleasure . I am going to bask in that forever. Praying for me? Thank you ! I sure need it .....How about you?
  8. Great job.....why do you leave THIS out? “By The Works Of The Law, no flesh will be justified” If you could leave your children with only ONE thought in regard to the Law would it be this one that could keep them out of Hell .....or would you zero in on one of your examples that are good but do not save.You are “ majoring in the minors”.
  9. You know “ Grace” intellectually.......you don’t live it. If you can’t sing “ Nothing But The Blood” and mean it—- we are in two different worlds.When I say Nothing But The Blood I am talking about For Salvation .....Of course their is much more, if you want your life here to be blessed and if you want to build up faith- works for Heavenly rewards..... You confuse Salvation with Sanctification. That is God’s job, once again. “ HE”will finish the work He started as he transforms you into the image of His Son.......only HE can do it. Only HE can transform the inside of the cup. Let go and let God. If one can’t do that.....they don’t know what Faith is.
  10. Clever......congrats, but I am not going to take your bait.....check out all the post I have sent today.....it proves I have lots of time and it proves I was kidding about my “ laziness”...... ask anybody here if I am lazy.... I dare you....many people here, especially Legalists wish that I “ was” lazy.Too bad. With all the honesty and integrity that I can muster ,its just like I said— I’m bored with arguing about your “ weak “ Law. I’m too preoccupied with that which actually has “ Power” to save.You can continue with your obsession about something that was done away with and forgotten 2000 years ago — my sins and the sins of others.I am free now to concentrate on what God wants.....the Love and automatic obedience that comes from knowing I am totally forgiven .If your obedience is not automatic and natural ( actually Supernatural might be a better word) it’s just a “ dead work” anyway, if you are think it is keeping you saved.......I pray that God helps you understand these things.God bless.
  11. The Truth is that I’m not really lazy.....To the chagrin Of Many, I can’t think of anybody at Worthy that sends out more detailed posts than I do ......you are welcome to go back and check my history .....you will see that I have answered your questions many times.....that is the real crux of the problem.....Your questions bore me.... I can , and in fact , have answered the wrongful, legalistic- minded questions that you pose many times....I need a break.....there are others here that can answer this stuff....If you think all this stuff you bring up is being seen for the first time, you are mistaken .Answering these types of questions is like shooting fish in a barrel.....I have been around long enough to see that I will not change your mind.....I respect your right to be wrong .So why would I feel compelled to contend with this stuff with any sense of hurry. I only post for the benefit of Newbies that have not been ruined with legalism .I have already told them everything they need o know.....it’s a waste of my time+and precious computer ink to go into detailed defenses of the Truth of Grace. I hate to make simple what you try to make complicated, but it really is just like the song says— “Nothing But The Blood” That is all I know — it’s all I need to know .Newbies will either get it or they will not get it.I’ve done my part. I know you want to debate....maybe some other time.I just ain't in the mood right now . God bless .
  12. You have the ability to smell a Spiritual Rat...... “ Spiritual Babes” lack that ability .....congratulations on your graduation into Spiritual Understanding and Truth !
  13. Please put this in a nutshell.....how long have you been here? Do you really think anybody is going to READ all of this.....it could be a Masterpiece and nobody would ever know it, because there ain’t NOBODY gonna read it. I know that I won’t.
  14. I would , but my spice rack needs to be rearranged.....how ‘ bout you go read The Gospel Of Grace in 1Cor15:1-4 and then skip to Hebrews4:1-11 to see how God judges those that do not REST in said Gospel— sinning is one thing— we all do it— being charged with UNBELIEF is much more serious.I am certain that you and all others with clear minds can see the danger in THAT! Accuse me of sinning all day long- guilty as charged! You don’t even know the half of it. We are ALL despicable sinners. Some see it , others don’t .Some swallow their pride and admit it, others don’t. The Grace of God is the only reason that all of us aren’t roasting in Hell at this very moment.Regardless of my sins , I am covered . Covered by the Blood.Sin is no longer the issue . Faith is.UNBELIETH, such as unbelieth that does not allow resting in the Gospel as God demands is the thing to be afraid of. God “ remembers my sins no more”. I don’t dwell on sins. If I were guilty of UNBELIEF , as God Defines it in Hebrews 4, I would be VERY concerned .Are you guilty?When one rests in the Gospel all this stuff you are sweating has a way of taking care of itself. I pray that God give you the Faith to Rest.... and stop being an “ accuser Of the Brethern”, Criticizing Those That God has blessed to carry out His Command.That would be something only the deaf and blind would do.
  15. Duh.....I think I read those maybe once or twice ( more like 50 times ) . Especially Chapter 10. Verse 13.My all-time favorite verse. The first verse I ever taught my young daughter. What is you point, please ? ” Anybody that asks to be saved, will be saved”.
  16. Peter loved Jesus more than you, yet he admitted to still being in the grasp of sin..... “The SIN that so EASILY BESETS us” ......Need I bring up Paul’s struggles with sinning? He wrote an entire chapter devoted to it ( ROM. 7 )—- At least Ten Years past His Salvation on the Road to Damascus......
  17. Sorry, and May God forgive me, ( He already has, Truth be told) I am too lazy to go through these individually ,and I see no need.....Paul addresses this old problem in Galations..... “ Tell me, all of you that are so eager to get back under the Law....Did you get The Holy Spirit by Obeying the Law or by having Faith ?”.......... “ Were the Miracles you have seen performed by those that obeyed the Laws, or by those who merely had Faith? ( paraphrasing ) That should suffice.What is being presented here is the same old false stuff—— “ Jesus Saves.....BUT!” Obedience to the Law is great! The Torah is chock-full Of Godly instruction and Wisdom from Heaven . Paul liberally used it’s tenants to guide Believers into lives that we’re blessed by obeying them.Praise God for the Torah!!! It’s God”s way to bless us.It just ain’t His Way to save us.Remember? That was a gift—- a gift to all that Believe in Jesus.Jesus Plus Nothing .Nothing But The Blood.Are you one of those that needs to tear the Song from your Hymnal? I hope not.
  18. Another great posts.....I pray that people take advantage of the great teaching that is available here at Worthy ....Some go to church their whole lives and never receive the wise, Biblical teaching that can be easily obtained here.....I worked with a guy who was in his fifties who was a catholic and I was telling some things about the teachings of Paul. He asked me.... “ Who was Paul ?” Wow. I was completely startled- I don’t even remember how I responded. I tell this to just remind us what we are dealing with sometimes. There are churches that actually hate Paul and refuse to discuss the things he taught- all given to him to teach by Jesus Himself.Those That proudly ,But ignorantly boast “ Well, by golly, I stick with the Four Gospels and I only go by what Jesus says!” If the pathetically taught choose to live in Law and refuse to enter the Age Of Grace , That Jesus paid such a terrible price for, it will be to their loss.It is my goal to see that others don’t get stuck in this “ beggarly” walk of religion.It assures a life with no true joy, and according to many excellent teachers of God’s Word—much more could be in jeopardy.Salvation itself.Believers go to Heaven....God declares if one does not REST in the Gospel they are in a state of “ unbelief”, so you figure it out....
  19. A little longer than I prefer, but worth it if you want some insight as to what Is really going on with these verses.Serious students will take the time to read and learn from Paul Ellis....the best teacher of Grace on the planet ..... The Jerusalem Council Is it a stretch to say that Acts 15 contains the minutes of the most important committee meeting in history? At first glance, this was a meeting about whether the Gentiles needed to be circumcised. But the real issues were much larger. This was the first time the old covenant banged heads with the new in the New Testament church. It was a contest of covenants – law versus grace. Happily, grace won! Here’s the back-story: Certain men went from Judea to Antioch preaching mixture (“snip the tip”) and the result was a full-blown blarney with Paul and Barnabas. The relevant parties all ended up back in Jerusalem to settle the issue. Those preaching mixture said “the Gentiles must be circumcised and required to obey the law of Moses” (v.5). But Peter stood up and said: “No! We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they are.” (v11) There is a danger here of missing the Big Point. The small point was this: should the Gentiles be circumcised? But the big point was this: on what basis are all of us – Jews and Gentiles – actually saved? For hundreds of years Jews had been drawing a big fat line between themselves and everybody else. They were separate. They were special. If the Gentiles wanted to join their club, they had to follow their rules. But Peter recognized that God was doing a new thing: “God, who knows the heart, showed that he accepted them by giving the Holy Spirit to them, just as he did to us. He made no distinction between us and them, for he purified their hearts by faith.” (v8-9) No longer would God relate exclusively to the law-abiding Jews, for Jesus had died for all men. And if Christ had died for the circumcised along with the uncircumcised, what did circumcision matter? As Paul would later write, “in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value” (Gal 5:6). There was no distinction, said Peter. God, who knows the heart, was already accepting Gentiles without any reference to the law. And now to James… After hearing both sides of the argument, James, the leader of the Jerusalem church, announced his decision: “It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.” (v19) James realized that God was doing something among the Gentiles and that his best course of action was to stay out of God’s way. He understood that circumcision and the laws of Moses were an obstacle to receiving the grace of God. In case we should be in any doubt about where he stood, James does five things to show he was 100% with those in the grace group: (1) he acknowledges Peter’s testimony of God accepting the uncircumcised and law-less Gentiles (v14) (2) he connects the current move of God with Amos’s prophecy describing the new covenant as one relevant to all Gentiles, i.e., those apart from the law (v16-18) (3) he rejects the call for circumcision and, by association, the requirement to obey the law of Moses (v19) (4) he co-authors a letter to the Gentiles distancing himself from those unauthorized men who had gone out and troubled them by what they said (v24) (5) lest his words be lost in translation, James chose to send his letter with “our dear friends Barnabas and Paul” (v25) This was a devastating blow for those in the circumcision group! They were left with nothing. They had asked for the Gentiles to be circumcised but were now being told that their own circumcision counted for naught. They had asked that the Gentiles be held to the law of Moses, but were now being told that salvation was by grace alone. You can just imagine Paul and Peter high-fiving. Game over. Grace had won! But what about the three requirements? Having declared his position on the issue of grace versus law, James makes three requests which are subsequently added to the letter sent to the Gentiles: “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements: You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things. Farewell.” (v28-29) It is astonishing to me that people have used this one verse to infer that James was preaching law. He had just indicated in five separate ways that he is on the side of grace. How more clear could he have been? Yet because of the three small requirements listed at the end of this letter, some have concluded that James was confused about the basis of our salvation. So what was James thinking? Didn’t he know that 21st century Christians would get confused? We will let James speak for himself: “Instead we should write to them, telling them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals and from blood. For Moses has been preached in every city from the earliest times and is read in the synagogues on every Sabbath.” (v20-21) James was not laying law on the Gentiles; he was showing grace to Jews. James knew that there would be a synagogue in every Gentile city. For the sake of the Jews, James asked the Gentiles to be sensitive to these well-known aspects of the law, namely food and sex. Paul was of the same mind. He wrote an entire chapter advising the Corinthians not to eat food sacrificed to idols. Paul wasn’t preaching law to the Corinthians; he was trying to win those who had weak consciences: “We are no worse if we do not eat, and no better if we do. Be careful, however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak.” (1 Cor 8:8-9) James said the Gentiles should avoid sexual immorality. So did Paul (Rms 13:13, Col 3:5) and he got very agitated when they didn’t (1 Cor 5:1). It is a bad witness indeed when believers fool around with sex. It shows that we are still enslaved to our sinful natures and no different from those who live in darkness (Gal 5:19, Col 3:5). Jesus died to make us holy, so live holy. Finally, we should note that James’ letter to the Gentiles was not actually penned by James, but by the “apostles and elders” (v23). It is as much Peter and Paul’s letter as it is James’s. So if James is preaching law, then so are Peter and Paul. But he’s not and back then no one thought he was. When the letter was read out in the church at Antioch, the people were “glad for its encouraging message” (v30). The grace of God, revealed through James, Peter and Paul, is still encouraging us today.
  20. Its a shame nobody has ever obeyed either one of those Laws.....ain’t Grace nice?
  21. Another in a long line of brilliant , insightful posts by Behold....I hope that those who are are just beginning their Walk of Faith will study his posts so that they will start out by going in the right direction... Acts is a great Book. It is a Transitional Book.It is not where we go to get Doctrine.Romans is much better suited for that task.Of course ,all Scripture is inspired and profitable for correction, instruction , etc. Some Books are just better suited for varying purposes.Only the seriously misguided would turn to Leviticus for Doctrine in this Age Of Grace.We don’t turn to Acts either.Not for Doctrine.
  22. Actually, I am a strong proponent of the laws.The current ones .The ONLY ones that apply to Believers today....BELIEVE and LOVE......1John3:23.....
  23. We disagree.....the reader has seen both sides now.....they can decide who is right and who is wrong ...that’s all I care about......All those interested on learning how to live in the Age Of Grace can visit Andrew Farley or Renee Roland or Yankee Arnold...... ” Stop Opposing Jesus”........I do as ordered by Jesus....I follow Paul for Doctrine.....Jesus left us with only two Commands.... “Believe and Love” I am a Free Man in Christ .....Free people do what they want.....The Holy Spirit controls me and my behavior by changing my “wants”.....It’s that “ inside of the cup” thing that Legalists don’t trust .... “Those that refuse to “ let go and let God” are clueless about what True Faith really is.....how can they presume to teach others ?
  24. “ By The Works Of The Law, no man will be justified” Thanks for the debate offer, but I’ve been through this too many times .We are living in two different universes and neither of us is going to change our minds— lets just agree not to waste the precious computer ink.....lol.....
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