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  1. anyone watch this?

    I think that Stephen is doing very well holding up against his brothers. As to your second sentence: How bout "Where there ain't no interest, create one." The movie is a seed planted that will produce the fruit of more movies for Stephen to do.
  2. Why So Many Translations?

    Just editing another mistake I saw.
  3. Why So Many Translations?

    If there's a profit motivation, then think about your promoting the KJB? It could just as easily be flipped around to look like money is a subtle reason behind the focus on it.. like saying "don't waste your money on "any other unworthy version", but spend it on the KJB". The printers who make money off printing the KJB will certainly be appreciating your reasons why you think that the KJB is the only authorized version, and better than all other versions. I don't see that promoting the Elizabethan English is a legitimate reason since you don't even speak it when you converse anywhere and no one else does either. As a matter of fact, if it's the promotion of a pure language, then no one should have translated it all but required everyone to learn the original languages and thereby keep it pure and not downgraded by all inaccurate translations. I speculate that is why the Catholics speak in Latin when they perform their holy services.. they imply that Latin is more pure than English. So the churchgoers don't read their Bible to know the scriptures, and don't pray for themselves. So I see such implication that the KJB is somehow holier than today's English as highly misleading. What's important is that the Bible message is understood and easy to comprehend for the average sinner who only speaks the language of the street. Soul winners have to speak their language, and so does the Bible.
  4. Turning the other cheek

    Maybe use lots of smilies? You weren't looking for a more serious answer, were you?
  5. anyone watch this?

    Stephen Baldwin is Christian, I don't know about any of the other actors and actresses. But, I don't see anything wrong with using that kind of story to appeal to secular audiences. They want to be entertained not preached to. It could also be in response to the secular movie of Noah's flood... who knows?
  6. Can everyone get saved by faith?

    Could you give more detail what you're talking about? Has one of my posts not posted properly or do you refer to something else?
  7. Why So Many Translations?

    The King James Bible was written for the contemporary reader of the day. It's not a strict translation of the Hebrew or Greek text. Therefore the multiple meanings that are packed into for instance, one Hebrew word is missed without looking at the original text and consulting the original language. The verses in the Psalms and Prophecies can be clunky and puzzling to a great extent.. and therefore more difficult to match the old testament verses with the new testament. The KJB is not 100% accurate. Taking into account that the apostles original writings were lost so all Bible copies have been compiled out of damaged copies. The KJB's translations of the various Hebrew idioms through Latin and Greek to English, are by far, inaccurately done. And there's the matter of deleted or unauthorized additional text. As well as the shortening of sentences from the previous Bibles which the KJB translators thought was verbose. So who's being faithful to the original text, and who isn't? Because of the things I've mentioned there is therefore not anything wrong with any subsequent Bible version (no less authorized).. and actually more appealing in using updated and contemporary English. I'm grateful to my parents who didn't advise us kids to shun the other various Bible versions with such reasons as given in your post.
  8. What on earth is going on with the weather???

    Over in my area we have gotten a less snow winter. Interesting weather shifts huh?
  9. Can everyone get saved by faith?

  10. Turning the other cheek

    How bout "A soft answer turns away wrath"?
  11. “ Worthy “ of Communion ? Not Me.

    None of us are worthy on our own merits. We are saved by grace through faith, not of ourselves but it is a gift from God. Our Christian life is to be lived according to the law of grace, as he extends to all unbelievers.. not counting their sins against them. So who are we to disagree with God? But we are to recognize that our worthiness comes from Christ. That is the taking of the blood of Jesus that was shed for sinners. So if you don't feel worthy.. then drink it. Refusing to drink it would be the same as rejecting Jesus as Savior. But since you've already done that so gratefully and joyfully.. so go the extra mile and drink the juice that represents his blood shed for you to make you righteously worthy.
  12. The Dark Side of Christianity

    I'd also add.. "Let he that is without sin cast the first stone." There are plenty of sections in the new testament where the apostles addressed many ways that a Christian is likely to sin, and there are many sections that tell believers to love and forgive the brethren in their midst. So what is any Christian doing when they talk about the sins of their fellow brethren.. or who want to publicize them to the outside world? Christians are saved but none are glorified saints yet. Therefore, we are to forgive as we have been forgiven through Christ. And therefore thus fulfill the law of Christ. And the law of God to love Him and to love others. As for our own damaged feelings, we are to go to God and be comforted and put them into the sea of forgetfulness. And we are to pray for those who've done something for which we experience hurt. We are to pray for them that they be comforted by God and thereby be transformed to no more cause offense to others. Even as we each repent of our tresspasses, and pray that we do not offend others.
  13. The Wolf in Sheep's clothing

    Not falling in line with such a person as described is what proves this sheep to be listening only to the good Shepherd.
  14. Legalism

    I agree. God's word is legal concerning issues of the spirit realm/kingdom of God. What Jesus said of mercy, grace, faith is the legal that overrules the legalist's traditions of men. So let's not do away with the law. Just do away with the traditions of men that seek to eliminate God's highest law.
  15. Christmas

    I'm a protestant, so thanks for not arguing with me on this issue.