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  1. Joulre2abba

    Pope was announced at 666

    That is verse has nothing in it to indicate that it refers to the antichrist. An idol shepard is a religious leader of the people who shirks his divine duties.
  2. Joulre2abba

    What kind of Bible(s) do you have?

    Are you talking about those big coffee table Bibles that requires a fork-lift to transport it anywhere .. and once they are on the coffee table no one tries to pick it up for any reason? Compared to that, no regular sized KJV would work as a shield.. that animal skin didn't keep the animal alive. BTW a bullet can pass through a coffee table Bible.. they aren't made of polyurethane.
  3. Joulre2abba

    Is it really just Faith?

    Those are all addressing Christians who should be grown in their Christian walk but are not yet. These need to humble themselves and repent for cleansing of unrighteousness as 1Jn.1:9, 2:1 instruct. The scriptures I used refer to unsaved sinners whom God has forgiven. Those and yours are two different groups.
  4. Joulre2abba

    Is it really just Faith?

    If Jesus didn't die then how do you explain certain scriptures that say that he did die? But wait, you probably have a spiritualized interpretation for them. Acts 4:10; 5:30, 8:15, 13:30, 17:31; Rom.4:24, 6:6, 8:11, 34; 1 Cor.6:14, 15:4; Gal.1:1; Eph.1:15; 1 Thes.1:10; Heb.13:20; 1 Pet.1:21. The resurrection from the dead is central to the Truth of God's Word. He died in our place so that we could have eternal life. The scripture says "Let God be true and everyman a liar." So when it comes to who I will believe, between you or the Bible.. I pick the Bible.
  5. Joulre2abba

    Is it really just Faith?

    So the pharisees of Jesus day would say. In contrast Jesus replied when one called him good. "There is no one good but God."
  6. Joulre2abba

    Amos 8:11-12

    There was a period of time from the last old testament prophet until John the baptist. And it's possible that it could also in some ways be speaking about the dark ages when the Catholics had taken the written copies of the new testament away from the common people and taught the traditions of men to them instead.
  7. Joulre2abba

    post something random

    Nothing interesting. I just didn't need to go anywhere.
  8. You think so. He didn't say so.
  9. Joulre2abba

    Pope was announced at 666

    The so called facts given are not facts but assumptions.. and the numbers are being stretched to make it seem that the Pope is the 666 of the Bible. But, the 666 of Revelation is reserved only for the beast.. the antichrist who is a god unto himself.. having no affiliation with any religion. At the most, the tribulation pope will be "the false prophet" who would have the mark of the beast but not be the beast.. also, the false prophet could just as well be a Jewish one. No one knows.
  10. Joulre2abba


    The apostle Paul addressed the topic in his epistle.. For a Christian adult comparative to the apostle Paul + the apostle John .. to decide to denounce and curse God .. is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. It's unpardonable because they have spurned the very means that saved them, and spurned a place for repentance. Those who don't know God and sell themselves to the devil is comparative to being a sinner. It is pardonable because they are blinded by the god of this world. To them the light of salvation shines, there is a place for repentance. Those who don't know God and take the mark of the beast are comparative to a sinner that is literally enslaving themselves to the antichrist - the devil incarnate. That could be unbreakable as far as them wanting to get free. So pardon is not wanted by them. They cannot have spurned what they don't know of. So imo it's not a blaspheme of the Holy Spirit.
  11. I wouldn't re-visit one.
  12. Joulre2abba

    What kind of Bible(s) do you have?

    Just make sure that when you do.. make sure that no Christian is holding it up to their chest like a shield of faith to protect them.
  13. Joulre2abba

    Did Pygmy's Have a Mini Ark ?

    They probably were included because they had pygmy mouse, goats and assorted other midget pets.
  14. Joulre2abba

    Who are the Kings of the Earth in rev 17 and 18

    The phrase "commit fornication with her" is comparative to the political use of "get into bed with". The kings are the national government leaders. The "her" is a government system that entices all government leaders to commit to it. The enticement is the promise of great riches. The merchants are the businesses who provide material goods. The ships of Tarshish remind me of the merchant vessels of today. Apparently business is booming in that future time.. until it all collapses. The spiritual part of it is identified (in no particular order) as "the spirit of iniquity" and "the spirit of antichrist" and "the spirit of Jezebel". All of it together is called "Mystery Babylon" that in the time of the 7 year Tribulation will be headquartered in Jerusalem Israel, where The Antichrist will sit as God on his throne in the Jewish temple.
  15. There is no lack concerning the Bible which is the inspired Word of God, that we would need the "other things".