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  1. Joulre2abba

    3-1/2 year trib/ NOT 7

    I'll answer your last questions. Yes I believe that God will bless it. Why? because the Jews still love God and desire to do what he commanded in the old testament. If God didn't then I'd think that God would not accept you or have mercy on you because you are believing things that are not inspired of Him. The building of a temple dedicated to God in all reverency is not an abomination to God. There's no amount of extension of God's mercy in believing such a thing. Why satan wants to destroy it is because it is acceptable to God as God also accepts the Jews.. regardless that they don't now accept that Jesus is the Savior of the world and God's Messiah. When Daniel said that sacrifices were offered.. that requires the proper equipment, which requires a temple to house that equipment. To Christians .. we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. But the Jews during the Tribulation are still operating on the old testament covenant. So a physical temple with all of it's worship furniture is necessary. As stated in scripture.. it will only be when they see Jesus arriving at his Second Coming.. that they will see him for who he is. But even so.. there are some Jews who do / have accepted Jesus Christ as their Yeshua HaMashiach. Today I found a blog authored by a modern day Messianic believer.. just like the first century apostle Paul. They are of the olive tree. We are merely the wild branches that have been grafted in.
  2. Joulre2abba


    We having been forgiven of all sin, trespasses.. refers to those committed when we were sinners. As for after we are Christians, we.. like Jesus of the Lord's prayer do still ask forgiveness of trespasses as well as forgive others of theirs against us. This is in line with what the apostle John wrote in his epistle of first John, chapter 2:1 and chapter 1:9. Concerning "not entering the kingdom" I wrote that by memory rather than by checking the actual reference.. I was thinking of what Paul said "wrongdoers do not inherit the kingdom of God".
  3. Joulre2abba


    The quote you gave, by context refers only to the moment that a person is "made alive" in Christ.. referring to all the sins accumulated from the first sin (at whatever age.. 5 years old onward) until getting saved. Regarding this.. "It makes no mention of repentance as far as salvation is concerned." is soterialogically incorrect. Because it reads in Ephesians 2 that "being made alive" is a term that refers to being born again / getting saved. In that we were all dead in sin prior to being made alive. Which means, we were sinners before we got saved. To be born again is to repent of sins and receive Jesus as our Savior.. by faith, through grace. When you mention sorrow and regret over sin. That is clearly according to what teaching you've heard. I haven't. I've been taught that when convicted of the Holy Spirit to repent and thereby prevent undue anguish. Like the scripture says "when anxieties multiply within me Your consolations O Lord delight my soul." The way that you said "it didn't get you saved and does not keep you saved".. I don't know what that is supposed to be attached to.. is "it" repentance? Yes.. according to Acts 2:38. Is "it" anguish and sorrow? No that is no assurance of salvation. Then you said "to believe otherwise is to add to the gospel".. again.. I don't what that is supposed to refer to. It seems to me that you aren't addressing yourself to me, but to a strawman. You said "your bold statements require chapter and verse otherwise it's just your opinion." Well, I could say the same of you. I'll repost my previous post with corresponding chapter and verse if someone else asks for it.
  4. Joulre2abba

    3-1/2 year trib/ NOT 7

    It seems that you seek to disguise yourself. I could say to you that your fixation about the Great Tribulation means that you are making it about satan and not Jesus. Daniel 9:27 is directly speaking of the 7 year Tribulation.. from the moment that "he" the false messiah makes the covenant with the many .. the full Tribulation is about satan and all of the evil that is unleashed at that time. So you are the pot calling the kettle black. Jesus is mentioned in Revelation chapters 1-5 then the majority chapters are all about what satan is doing until chapter 19. So it's erroneous to have the idea that I am making it about the devil.. but you are not.
  5. Joulre2abba


    Forgiveness of all sins of one's life up to hearing the gospel unto salvation. After salvation a Christian still sins so those must be repented of in order to be cleansed of all unrighteousness... or they will not enter into the kingdom.. that place of growth by the word of righteousness. It is the working out of your own salvation. [taught by James & Paul]
  6. Joulre2abba

    3-1/2 year trib/ NOT 7

    The 70th week activation isn't based on when Jesus was crucified. Daniel stated that it would activate when "he" (the false messiah) would make a covenant with many. To attempt to prove that incorrect is to engage in the error of what the apostle Peter called "private interpretation" that is leaning to one's own understanding and not adhering to the inspired revelation of God's word through prophetic knowledge of the old or new testament. It might have been a typo or it might not.. the term 70 week is singular, not plural. The 6 things to be accomplished in the crucifixion of Jesus is complete in God's sight.. however, not all receive it.. and there's the timeline of man's rule on the earth to take into account.. man's rule and satan through mankind.. therefore it is completely established and accomplished during the 70th week= the last 7 years= the Tribulation. For the first 3.5 years (as Daniel said) the Jews will have built their temple in which to make their animal sacrifices. That is allowed by God because the timeframe is no longer the church age. So it's a matter of restoration, the Jews picking up where they left off in AD 70. During the last 3.5 years the antichrist will reign while the Jews are protected by God even as they were at the first Passover that occurred in Egypt. It will not be until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ that the Jews will see and recognize the True Messiah, their Deliverer. Then after that comes the millennial reign because the empires of men have been finished. Compare the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. The statue of greatest to increasingly lesser metals, to clay is ended by the stone/rock thrown at it's feet and shatters all the statue. That stone/rock becomes a mountain on the earth that will not be succeeded by any human government or empire. Your sarcastic mockery is due to your eschatological error.. reinterpreting all endtime prophecy to arrive at an erroneous timeline that doesn't fit with inspired scripture. Perhaps you ignore that it will also be during the Millennium that certain of the moeds / feasts will be observed by animal sacrifices, that will be memorial in purpose.
  7. Joulre2abba

    post something random

    I agree, with herbal remedies, with doctor prescribed medications.. with everything, we should be aware of how it will effect us. And any health related herb or pill to ingest on the market (I would think the FDA requires) has to have a prescribed dosage on the label.
  8. Joulre2abba

    Bible Trivia questions

    Good for you. I'm answering these according to the text if not according to the chapter and verse designations that were added some years later. Being able to remember the text indicates that I did read it .. rather than just looking it up but not knowing what it said.
  9. Joulre2abba

    Bible Trivia questions

    Mat.5: 11-12 Be glad when you are insulted or spoken against falsely or persecuted on account of Me, for your reward in heaven is great.
  10. Joulre2abba

    Bible Trivia questions

    when the Lord turned their captivity.. a bad situation became a good situation.