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    Say What's On Your Mind

    When my first thought winds up being overruled by second guessing, then "delete".
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    scriptural support for free will belief

    Oh, then forgive me for thinking that your post of scriptures was your willingness to go for another round of exchange of perspectives on them.
  3. The oil does represent the Holy Spirit, however, the extra oil is the greater duration of endurance and patience to wait for the arrival of the Bridegroom to come. Jesus said in Mat.24:12-13 that because of lawlessness, people's love will grow cold. Therefore, those who endure shall be saved/delivered. The foolish virgins had only an average amount of oil. The wise virgins brought more than enough therefore they didn't run out before the Bridegroom arrived.
  4. Jesus Himself raised from the dead the father's daughter, and the grieving mother's son. It's important to remember that those resurrections were by the request of a family member. And, it should be noted that eventually they all died and went to heaven. As far as those resurrected and the rejoicing family members.. why object about that? We all have to come back to the realized truth that God allowed that the request to occur. Therefore He more than anyone of us judged it to be acceptable. So, when it comes to an outside party having an objection that someone got resurrected.. The question arises: does the text indicate that the person who died was ready to die? Does it indicate that the resurrected person objected? No. As one who's been to the funeral of my sister who died in childbirth, what family member would have objected if someone in our family had had the faith to get my sister raised up from the dead? Answer: We would all have rejoiced.
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    scriptural support for free will belief

    Then I guess that a number of scripture verses are wrong. How many did Jesus die for? Everyone. How many does God desire to be saved? Everyone. Is God a respecter of persons? No. The person that doesn't get saved, doesn't because they make their choice not to. Why? Because the god of this world blinds them. But even their eyes can be opened as evidenced by the number of atheists that have accepted and received Jesus as their Savior. It's unfortunate that the Calvinist doctrine uses scripture to make a choice against sinners, to make God the reason why certain people.. loved ones don't get saved. That doctrine is saying that God's unconditional love is conditional. It makes God's grace not able to abound against sin. And it furthers an attitude of hatred against God who (according to Calvinist doctrine) chooses to accept some but not all. However, that doctrine is in direct contrast with the bible which puts the blame where it belongs, on the devil who has been deceiving since the garden of Eden. The Calvinist doctrine is a man's explanation, it's not God's truth.
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    Something for you Bible Thumpers!

    I was thrown off the answer by the use of the words "character" and "soul" so I was derailed by thinking "what person was born without a soul?!", then too I was puzzled that this person tragically lost their soul before death. All in all there were too many stumbling blocks in the joke.
  7. I was riding my bike (years ago), I've plenty of times ridden without having my hands on the handlebars, but this time I did have firm grip on them. The front tire hit a small pebble and I sailed over the bike and landed on the street. There were some minor contact point injuries but I dusted myself off and began to get back on the bike. But the handlebars had gone crooked, so my most embarrassing moment was having to walk the bike home.
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    do barbers exist

    I'd be interested to hear of your success with it.
  9. According to the bible.. There is a limit to the time allowed for people to hear the gospel and be saved. The gospel continues until the most severe time of the Tribulation. At the end of it Jesus physically returns to defeat the antichrist the false prophet and the armies of the nations at Armageddon. After that Jesus sets up His thousand year reign on the earth. The bible says that we are not to lean to our own understanding but trust in the Lord with all our hearts. When the gospel is preached according to the bible then a person gets saved according to God's plan of salvation. Then the saved person is like a new born baby in that they desire the sincere milk of God's Word to grow thereby, and to always live by faith in and of God's Word. The Word that I got saved on is in Revelation 3:20 "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me." It can work for anyone else who believes and receives Jesus into their heart as the Savior.
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    Just How Close is the RAPTURE?

    The doctrine of immanency is correct in that we in faith look for it to happen soon. However I differ regarding the idea that "it could happen before this day is over." The bible teaches a specific time that it will occur, as the apostle Paul taught it by speaking of "the last trump". That is referring to a specific trumpet sound made in observance of the Jewish "appointed time" of God celebrated every year at the harvest season. According to the observance, that trumpet sound is for and the rehearsal of the resurrection of the dead that is believed will occur on that appointed day. That is the next to be fulfilled. The Feasts are: Passover [done], the Feast of Unleavened Bread [done], the Feast of Firstfruits [done], the Feast of Weeks [done], the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles. So yes, God has not given us the timing of the rapture in that we don't know the specific year that it will happen, but we do know the season. Additional thoughts- The text from 2 Peter 3:7-9 does not specifically mention the timing of or the rapture. We know that Jesus is coming soon. But God is not in a hurry for it to all begin to happen soon as some consider the meaning of the word, such as those in verse 4 supposed that it should. But Peter further wrote in way of implication that "the day of His coming" collectively speaks of the entire package: the rapture + the Second Coming + the Millennium + the Day of the fire that cleanses the earth.
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    Last Trump vs The Seventh

    God bless you. I merely put the information out there, it would be counter productive to give any further information when the first wasn't received.
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    Last Trump vs The Seventh

    The last trump is not the 7th trump of the Revelation because Paul wrote to the believers of the church age concerning the last trump; therefore that concerns all of us. While John wrote of the revelation which occurs after the church age; therefore it does not concern us. The last trump and the 7th trump only have in common that trumpets are used. Other than that, they are different occurrences to different groups of people at different timeframes. The last trump has with it the resurrection of the dead and being changed from a flesh and natural body to a glorified body as Jesus has.. that connects with 1 Thes.4:13-17 of what happens at the time of the rapture. The 7th trump (Rev.11:15 +) has with it (vs18) "the time of his wrath is come." The apostle Paul told the church age believers in 1 Thes.5:9 " For God has not appointed us to suffer wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ." Since all believers already have salvation = new birth = saved by grace. Then the salvation that Paul speaks of is the deliverance from wrath.. aka the time of Jacob's trouble.. aka the 7 year Tribulation.. aka the Day of the Lord. The last trump is a Jewish reference phrase that has to do with one of God's appointed times; a moed; the Feast of Trumpets. Paul speaks of it, because that is the next feast in line to be fulfilled. The first was Passover, the second was Pentecost, we are all waiting for the third. It is the time of our being gathered together unto Him. The Jews observe that feast every year at the time of harvest. They blow their shofar horns. The last trump is done by one man who uses all his breath to hold that last note for as long as his lungs can do it. For every year that they've done it and that feast has not been fulfilled, it has been a rehearsal. But there will come the day when that horn is blown, that the resurrection of the dead will take place, and we who are alive shall be changed., and we will meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord. Then, as Paul also wrote in 2 Thes.2:6 of the Restrainer being removed. He who has restrained the lawless one from being revealed before his time. That restraining power is removed at the same time that we- the believers, are removed. And then the lawless one, the antichrist is revealed, as indicated in Rev.6:1. So, it is sure in the sequence given in the Revelation, that the church was raptured before Rev.6:1. There are many who see Rev.4:1 as the representation of that rapture. So as the 7th trump is near the timing of the Second Coming of Christ, that means that the 7th trump is near the end of the Tribulation. So the last trump and the 7th trump are seven years apart from each other. This brief information shows why the last trump and the 7th trump cannot be the same thing.
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    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    If you don't know what to say, whistle. If you don't know how to whistle, give a raspberry.
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    post something random

    Psalm 119:130 "The entrance of Your word gives light and understanding to the simple." "simple" as in "noobie", or "babe in Christ", "kindergartner". If you think that you know it all, you find out that you know nothing. That's a good place to start. One who knows that he knows nothing, will be able to know everything.
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    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    Don't put the cart before the horse.
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    There are not any counterfeit Bibles among the many versions. They are all "the real Bible". If you wish to continue to give your opinions on the matter then kindly do so with anyone else on this forum.
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    There are different views about this. There are those online who insist that homosexuals are not prostitutes. However, there is at least one verse in the Bible that I've come across so far that states otherwise. http://biblehub.com/1_kings/14-24.htm It's also possible that Romans 1 could be indirectly referring to it as well.
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    Say What's On Your Mind

    Everyone have a good day today.
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    Is it a good idea to read books like The Message

    God bless you.