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  1. Done all that. Didn't get any better. It's not this easy kumbaya thing to just forgive parents who raped and beat you through childhood. I'm goign to take a bottle of pills hopefully I don't wake up tomorrow. I can't bear another Christmas. I hope God has mercy on me and understands. Good bye.
  2. I try so hard but Christmas is unbearably depressing for me. My parents physically and sexually abused me throughout childhood and Christmas is when I got beaten the most. They hated me and loved my brother. My brother tried to kill me several times and I finally ran away from home and they didn't try to get me back. I don't know how I'm goign to survive another Christmas. I want to die.
  3. JPD


    Thank you for kind words.
  4. JPD


    Dealing with depression, signed up for the christian chat room. so embarrassed to be a guy who cries.
  5. JPD


    Hi I am new here, JP Saved by the blood of Christ.
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