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  1. If I may give you a senior point of view in our present 20th century. 1# is that a person should not attract the wrong attention to herself.Male or Female.That is strike and draw the flesh in it's manifest.The fragrance of Christ should be the predominating factor here.In some mesures,in my opinion the dress code of the 20 th century manifest much of the breaches in the herarts of the Lord's fold. We need to set always the Lord before our eyes. I am discerning the World indeed creeping into the gathering for the last 30 some years i have fellowship in gatherings. Their is that focus of how beautiful and sexy or handsome aspect one may seem to promote.Rather than giving no occasion to the flesh.It is more deplorable to see married couples showing how worldly and careless they are.The Word of God point through John to walk in Love,and how can we say we love God if we love not our bretren. Love the scripture point do not behave unseemly. Can we be free from guilt of displeasing the Lord in our conscience.Toward men,bretren.The womaan that fear the Lord saith the scripture."She shall be praised. The price-less-ness of a meek and gentle spirit.It is in specific place of the married to praise,honour,complement his partner or like .Female to female,male to male,or a couple and elderly to praise or complement another in the rightful context.There is no better complement to rejoice in that Christ manifest in your life and mine.We must face that we are to put off these mortal to cloth with the new.And the fact that men's look of the outward decays at one point and time.The fragrance we leave lingers a lasting memorials toward our fellowmen and sweetsmelling odour to God.Love in Yeshua.Orphan/Yves
  2. Looking to strenghten the feeble knees and the hands that hang down.Concerning the questions of the pilgrim's hearts. why such prevailing in the teachings amidst God's fold? You may say like I ask myself? "THE LOST OF SALVATION" One of the facts right from the start I would point out here is the need for grace on the part of Brethrens endued with wisdom.We understand like a brother put it .We need to instruct and filled the gaps using the scriptures in their context.But I would at this time bring answer for this unhealthy teaching by questions we have had or you may have even now.Reasonings.My question to you in multipled form beloved would follow as.How did our Salvation originated from. In other words.Were you saved out of the ordinary source.(God).That is what the scripture attest when it say: "As many as received Him...Which were born not of blood (Jews) nor the will of man...(The vessel or means).nor the flesh...nothing of oneself...BUT OF God. So, we conclude that God is the source,the means,and owner of our Salvation,right? Alright then.At this point we have no arguments right? "Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect it is God that justify,who shall condemn? Christ has died yea hath risen.My second question to you beloved would be would you accept anything that has no security? You mean to say that God could give you and I something base on performance!! Like Salvation! Do not scriptures point in the books of Acts "putting a yoke on the disciples that none of the forefathers could bare!!!" Now would that not send the message of work,work,work with securing your own Salvation.What is the stressing point of relationships.Like marriage.Do your thoughts is your mad in love,and you want to do this and that for your beloved.Or is your thoughts like I better do this and that if I want to keep that relationship? we can call this "FIRST LOVE". At this point I would ask another question.Why did you seek Salvation? What was the center of your attractions toward Yeshua the Lord. (Physical Attractions) The Church (Building),fellowship,and outside sources.Like the physical aspect and 7 cloud experiences.Or was it all about Jesus? The rest and peace He gaved you and I when we were freed from sin's heavy load.Turning our mourning into dancing and sorrrows with the oil of joy. The apostle Peter responded to the Lord Jesus.."will ye also leave...answered were will we go!! Thou has the words of Eternal life and we have believed....We invest into a relationship because of our love.We do not call it works. Why do the human thinks he has to do something to be loved or appreciate?Human nature.The Word of God point out that while we were yet sinners...Christ died for us.Man!! you mean God love me filthy wrecth that I am? Yes indeed!! but what about all these things ive' done or do not do or should be doing? Is this not the question you and I may have and do have? Yes beloved we have.The delemma then is again ourselves(Works).not Christ the center of our affections.But what was the center of the new life we found in Christ. Fellowship around His Word, and the Saints and unity of the Spirit.Why the shift of Security to Works then in our midst.I would say different reasons.Human reasonings is a great chunk of the matter. "The ya but you have to show you are saved...and someone fall back into the world...a particular sin or rebellion etc...Now let me ask you beloved are you talking about yourself? or someone else or anything between the lines? Let me quote a scripture in the book of job "A man needs the compassion of his friends though he forsake the fear of the Almighty..." I would point out that the issues about works is a fundamental teachings of the world's false gods.Sadly manifest in Christendom.False prophets teach such and preach either war or peace to get their needs met.Not because they care for the flocks. So the focus is our Love for the Lord manifest to others and eachother.These complement and nuture or service and mutual obedience to our Lord and master.Not the other way around.Yes I purposely avoided repeating the various scriptures used to support The security of the believer that is attack in the present age.And we must contend for the Faith.But my desire in sharing these thoughts of the heart is due to the struggles we have experienced at one point or another.And to not put a stumbling block before others seeing how much griefs it may have cause us?In our beloved Yeshua/Agape Orphan
  3. Greetings in Yeshua. Beware there are those who like cats! Hi! hi!/Orphan
  4. Well I have 5 in one? Book,inspired,Be...Loved,Expositors...Hi! hi! B.I.B.L.E.
  5. Cooking interview tomorow at 5pm
  6. If God created you yo smoke he would have put a Cheminy on your head!
  7. Well I do not how old were some of you when I was save. I was 20 years old the ladies dressed like in fairy tales and the young man respectful and handsome.The gathering were silent at the preaching of the Word and the gospel .Yes there were the occasional noise of children quited by the Parents.There were no drink or chewing gum accepted behaviours then or drinks allowed.Now some of these look like theaters with loud speakers.The preachers looks like air pilots with their high teck mics. I do not remember as a child.I had little time to experience it ? I wish I was born in a Church setting.It may have saved me from a number of heartaches. The most important is being in the Big family.
  8. For who the law is made? " The law was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ" Paul's character is a Hebrew of Hebrews. Everything that a law abiding Jews and pharasees looked .A murderous type to prove the law was the way. There was not a better choice in the wisdom of God after the resurection of the Saviour and accession to heaven.But at last he appeared to Paul. The disciples were still in need of help because of the coming tribulation and persecution.Paul and an ennemy of the cross lefted the disciples of the Lord speechless even doubting of the radical change.It is the wisdom of God that choose such vessel.We realise that no offense to the brethren Jewish. That killedl the king of glory. Reading the books of the Acts you notice that Christ the glorified appeared to him.The Spirit told the disciples to set him appart for the work I have called Him scripture point. Althought he sought fellowship with the brethren in Jerusalem and Apostles.He did not seek their approvals for God's call. He was the best instrument for contending and resist them that interfer with the liberty of the believers.He was such an instrument for to straithen Peter's disimulation and cowerdness before the law abiding and followers in Jerusalem. No doudts all of us are confronted at one point or another to face the popular teachings in denominationalism.But Paul was chosen instrument and needed in the beginning premitive Church. Paul was not a half commited Servant. His conversion was radical. He had no fall or turning to his commitment.His sorrow for sin and even death of Stephen. Preaching and expounding the old Testament.No doubt had an impact to his service. He did not betray His Saviour like Peter in the trying furnace. He would nevertheless Peter was restored and the Word of the Lord Jesus pointed to Peter "When thou was young thou wentest withersoever thou willest,but the day come....were they will lead you were thou wantest not to go....Remark the Word of Paul when reminded of belivers.His response? "why do you break my heart not only to go to Jerusalem but to die!!! Same word of Peter were he failled.Let me ask those that has any hope in the Law. Paul said I count all things but lost for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ.No wonder Paul is still opposed in the mind of law keepers.My counsels? If you see no wisdom even after pointing the scripture.Leave it such are not seeking the Lord and his kingdom.Love in Yeshua.
  9. First Love....All the following exercises dissipate and become clerical and ortodoxal.
  10. "Repairers of Breaches" I would like to give you in the perfect number in scripture 7 points of rebuilding."The Breaches-The wall" . Using the Book of( Nemehiah chapter 4:1-15). 1#/ Results of Rebuilding.-2# Responses toward opposers.- 3# Resolution manifested.4# Retaliation resolved.5#Reinforce watcfulness.6# Regroupe with believers.7# Reaffirm the promises. 1#Results- So in verse 1 to 3 of chapter point to the feeling of the adversary toward the servant and child of God seeking the welfare of His people.And is the target of his hatred ,annoyance and mockery. To cause him to look at himself and the present giants to deter him from faith promises.You must not take this opposition as something unsual Brethren.You belong to Christ and your interest and investment is for the One who "called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." (Verse 1-3) 2#Responses- Prayer of retribution.is pointed here.I believe in the book of Psalms some of these can be found.That is remind the ennemy of what God said and reserve to those who oppose His work.(Verse 4-5) 3#Resolved- The reality of Faith manifest itself in works.In the case of Saul and Israel with their shout of war.On both side their were not heading to the valley.That is the giant saw there was fear and used it to chalenge.The sight of the Goliath detered any possibility of victory to the weak,cowerd and faithless.It took a young man like David to straighten the issue." With the faith's zeal expression-"let play no game here and let's confront such arrogance!!!" "We are more than conquerer through Him who keep on strenghtening us."And again "We have not received the Spirit of timidity,but of power love,and a sound mind."(Verse 6,) 4#Retaliation- Be prepare and do not be surprise of retaliation.Do not suspect the one who got benefits from using you or others in some area that he will let you go without putting a fight!!! ( Verse 7-8) 5#Reinforce.- Be watchful in prayer.Like scripture point's out." For your Adversary the devil walk to and fro seeking whom he may devour."(Verse 9,) 6#Regroupe- The work is to much for one man to bare.You and I need others to bare in the kingdom's labour. Like someone put it at one time."Do the work like everything depended on you. And see others first before you.(Verse 10-13) 7#Reaffirm- Finally Remind yourself and others of God's unchanging and faithful promises.God give and has given amples of proof of His faithfulness and answers do you think? Yes indeed and Amen.(Verse 14-15) "Great is thy faithfulness O God my Father,there is no shadow of turning with Thee.Thou changeth not Thy compassion they fail not.As Thou hath been and forever will.......
  11. Terrible!!! how old are you Hi! hi! Good for you found your shirt.At my age I start things everywhere to remind me of things!!
  12. I do not see from scriptures as a whole, teaching that one can Loose Salvation .Remark I said, Salvation not his....SalvationPaul point out All things are of God's and you are His". The power to will and do his good and perfect will, the power to do all things through him who strenghten us. The conditional part is granted in the obedience of Faith. We love him because he first love us. We earn our master investment to different degree.It is on earth we do so. That is were the free will comes.We have the will to do his good pleasures.It do not come from our forcing ourselves!! What was the answer of of Saul to Samuel blessed are you in the Lord...I have fully obeyed the voice of the Lord. The said he later I did not see at the time you convened so I did myself violence and offer the sacrifice...He lost his position (Priviledges,Blessings)I do not understand how people are so cut up with the Popular view of individuals and thinkers of the past or present!!! I do not lean on calvanistic point of view nor of any.What I know from scriptures is the Lord himself that confirmed and affirmed in convictions.The teaching learned from denominationlist were not only foolish but even detrimntal to my progress.In general that is.I am thankful I have not read not many books in my life outside of study books to make me understand the roots and meaning of a particular passage or word .Other helpful resources as well to show the context.and give sense of a particular passage and words. I am not a theologian,pastor,teacher or whatever title given among brethren.Having divine life.I am a brother saved by grace speaking about revealed truth. I do appreciate life examples for faith driven man and woman in scriptures or Saints past and present. These really feeds my soul to follow their conversation and Christ-likeness.Love in Yeshua Brethren.Orphan
  13. "Greater is He that is you that is the World...." Submit to God resist the devil and he will flee from you." We are shielded by the power of God through Faith. Orphan
  14. I have been young an know old yet I have seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg for bread.Blessed are those that hunger after righteousness for they shall be filled.
  15. You are well advised in this.And you will have ample of occasion to prove your faith.In my little pilgrimage I have many times seeing the hand of God manifest.And I have learned contentment in a lowly place. Like the Lord Jesus taught in the gospel. The body is more than meet.Good thinking.Continue in biblical thoughts.Orphan
  16. Orphan

    Praise God!

    Good to hear young Man!! That is in the Lord? Orphan
  17. Yes Abby-Joy. God promises us no bed of roses every day.Someone said once.adversity is the road to progress.In our faith's experience we must see the glimpse of the cloud like God answers (Elijah). God may not answer the way with think we expect .He gives us better. In the death of Lazarus Christ did not have only the interest of these two Sisters.But the Salvation and opened hearts as this which seemed a lost at first.Answer of Faith I believe Lord..Sovereighty...Thou art the Son...
  18. ...Let your request be made known unto God with thanksgiving.And the peace of God which surpass understanding.Shall keep your heart
  19. My Sympathy for your Lost,prayer answers for recovery and blessing in the Gospel.
  20. O you know we have alway to keep a guard over the door of our lips. As David expressed in Psalm 39; He was a warrior then. So I am sure he was not a cowerd to speak out and gain territory for the Lord. Be in mind of all this he was a dependant man. He knew the simple principle."Vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay". Being French and older Christian some may see me as Chips. With a "Crunch and well seasoned" But other a little old fashioned and on principle.I am heading toward retirement soon as Far as cooking industry is concerned but not in the Lord .But I appreciate the teaching aspect. Perhaps if the Lord will teaching and advising with the Gospel as ministry. And a business with my skills would I use.As to my character in the if " I bit....e my tongue I leave others the opportunity to voice what they perceive. Either to confirm the Word of the Lord or to make it not a concern of analizing at lenghty time or to dwell upon. Personality conflict can come between brothers and sisters for various reason.The Lord is able to smooth our path as we yield to the Spirit. But we have to understand God call those of to preach in season and out of season. if it comes to age differences which I perhaps old in the fear of the Lord.I am reminded to the responsibility tied to the gospel not to let others undermine my youth in the matter.But to be an example. But we have to keep check over ourselves and make sure the fragrance of Christ is evidently manifest. Not as easy as you think to the contrite and broken heart God do not despised.The prayer of the Saints are always welcome. In Yeshua,Orphan
  21. Quite intrigued by the theme? I am a professional cook by trade. So I thoughted that it was good to introduce such instructive application to encourage you as it did in my case. Do you bite your tongue before saying what's on the heat of the moment? it is quite tempting in the rush of the Restaurant business.God is on the throne,and the simple and foreigner attentive watching your every moves.Psalms 39;Do you bit...e the hands in the household,that intruct,bless,and pray for you. Or even backbit...e while abscent? God judge motives and tries the reins.Everything has a time and season under heaven.An appointed time were light everything out of darkness.Were you need not fret or judge,Everyman receives it,s due rewards,good or bad.Forgive and forget.So God do with you.Get daily bit,,,es from the Word you won,t starve for opportunity to invite and feast with others to partake in likeminded fellowship.Such buffet created bonds that are eternal . Do be careful for those who say "I don,t bit..e!!! Their motives are often perverse and take you like a piece of Bread. (Do not be like a horse or mule that need a bridle)So DO NOT BIT..E your not like the beast that have no understanding.Orphan
  22. You are not necessarily do something. Just waiting in His presence. God,s delays are not denials. The fact you seemed to be edged in is just an opportunity for God to reveal His power.People do care.Recollect the word of the prophet Elijah." I alone am left and seek my life". Fret not thyself dear one. Like the disciple on the boat, do you feel " carest thou not that we perish!!) Ask Him to show you the way. God desires for us to learn in our circumstances faith. Which form us and strenghten.After you have been tested a little God will stablish you and make you firm. Tried to replace your focus on His Word just little is sufficient to do great things through your faith. Be thankful to him for he cares for you.Though it seem that people outside do not seem to care at all. This will help your focus from bitterness and help you greatly. Adversity is not pleasant but it is the road to progress.Be of good cheer.Orphan
  23. He that heareth my Word , and believeth On Him that sent me, hath everlasting life.And cometh not into judgement but is past from death unto Life.(John 5:24) The Source,The Origin,The Offer, The Assurance. These are the four Word I would like to use in presenting the Gospel pointing toward the Trinity implication of Salvation to the whosoever. Firstly the source. We come to know and understand our need and sin by The Word. The standards of God are a lot more elevated than man. God go even in the unseen reality of man's secret and judge the intents of the Heart. The Lord remind his religious audience.Ye say... Because they perroted back the Word of the Law.But I say.....If you commit aldultery to lust after a women you commited the act!!! A little uncomfortable for the appearance they sought to show.The Word of God reminded through David. "Thou knowest my downsitting and my uprising..And before a word is in my mouth behold thou knoweth it all together." That there is an appointment for every soul ,Past present,and future to account.Either not for condemnation for believer at the Bema.That you do not perhaps understand the difference now and hopefuly will later.But there is the great white throne for those who died in their sin. Because of rejecting the love and offer of God to cleansed them and save them will bare the consequences of their sins without Christ. You hear and respond to what you accept base on Eternal fact.God's point of view.We take Him at His Word because of the Origin. In the Beginning God created the heaven and the Earth.God sent the Son to be the propitiation for our sin. And Creation in itself manifest the trinity at work( John 1:1) in One person.It is the work of God to draw all men unto Him.We are reminded this in scripture" If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.The speaker is only a tangible mouth pieces not to be occupied with.You have "The Offer" God so loved the World that he gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.(John 3:16) God is not willing that any...which means you my fellowmen and women. Should perish but that all come to the knowledge.Based on the Spirit of God using the Word and showing your need.What will you do with Jesus who is called Christ,replied Pilate to the multitude. Crucify him they answer.Take him away from reminding us our sin and transgression...But dear friend we must all die and face another reality.Sin's penalty death is just a transition because of one man's sin adam which we inherited. The Word of God reminds us such fact when point "It is appointed man once to die after this the judgement. He that believeth the Son hath Life but he that believeth not shall not see life but the wrath of God abideth on Him.
  24. Yes indeed. Pure unfeigned Faith out of a pure heart. In all of this that faith in itself do not assure someone anything alone.The Apostle Paul remind us that even demons believe and tremble.There are subjective truths if I may call to show you my aim here. They are truth on issues such as Baptism, The vail, the role of men,and women in the gatherings,the set up and activities in the gatherings ect...These I say are subjective because they are not tied with Salvation in itself. But they are still the responsibility of the Children to obey because of their love for the Lord.May I point that these are part of signs of the first love forgotten or rejected altogether.It is even more binding to the Servants of Christ that ommit these and teach not. Seeing they is an answer an account to give.But in a certain mesure the believer will be judged at the Bema.Of his personal knowledge and it,s application manifested in his life. There is even allusion of various degree of judgement in knowing and applying in the Servant who knew or not knew...The clear command and institutions how the central provisions in salvation are bound with a curse.Which refer if anyone preach otherwise let him be a curse.These are foundational truth about Christ and salvation. Save alone by faith without any added works outside of Christ. Like the scriptures point out if any man hear.This is the work of God the Holy Spirit who reprove and call man pointing to Christ.The vessel is only a mean to voice out the Word and his life back up it,s reality. So hell,sin and Christ the Saviour are not an options in the Saints vocabulary.There is the venue of contending for the faith of the thinker of this age.Paul face a number of these issue like the works of the law,circumcision ect.In this day and age in history it is even more subtil. The Lord Jesus pointed to his hearer that truth is to make us free. We love Him (Obey) because He love us first.Obedience in itself do not place us higher than others as God's favorites.We remember everything comes from the Father of Light of whom there is no shadow of turning.It only make us or should make sing for his wonderful work to the children of men.And finally the effects should impress others to enter in and fellowship with us in the Lord.Yes we know in part and prophecy in part that is relation wise to the Lord's character and truth revealed. But with deceny in history of Christ Word I think there is a clear cut and dry reality about the Word of God and should.It is only because on the unwillingness of the heart of man and the cunning of men. That souls are confused or just giving a reason not to be saved period.Please bare with my zealousness for attesting that meat is available brethren and do not get stuck on views of subject held in your upbringing spiritually.There are not all base on truth but fruits outside of the scripture inspirations.Agape in Yeshua/Orphan
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