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  1. mven222

    Shiloh's School of Culinary Magic

    hey u have a sense of humor?..i would never think so..lol
  2. mven222


    Love never stops. You love what you loved..always. You are a spirit inside of your body. Your spirit will love your beloved ones always. Your character does not change but it is able to be perfect if you will die to sins daily to be like the Son of God to be transformed into His image.
  3. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    I say to myself that: Even if i go to hell, that is deserved..fair enough...i know. But until the last day i will tell muslims about Him. because He deserves that..that people would know Him.
  4. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    Yes, we will teach ...looking for a way to set them free from the Lake of Fire..may be from inside of the planet...or outside if u will fly to save us...cuz i am sure i am too disqualified...lol
  5. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    I see. Better to say we all are disqualified to get to His Kingdom..Let's better destroy the gravity I mentioned...lol
  6. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    Give me better any idea how to destroy gravity of a planet to set spirits free from the Lake of Fire.
  7. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    LOl why do u think that there is no gravity there? A gravity hill, also known as a magnetic hill, mystery hill, mystery spot or gravity road, is a place where the land produces an effect, making a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope. Thus, a car left out of gear will appear to be rolling uphill against gravity. There are hundreds of recognised gravity hills around the world. The slope of gravity hills is a reality on our planet. The reality is similar to the Ames room, in which objects can also appear to roll against gravity.
  8. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    Ker, Go to my thread called: The NEW Laws" and the "Laws of Jesus" in Theology to read my response to your question.
  9. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    We are mature Christians knowing God for all our life to apply what He said and teach other nations. We do not teach occultism or any spiritual war tactics of demons but we teach people who is the God of Israel and His Son and what are their goals on our planet.
  10. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    I preach in 10 languages...so many books written..lol What you have to know about God I will teach you, just drop me your email or contacts to my mail box in my profile.
  11. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    What do u mean saying about the interesting info? The most interesting info says God in the Bible about everything...
  12. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    It is finished. What does that mean? It means that the Son of God completed His mission on earth to save mankind. He said that again here: And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. Revelation 21
  13. mven222

    ISLAM: We are spirits

    If you are a Catholic then you lack EVERYTHING even the promised Heaven. lol But your life and birth was enough for Him to notice your existence on our planet. He pays attention to every step you make in your life. He talks to you through His Words in the Holy Bible and some true christians and even circumstances. If you will respond and dwell with Him in a holy life then He (Jesus) being our God, having the KEYS of hell and DEATH, will not lock you there and set you free. I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.