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  1. You know what, i used to think too much like you do. Find yourself a job which takes at least 10 hours of your time , then you wont think about such crap, dude work ! Make money, move to your dream ! Do something, stop OVERthinking, God loves those who do something
  2. As for me i used to quit slowly, i hate those who says like :" pray and u will directly quit, "- thats a crap, total crap. Buy yourself a vipe and slowly decrease the nicotine it helps, i smoked 15 years.... Never feel shy if u smoke, those who try to shame you - they have bigger problems. They are sexual perverts
  3. Hello brothers and sisters. Please can you help me to understand something, im being very confused and hurt after i watched documentary videos where young soldiers being cruely killed, tortured etc... But please dont say stuff like "only God knows, pray more, read this or that..." We know that many christians simply dont let their sons join an army, while the war is going on and other boys bravely dying in a horrible way, they- those who call themselves godloving newborn "christians" prefer to stay at home, choosing comfort, chewing their yummy chicken and only critisizing political condition, at the same time they praying with psalms and avoiding the pain! Wait...do they even know who wrote these psalms??? Who was David? ??And Who said :"im a Son of David"...? Here in South Korea i met some of american soldiers and when i talk to them, do i have anything to say against their opinion? Absolutely no...not at all...because i know if the bad time comes, they will be the ones who will start to ACT, action! Not just bla bla bla... Everything is mixed in my head at the moment, i feel emotional after those videos i used to cry over. I just dont understand, who told you like its a Gods wish to make you maximum stay out of any troubles when you were born a MAN ! Please try to see the difference between the cowardness and christianity. Sorry if im being too direct now
  4. Sorry if im gonna put this question somehow incorrectly coz it isnt my first language, i'd say the third one. So, through the Bible we can see : a water baptism, a baptism by the Holy Spirit and a "fire" baptism- thats how we call it in russian. The pain, persecution, loss, betrayal etc- the troubles which Apostles have been through and even you can see so much of fire baptizing in an old Testament , all the prophets i believe been through all this. I know many stories do exist nowadays (even really horrible stories) take for instance the story with pastor and his wife in India , if u never heard of this : he spent 4 years in a prison, his wife became a slave of one indian man. After four years they were rescued and she had a baby from that indian man because he was continuously raping her. As i said a fire baptism can be a loss, desease, persecuting etc, it has many forms. But can you say like :" yes, i have been through the fire baptism already".? And if yes then what makes you feel so ?
  5. 11 years?? She might have a mental illness then. In some of cases it can be right to involve the police. Once i had a dangerous story , there was a mental man who tried to chase me, that time i was thinking like "probably the guy has demons inside and i gotta bring him a Bible", but then he started bombing my phone with contitious calls and weird speeches and was extremely agressive when i tried to end the dialogue, finally i was scared and stopped to pick the phone at all, he found a place i lived in and kicked my door like crazy, i opened and he pulled me out (i was with no shoes on my foot) , shouting on me like " walk with me now! Fast !" the security saw this and they called to police... After sometime i remembered Apostoles words about that Lord can put someone on our heads, to train our patience...yes, He will sometimes do this, ive seen many of christians who are trying their best to dont fail while having that someone horrible , abusive, dangerous etc, on their heads. I guess in your situation Lord is trying to prepare you for smth important ! Praying for you , stay strong !
  6. Dear Sheila, the strongest prayer is......your own repent. She will never leave you alone until you will repent to God about you offended her once, we dont know the full situation. Im going to be direct now : that she is an atheist never matters, God loves both of you. Second : if she persecuted you for "so long" that makes me think there is smth very serious you have done to her, very very serious... Third: that you are not ready to face her and apologize (yes you have to) it means you dont regret about your own mistake which brought you to all this. Therefore : if you really want to get rid of this hell it needs two things: face her and apologize, i know its hard ! And repent to God almighty, when u bring yourself down and destroy the pride then God will protect you in every way. So i will pray for that God will touch your heart maximum and through this your "enemy" will change and stop doing such gross stuff to you
  7. Im sorry but i think it is too late and you really need to move on. If she is happy just let her go by praying to Jesus, pray about to let her go and about to find another woman. Whenever you feel bad continuously say "i bless her", when i was blessing people who i need to let go then it worked and i felt no anger no hate for them. God will show you so much of His Love to you, even you can find that love between humans is nothing comparing to His amazing Love ! She commited adultery, so you can be free and keep looking for another wife! Freedom with Jesus is wonderful, without Jesus freedom is a jail. Travel more, pray more so Lord will pull her out of your heart with no pain, leave the past behind you, Lord prepared smth wonderful for you in the future !
  8. Thank you also, i have been thinking about smth...i was thinking about many hebrew financially blessed people who is added in the Forbes list like the head of facebook and others maybe it happens because their parents used to always share their tithes centuries ago. Therefore if i want my generation to be blessed in this life sphere then i gotta act as a very Abrahams daughter while i live on this earth , if you know what i mean lol
  9. Thank you for answering . I dont know why but usually i feel that if i will not donate to church then i might loose job or my phone or anything else , do i think too much? When i see how some charity is begging for help and i wont stand up and head to bank and donate doesnt matter how much then probably God will punish me by me loosing smth meaningful... Because it was His sign and my heart was touched but i didnt do a thing...? And also, once i forgot to send a tithe to church and after sometime there was a problem at work like the number of guests became extremely low in our restaurant, i was like Oh my God! It is because i havent send anything to church account! I was very scared then. Noone teached me to think this way, it is how i usually feel lol
  10. Hi again. Happy New Year first of all and best wishes for you! My question today is about the tithe, because i have changed a place to live and church, often i have to move from one country to another. My first church where i met with God and received my first Bible is in China, my brothers and sisters doing a great job coz it is pretty risky to evangelize in there so of course i gotta support them as much as i can with prayers and not only...another one is in my russian hometown as they being through much anger from orthodox religious believers and any financial supportion would be highly appreciated, so they can invite more people, organize lunch, holidays because you know...usually non christians would not come just to get the Holy Bible, gotta arrange some nice warm meeting , plus there are a lot of drug addictives and alcoholics who need to be feeded etc in my hometown. The third one i visit here in Korea, my church where we celebrating, praying, eating, evangelizing. Do i need to devide the tithe into 3 parts and send an amount to each one or can i just support the one which needs more help in my opinion? Im sorry if my question sound stupid but what is your experience? What did you do in such case?
  11. Yes, thank you. I should definitely pray more to see what is Gods wish for my life. And im avoiding men now as i see a potential danger for my life in them, im afraid to face someone who might break all my interests which i do appreciate now or change my values , im afraid to get hurt...too much
  12. Here is another problem i want to share. I am 30 and i have been raised in a very emotional family atmosphere, dad was continuously cheating on mom and fights etc. Mother used to tell me everything since i was like 9 or 10, she was crying in front of me, she never tried to hide her and dads problems. Even told me like "dear, every man is cheating, i want you to be wise so you need to be ready for it in the future because wiser wives forgiving their husbands..." So, later when i married my ex-husband i was always ready for his cheatings, i was jealousing, checking his phone with my shaking hands , i was hardly breathing and felt like im going to faint now... I was creating pictures in my mind and i tried my best start trusting but it never worked. I broke our relationship with such sick behavior about 5 years ago. May God bless him as he is about to marry again. The problem is: i am trying my best to destroy that curse over me and my family but it is too hard. My mom didnt find a man, it has been over 18 years since dad finally left her. But she is a very faithful woman and is still waiting which is funny. Seems like she is happy with such "victim" role and is still talking continuously and like proudly even about how hurt she is when people around cant hear it anymore... I dont want to be a victim too but i dont believe and trust a man, doesnt matter how hard i will pray for me and mom (she is russian orthodox believer). Me and her are being very honest to each other and we chat a lot, she gets hurt if i dont pick the phone sometimes. But she still is like happily sharing her pain with people around and then my whole day im being upset... As for me i am being much happier as a single woman so i started to believe it should be this way and its a Gods wish. Maybe He wants me to keep volunteering and thats my main role on this earth.
  13. Hello. Why do we even have to talk about her past ? Do you love her? Past is always smth hurtful, i can say that my past was not as perfect as some might think. She has to meet with Jesus to be reborn, Jesus takes our past, our pain away. it seems like she cannot forgive herself and seems like you cannot help her either. If you really wish that girl in your life then just close that topic both of you and never remind her of her past. And again, you will never help yourself and her without a Holy Bible, when she will start reading a Gospel, then the Spirit will push that pain out of her . it is not smth that humans can help with...
  14. Maybe you should try Evangelization together with your church? Like in my church we just going out together, talking to people and inviting them...i dont think you are ready to do it alone, you cant start just like that... I used to try and people around were just giggling and calling me mental even. I realized that i gotta grow spiritually first with Bible and prayers and only then i can make people listen to my words and Spirit gonna start touching them deeply. If you feel any fear- i think it is a sign from God that you are not fully ready. Start together with people from your church
  15. Miracles do exist, we all have examples ! Praying for you , may Lord Almighty will fullfill you with His strength of Love Almighty, do not fear of anything, carry the Holy Bible in your hands, watch the videos of Christians who have been through similar situations. We are the Winners ! Winners in Jesus Christ !
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