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  1. need strength and healthy for work

    I'm starting to feel better, so hopefully I can return to work on Monday, God willing. Thanks for the prayers. I know that sometimes the fatigue can continue, but today it seems to have lessened somewhat. I'm still hoping to continue to improve.
  2. Sick with flu again

  3. healing

    Thank you for asking. The pain has subsided quite a bit and the occurrences of it are becoming less frequent, so I know that God is doing something. Thank you for praying!
  4. I’m desperate

  5. Wife on ventilator. very grave

  6. forgiveness of self

    Thank you for the encouragement and prayers, Wayne222
  7. child with sanfilippo syndrome

    Keira is suffering from a rare genetic syndrome called sanfilippo syndrome. This disorder causes alzheimers in children and causes them to forget vocabulary and eventually to forget how to eat and walk. Please pray that God will intervene and heal this little girl of this disease. Thank you for praying for her.
  8. Trusting God

    praying again.
  9. need strength and healthy for work

    I'm feeling weak and still somewhat sick but I need to get back to work soon, so please pray for strength and health so that I can get back to my part time jobs. Thank you for your kind prayers.
  10. forgiveness of self

    Update: I'm feeling better about myself and having more peace, so thank you for praying with and for me. PTL!
  11. Need Immediate Prayer For Friend [2/13]

    Please deliver her granddaughter from darkness and bring her into the light, dear Jesus. Thank you for all you have done for the mother-in-law and also for what you will do for her. In Jesus name amen.
  12. Need Immediate Prayer For Friend [2/13]

    Dear God, please heal this patient and cause the bleeding to stop at your command. Jesus please bless her with the amount and type of blood that she needs. Deliver her of cancer and restore her health that those who see will glorify You. In Jesus name amen.
  13. tigger398

    Dear God, please cause tigger's hypertension to go down until it is at a healthy level. God You are powerful. In your grace, and for your glory, please bring healing here. in Jesus name, amen.
  14. For Logan- urgent

    Praying for healing for him.
  15. Please pray

    praying for good health