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  1. Please pray that I'll have great peace in studying and preparing for some upcoming tests and also that I'll have great peace and not fret on the day of my tests.
  2. Please pray that I'll keep trusting God for His love and also that I'll understand what He wants me to do for employment, as well as anxiety about an exam. Thank you
  3. Please pray for a middle aged lady, Louise, who recently had a lung transplant. Please pray for any blood clots to disappear and that her body won't reject the new lung(s). Please also pray that she will believe the gospel and be saved. Thank you for your prayers.
  4. Please pray for two guys, one 8-year-old and one adult. Please pray that neither of them ever have another seizure. Please also pray for healing for them and for both of them to believe the gospel and be saved. Thank you for praying
  5. I prayed about your concerns this evening. I appreciate your prayer request.
  6. praying for your decision about schooling
  7. Thank you for your empathy, prayer, and verse reminder.
  8. Thank you very much for your loving prayer.
  9. Thank you for the empathy and the prayers and verse reminders.
  10. Thank you for your prayers. Yes, it does take a conscious effort - especially when fatigue is a factor. Thank you for the verse reminders.
  11. I want to dwell on what is good, but I need prayer because I get distracted, so please pray that I will stay alert and dwell on what is good, giving thanks to God for it. God bless you!
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