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  1. I have rededicated to prayer. This was good advice.
  2. Nothing to report yet, but I wanted to say thanks again for the prayers
  3. I have, unfortunately they were unsympathetic. Basially get better or else.
  4. Thanks to all who keep me in prayer. Let me know if any of you need prayers.
  5. Doing one thing better than the last time, taking every opportunity to be with other people. My problem is still deep, but I seem to be able to tolerate it better. So praise God there. Please keep praying that I find another job soon. Thanks,
  6. Definitely can relate. I cannot tell you how many good intentioned suggestions to be less lazy and work harder I received. Even worse, when I have had problems like this in the past, some suggested that I was idolizing money. My best advice is to forgive these people. They do not understand what they are saying. It will probably not do anything to or for these people, but it will keep you from being controlled by the memories.
  7. Not rude, a pertinent question. I have laid this at His feet, been meditating on scripture an praying. I am more at peace than the last time this happened, but it took a long time to rebuild after the last time. My life is not as destroyed as the last time, so I am hoping that this time will resolve soon. However, God has not acted swiftly in my life before. So whole I believe, I have no precedents.
  8. Thanks for the prayer.
  9. We need jobs! Prayers Appreciated

    I am in a similar boat, I will keep you in my prayers Naomi. Please do the same for me that I will find a new job.
  10. Quick update, a friend who I told about my job situation has let me know of a job possibility. It would be a great opportunity if I could get it. However, still need prayer for healing from ADD.
  11. Not much has changed, except that the workday is over. (I did not write the original post while on duty. Sorry, but most people assume ADD is synonymous with lazy or stupid). I still need prayers for healing from my ADD as well as either a new job, or my existing one to be redeemed.
  12. My A.D.D. was quiet for almost 4 years. It has returned worse than ever, and I am in severe trouble at work for multiple mistakes caused by symptoms of my ADD. I m back on medication and other coping mechanisms, but they are not helping. This is not the first time I have had to start from scratch due to my ADD. I need this to be the last time. Please pray that God will heal me and bring me a new job, or help me redeem my current one. I appreciate your prayers.
  13. Hello

    I will definitely pray for you