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  1. Looking for some opinions

    Thank you very much for the reply! You explained that in a way my burling mind could understand lol. Thank you! :-)
  2. Looking for some opinions

    If the Bible has stated that we will be in the New Jerusalem in 1000+ years from now.. It would have still said this "100" years ago, therefore would it not be 900 years from now? Where in the Bible does it state that it will be 1000+ years from "now"? Just something I wonder when I see this 1000 + years statement all the time.
  3. Looking for some opinions

    So then, where do you propose we will be when we die @inchrist? Whilst we are waiting to be in the presence of God? Sorry if you have answered this already - finding it hard to keep up with all the different comments!
  4. Looking for some opinions

    Sorry @simplejeff The group of Jehovah's who chapped on my door recently stated that they believed only 144,000 faithful Christians would enter the kingdom of heaven. I do not follow the Jehovah Witness ways, as such, so therefore do not know the ins and outs of it all
  5. Looking for some opinions

    Thanks! Yeah, it seems this topic is keeping everyone on their toes haha :-)
  6. Looking for some opinions

    Yes, I have heard they state about the 144,000 only gaining entry to heaven? .. If this was the case, then Satan would clearly win, with the majority of the world going to hell? Nonsense eh?! Great points you have stated. So can I ask, if it states that God is "preparing a place/heaven for us" this would mean Heaven is not being worked on just now? If it is not a physical place as of yet? Also, do you believe we are in the presence of Jesus when we die? Or we are simply at peace awaiting that day to come? Sorry if I have repeated myself at any time
  7. What on earth is going on with the weather???

    Yup! Work has been called off for today, along with schools, trains, taxi services etc. So it's been a cosy pyjama day in the house for most of us here! The kids are having fun though! Haha
  8. What on earth is going on with the weather???

    I am in Scotland. We have only seen a small glimpse of the sun a handful of times over the last 4/5 months! Lol. Woke up to a snow storm this morning, and weather warnings for the rest of the day/night with more heavy snow fall I suppose it's nothing too surprising for us over here though! Lol
  9. Looking for some opinions

    Thank you for the reply. I do not agree with what the Jehovah Witnesses teach or believe. I think I'm just a bit confused to the term "new heaven and new earth".. Where does that mean saved Christian's will be in the end? In the new heaven, or the new earth ? I'm assuming this won't be the same place ? I know I'm probably making simple things complicated lol
  10. Looking for some opinions

    Thank you @TheMatrixHasU71 That has helped. So, my question now is, when it says there will be a new heaven and a new earth.. this is not meaning at the same time, as in two different places? I have heard some people say that the "higher ranked" Christians will be with God in the new Heaven, and the "lower ranked" Christians will tend to and live on the "New Earth"? unsure what my own opinions on that are, but what would you say on that subject?
  11. Looking for some opinions

    Thank you @inchrist I enjoyed reading your reply. In your opinion, do you think we have thoughts in this place of silence?
  12. Looking for some opinions

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this @Mike 2
  13. The dead when Jesus returns

    Thank you @simplejeff You have confirmed my thoughts on that part, something did not sit well with me when reading it. Thank you for the reply
  14. The dead when Jesus returns

    Ahhh, now I'm really confused! So where do people get this information about it all then? Thanks for the reply!
  15. Looking for some opinions

    Thank you @Justin Adams the weather here is still cold! Due some snow later today also haha! Nothing new for us though! Thanks for the reply. So you think when we pass, we are not really "anywhere"? Just in a "deep sleep"as such? Until judgement? If I am making any sense sorry?