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    I play the flute in the community and city concert bands.

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    Answered prayer!

    I struggled for a long time, looking for a church I felt I belonged. I went to one for a long time, but it was a 50 minute drive. (I prayed I would find something closer to home.) God answered! I finally found a church that challenges me and I feel like I belong. It's within 2 miles from home! It is bible based, relevant and I truly feel like this is where God wants me to be. I can listen to Chris' sermons online when I am unable to be in church, and I am so very thankful. God is good!
  2. Heavensfire18


  3. Just a thought, but do you think that talking to your employer may help? Maybe they can help you with coping strategies. I have ADHD, so I completely understand what you are going through. Stressing about it seems to make symptoms worse, but if they know ‘why’ you are struggling, maybe they can help. Just a thought... I will pray for you.
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    I was saved when I was 6. My sister had gotten saved at summer camp and came home and talked about how she would go to Heaven when she died. I didn't want to go to Hell, so my mom opened her bible and talked me through accepting Jesus Christ as my savior because He died on the cross for me. I've had a difficult life, to say the least. A sister who became more and more mentally ill, and an alcoholic pedophile dad (I didn't meet him until I was 20) that thought it was okay to sleep with his kids. I have really struggled with both, as these were HUGE in my upbringing. I have strayed from God, not really with any purpose to, I just did. But, He keeps bringing me back to Him. Through all of my struggles, He never left me. He brought me comfort, joy and peace that I can't get anywhere else. My sister died at 35, and even though we weren't close (because of growing up the way I did) I find comfort in knowing that she died and went to Heaven because she had accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. God brings challenges to me that test my faith, and He works in ways that I can't explain. He knows my needs, often before I do, and he carries me when I need Him to carry me.
  5. Heavensfire18

    A lot to learn

    Is it just me, or is there a lot to learn? How do I go about interacting with others? Is it something that I will get access to after the initial making sure I'm not a spammer? Are the devotionals a tool for individuals, or is it something that can be done as a group? I guess I will go back to exploring.
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    I'm totally new to this, so the 'tags' section is confusing to me. I'm a Christian from Minnesota.