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  1. I had a vision of the crucifixion. I wouldn't say it was an encounter with Jesus face to face or anything like that. Besides, his face was blurred out in my vision, which I took to mean as a sign against idolatry. I think if I had seen Jesus' face I would have doubted the genuineness of the whole thing. My experience completely matched up with the Bible in every way, so I know it is legitimate. I would die for this experience if I was persecuted. My guess is that people who don't have extraordinary experiences simply don't understand other people's experiences and they probably have jealousy about it. I can't think of any other reason why they would be so quick to dismiss such things. All I would say in response is to question their salvation and be sceptical about that. Tit for tat if you will. I am naturally a very sceptical person so it doesn't make sense for me to trust in my own experience even, but I certainly do believe it to be the most real and unbelievable experience of my entire life. I don't know how to respond or react to someone being sceptical about it except to feel sorry for them. It makes me feel some anger even.
  2. I've had joint pain due to bad posture. In my 20s. I corrected it by laying a flat board of wood under my mattress and only sleeping with one small pillow. But it's taken around 15 years for my condition to heal. I don't know if this technique might work for other people but it seems to have worked for me.
  3. My current age - 39. I had some very old memories stashed away in my brain that came to the surface recently and I was like, "Oh man, I'm getting old". Only half a year left and apparently my life will begin.
  4. you are told to believe without being informed upon exactly what you are supposed to believe in in all the details, and then you are told that demons believe too, which kind of cancels out the argument to begin with.
  5. Yes but this is works. Let's say for example that I was born again. That is called regeneration. After that you have to follow with sanctification. And this seems to imply personal effort of the will or self effort. It is an effort just to read the Bible - something I have read so many times before. If nothing spiritual is working in my life or taking place, like the fruit of the spirit, can I even say I was born again or saved the first time? God doesn't answer my prayers - prayers I have said so many times my head will burst figuratively speaking, and which leaves me completely speechless in prayer now since I have nothing else or more to say. There's no sign of God at all here.
  6. That depends upon whether someone has an inordinate attachment to the demonic or negative fearful realm.
  7. No, nothing about joining a church. Just one dream of being baptized.
  8. Thank you for this explanation. It's really good! I realise now that I have been born again 5 years ago but I haven't been living up to a good standard. Part of my problem seems to be that I would lie in bed and close my eyes and talk to God in my mind and after about an hour of that, when nothing happens I feel incredibly frustrated and want to give up the whole thing. That was daily, sometimes several times a day, for over 5 years. But I see that there are things I neglected to do that would have helped me. Perhaps I also need deliverance. I don't know. The theory I suppose is that demons attach themselves to people without necessarily possessing them. Would that be right?
  9. Tze, which part of UK are you in? I am in London. I know no Christians in real life. I have no fellowship. But thank you for your encouragement.
  10. Thank you all for your replies. Tze, (I won't type your full name for obvious reasons! haha) what you say resonates with me. And David Suchet - he was Poirot! I will check that out. I did get a Bible app that has audio but sometimes it was hard to understand the guy's pronunciation. And about getting stuck in - I truly feel this is the way forward for me. I've always kind of known, but I am getting confirmation from others now. So thanks.
  11. This is very interesting to me. As I said in my other post, how can God reveal Himself to me if I never believed the first time? I can say that in GENERAL I believed, but was it a deep heart felt thing? No, not really. All that was happening was that I was simply just reading the Bible one day and then it happened. Some Christians have said the Holy Spirit could abide within me yet kind of just hanging around waiting for me to do something, because in my own life and experience I really don't feel or experience God in any way. When I do things that go against my conscience, I feel guilty and bad about it but this isn't the Holy Spirit because this is normal and natural to all of us. Otherwise, I would be saying that my conscience is the Holy Spirit and that is manifestly untrue. On a related point, if indeed I have been having demonic experiences, possibly even possession, it doesn't seem likely to me that God and the Holy Spirit could come into my spirit since there would have been a demonic entity in my temple. And I don't think both of them could co-exist in the same space. So if I am not possessed, that would explain how God could come to me. Then on the other hand, is the Holy Spirit inside me, just lying low and how am I supposed to tell the difference between that and my conscience?
  12. Thank you Tzephanyahu, I expected a response like yours. It's good news to me anyway. Now I just have to set aside time for reading the Bible, which is very difficult for me to do. It was once alive to me and I lapped it up, but today it is a dead letter and kind of boring. I honestly wonder sometimes how people, especially Americans, can read the Bible because our culture is very quick and we want instant results. To put it another way, sometimes it is hard to read the Bible.
  13. It's ok, I don't want any rabbit trails about OSAS. I just want my questions answered if that is possible.
  14. So people can be born again without reading the Bible, yes or no? You said when God predestines those he saves he doesn't lose any of them. What about people that fall away? Can God give a glimpse of Himself but predestine that person to not being saved?
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