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  1. So long as it doesn't make you angry, just continue using me jokes.
  2. The thing that gets me the most is I will make myself feel bad about sin and then end up feeling extreme levels of guilt, then try to pray to God with my utmost concentration (the mind is actually very turbulent, which you would know if you simply sat still and closed your eyes), praying "thy will be done", asking for help out of the lifestyle and bad feelings I feel every single day for years on end, asking for wisdom like you, and there is absolute silence, no response whatsoever. And sometimes I will pray like that for hours a day. It becomes a chore after a while, where I run out of words to say, and an exercise in utter futility which leads to serious frustration.
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    Thank you. Peace to you too.
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    I had been involved with reading Yoga books and philosophies and practising meditation for 15 years and came to the conclusion it was demonic. I started to read the Bible and then had the experiences I described in my last post.
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    I had a vision of the crucifixion, felt sorrow mixed with a peace, saw some form of light, it was ultra real, more real than normal consciousness, the Bible text became "alive" and lit up to my vision, and felt a conviction of sin. And God's presence was holy.
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    Hello people, I am here because God came to me in the form of Jesus. I have spent time in the chat rooms for a couple of weeks. My question is "why did God reveal Himself to me in a form (Jesus) and after that experience (which lasted a few seconds) He didn't come back?" It's not like I prayed hard, REALLY hard for a REALLY LONG TIME, or anything. I find the dogma and doctrines of Christianity extremely offensive, yet I can see that individual Christians, just like other individuals in the world of different religions and cultures, can be good people. I abhor proselytizing. I think this is a childish and immature behaviour. I find that throwing out an accusative assumption of the demonic where non Bible religions are concerned is probably the same thing as what causes all wars. And I don't have a lot of patience for war mongerors.
  7. I can identify a lot with the original poster. We almost seem to be in the same situation. I tried praying a lot, I spent hours on it, for days on end and absolutely nothing happened. That is the most frustrating thing a person can experience in life. It is really just depressing beyond all belief. Why won't God come into my life and change me? What is the point of praying if God is in control? I've read the Bible a lot too. I thought at one point that reading the Bible would be the answer, as it was while reading it 4 years ago that God did reveal Himself to me. I can tick off the checklist for most of the signs of a born again person, but God is not in my life. I experienced, God's holy presence, felt a conviction of sin, saw light, saw a vision of Jesus on the cross, the Bible text lit up and became alive to my eyesight, the experience was ultra real, more real than normal consciousness, I felt a sense of sorror but felt peace, all in a few seconds and then it all left and never came back! I am not in control, I can't pray to God to get God to come into my life as that is making God like a tool to use. So I am thoroughly stuck. It's all so hopeless really.
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