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  1. GayandIdontcare

    Hi. I’m new.

    It’s just a thing I don’t really care enough to focus on honestly . I’ve no time to really care for it with my main focus on school. I’m done dealing with trying to torture myself about it. So it’s just me maybe not having time to deal with interaction with others.
  2. GayandIdontcare

    Hi. I’m new.

    I’m honest in that I am gay, but it’s just something I can’t change. It doesn’t make me not a Christian, so while I accept that it is a sin, I am still just a person who needs faith to guide me. So here’s me. I’m mildly autistic, but incredibly skilled in my studies towards becoming a medical professional, because I want to help save children, as I was saved once. Being honest is important to me, but I’m not gonna lament on my preference, because all it can do is be harmful towards my mental health. It’s typically kept to myself, but I do feel obligated to tell this because it does slip occasionally.