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  1. I was past there a little more recently.
  2. Nothing all that spectacular. The sewing machine as machinery fascinates me. I have a hoard of vintage sewing machines that I am working on rehabilitating, and I've made a few quilts.
  3. True. Digital electronic media in the form of text supports and reinforces a binary view of things. It makes it very difficult to have an inter-active, rational discussion about the less than critical core elements of the faith.
  4. Yes, I know where Biggar, SK is. Big giant Sandra Schmirler sign there too I think. I'm where the giant moose is.
  5. While I am not a new Christian, I have not engaged with technology as an evangelical tool, or community building tool. I am here because it is a seminary classroom assignment. It has been an interesting foray into the techno-culture of the church.
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