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  1. I have been dedicating more serious hours to the Lord these past couple and I am feeling really good now. I have had a chance to reflect on some things. I am not accustomed to feeling this good though. Okay now for the question. Is it normal for a Christian to have a great sense of peace like I am feeling right now? Or do you think I am allowing myself to be too positive to the extent that my emotions will get all bottled up? I will rephrase the question. Is it normal for a Christian to have a great sense of peace? Even when their actual life can be a little tough?
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    Not to mention Windows.
  3. SkilletFan

    Section 8 and food stamps.

    While we are on the subject of food stamps, I wanted to provide a friendly reminder that people in most states are getting their February food stamps around the 20th of January due to government shutdown. This is not extra money, in the sense you still have to make it last through February. But at least you are getting paid. I wanted people to know because it's important, but did not want to create a whole entire thread on it. Carry on.
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    Hi everyone! I am new!

    Hey! Welcome back!
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    Hi guys

    I am well, thanks for asking How are you?
  6. Isn't it also true that what he has saved the government over the direction under Obama, not necessarily a positive but less of a deficit, more than makes up for the wall?
  7. Here is how I feel (my personal opinion)... For a beginner at game development: iOS is better than Windows, Windows is better than Android/Mac For an intermediate: iOS and Windows are equal, Mac/Android come last For an expert: Windows is best, iOS/Mac/Android come last Linux scores pretty low on the list too.
  8. Thank you. I also wanted to stress that to talk about a sort of paradox, the iPhone/iPad operating system is quite good and streamlined. They have worked hard on it.
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    Train me up!

    Eh I guess. Maybe it does. I don't know.
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    Train me up!

    I was just confused because the word "nonbeliever" was used when it sounds like they meant "believer".
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    Do We only want older Theologians here?

    I'm not going to take off course your thread here, but I respectfully disagree to this extent- There are certain theological terms that when using them, well they aren't necessary, but they save over a half a page of description. An example of such words are predestination and lapsarianism. I don't care if the rest of the forum listens to your advice, because it is really quite good. They should just save the big terms for my threads. Because I have been trying everything for people to get a bit more substantial with me.
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    Yes you should. And if you need even more reason to run... I think I still have an active account on there.
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    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    For once, I will let you have last. It is better than going to bed lonely. 🤣