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  1. Simple misunderstandings here: 1) "Never good enough to trust Jesus" is the opposite of "all are bad, need to trust Jesus" 2) We give up NOTHING to be saved, we give up many things to be reformed/improved 3) Jesus paid it all--if I'm starving and you give me a free lunch it's free to me but YOU paid for lunch--Jesus died a horrible death by torture then rose from the dead to take your imperfection, punishment, guilt, shame and anxiety--BE SET FREE! IN JESUS'S MIGHTY NAME!
  2. You would meet with someone who has the gift of tongues interpretation. They would be able to confirm, right?
  3. Neither, the chief source, Adam until now, is US.
  4. We all need friends we can fellowship with in person. Are you a member of a good Bible church yet?
  5. That's not assurance. Assurance is "I know I trusted Him in the past for salvation, so I have an irrevocable gift." (Romans 6&8, salvation is a gift, gifts of God are irrevocable).
  6. He is and has! Look through a telescope and behold BEAUTY. Look through a microscope and behold BEAUTY. No one has a special excuse, Romans 1.
  7. Whatever you seek to let go, do not "just get over it" the way the world does: 1) Drown your sorrows, like in alcohol, to "forget" or 2) Just "let it go" and try to forget Rather: 3) GIVE IT to Jesus. He TOOK it on His cross. Ask the Holy Spirit not to replace your painful memories but to give you fresh light and fresh experiences.
  8. A friend has postulated that the giftings of Ephesians are contextual, one teaches. You evangelize and show others how to do so--you are "an evangelist" where another does not evangelize or evangelizes but does not teach others. Otherwise how could Timothy be a pastor, do a pastor's work, lead local pastors in his city, and also "do the work of an evangelist"?
  9. Every Christian should pray, teach, heal, etc. regardless of specific giftings. If you teach evangelism to others, you are not a "teacher" per se but an "evangelist", since biblical evangelism goes beyond witnessing and soul winning to developing teams and individuals that follow your lead. Congratulations on having the gift of evangelism!
  10. If they aren't rubbing off on you, then you're okay, yes? Do you not have a boss or HR group to appeal to, to get counseling for the angry person who is hurting the business and hurting the work environment?
  11. Since Jesus Christ died for every human sin, "grace is the exception, not rule" seems the wrong stance to me. "The Law brought X, Jesus brought grace..." - John 1
  12. Why do you believe God "didn't show mercy to other cities"? Perhaps 100 other cities had hurricanes or earthquakes God diverted, but it is in the book of Jonah that we gain insight as to how God THINKS. And to your point, Jonah WANTS Ninevah destroyed (the Ninevites killed and raped Jews) but God says "Should I destroy a city with thousands of children in it, or not honor the people's repentance"?
  13. Romans: "One Christian regards one day above another, another Christian regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind." I used to LOVE Halloween (people come to me or I to them to give them candy and GOSPEL TRACTS) so I no longer care too much if a bunch of (Gentile) people celebrate with their druid advent trees or sing O Holy Night as they should, with all their heart.
  14. Simple! God's first choice/tendency is mercy, grace, forgiveness, patience--concepts that are linked. For example, a leading worker who is fighting sex trafficking of children once felt overwhelmed that God was allowing paedophiles and murderers to ply their trade--then realized, God has grace and patience even on THEM, waiting for those who might repent.
  15. Yes, yes! But seriously: A Gospel Primer No one disagrees with the gospel’s logic of perfection vs. imperfection: 1) Ask someone, “Are you, like me, morally imperfect, and you disobey your inner voice?” 2) After their “Sure!” say “If there’s a Heaven or utopia [long pause] we can’t go! If I hurt your feelings in Heaven or vice versa, it’s not Heaven. How can imperfect people get to Heaven?” People usually respond, “Do you have a solution?” 3) Say “The solution is a person. The Bible explains that Jesus Christ, being God, innocent and perfect, switched places with us on the cross. He died a horrible death by torture to take our sin, guilt and shame, our imperfection. He then rose from the dead, and as the Bible says, “God loved the world in this way--He gave His Son [I hold one hand up], so whoever trusts Him [I raise my other hand] shall not perish but has eternal life [I fold the fingers of my hands together].” (Trust is clearer than “believe” for John 3:16.) Put another way, “God made Jesus, who was perfect, to be imperfect [I cross my arms over each other] for us, that we who are imperfect might become as perfect as God.”” (2 Corinthians 5:21) Helpful Sayings 1) I could be a Christian 1,000 years but disobey my conscience. Jesus died and rose to forgive us, but if I go to Heaven today, I’ll destroy the place! I need not just forgiveness but transformation. 2) When I hear a voice in Heaven say, “Don’t do that,” I’ll respond, “Yes, Lord.” Eternal life is just that—time with God, time with friends, sitting outside on a beautiful day, etc. without ever hurting others. But is eternal life a free gift or something you work toward? 3) “If I was starving and you gave me food, you’d say it was a free gift. But it isn’t free, you paid for the food. Jesus paid a horrible price, death by torture, for us to have a free gift, eternal life.” 4) “On a scale of 0 to 100%, how sure are you of Heaven? I can read your mind, less than 100% is because you’re imperfect. My number is 100%. Once I stopped trusting me, and I started trusting Jesus, that was salvation. Fear, Disappear! · Do you fear sharing? I DO. So allow a smaller fear to ask, “Can I ask you a question?” After that ice is broken, the fear disappears and it’s easy to ask, “Are you, like me, morally imperfect . . . ?” · Another question is, “What do you think happens after you die?” People always return with, “What do you think happens?” At the office, Human Resources cannot condemn you for pressure evangelism since you’ve answered a coworker’s question for invited evangelism. Avoid Jargon Christians confuse everyone with Christian jargon. I never use jargon when sharing, including “faith”, belief, repentance, baptism, give Jesus your life, put Jesus in your heart, confess your sins, get right with God, make Jesus Lord, make Jesus Savior, etc. Instead, I only use clear terms: · Imperfection versus perfection · Trust yourself versus trust Jesus · Do religious things versus take a free gift · Jesus’s death by torture and resurrection took our sin, guilt, shame and punishment The Power 1) The power of this method is the Cross, death and resurrection of Jesus 2) The power of this method is questions to gain agreement and control the agenda 3) I spend very little time anymore on “But I’m a good person!” or “But I don’t believe in sin!” 4) You will see many saved and assured using this simple method—MANY!
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