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  1. Amen to that, yes! Persistence is the key to a college degree for most and not at all intelligence or even high intelligence--showing up faithfully to class, faithfully adhering to the professor's rules, studying--the hallmarks of a faithful brother or sister in Christ.
  2. The answer should be yes or no, Christians strive for yes or no, but the answer to your question is "sometimes, depends". Be more specific in your question--and I think you'll learn your answer for yourself.
  3. Colossians 3 and other passages are clear, as a man, I must submit to my wife, my pastor, ruling authorities, etc. A woman is not different than a man--I'm an egalitarian--she must also submit to her pastor. A woman CAN teach men and/or women and her teaching, like mine when I preach on a Sunday, is covered by pastoral authority. As a Jew, I can tell you this stems from the rabbi's authority, and the tradition that the rabbi would speak on Moses and then another might speak in the rabbi's congregation, even a visiting teacher, under the rabbi's blessing, after. JESUS CHRIST followed this convention when He guest lectured in Capernaum, Nazareth, etc. Paul and others did the same.
  4. My comment refers to yoga classes in general (which are growing at an astonishingly rapid rate nationwide, here in the U.S.). I bet people interested in yoga who are not the OP will find this thread... and it's not obvious to all Christians that certain parts of the yoga system are evil--which is why the OP and other people's questions exist.
  5. Believers are "asleep" in Christ. When do they wake? What do they see? There's your answer.
  6. Chanting the names of false gods while stretching will do it, though, as will focusing on the kundalini energy of the SERPENT at the base of one's spine...
  7. The common OOBE (Out Of Body Experience) includes bright light, and a command to "go back and do some good" and the people come back and do good works. The devil, the false gospel of works. You've got it right!
  8. Women can teach men INSIDE church, too, if there is a husbandly/pastoral covering. Note the "teach or assume authority over" in the verse.
  9. Thinking about committing suicide is NOT a sin, but indicates someone who needs to trust Jesus for salvation and allow God to heal them...
  10. I can help if you'd like to send me a PM. I have counseled many young people who are conflicted about sexuality. One is in recovery and is coming to my home Monday to have dinner with me and my wife.
  11. I have had hundreds of "contradictions" shared with me. Most go away easily in two ways: 1) They had something wrong in English that isn't there in the original Bible languages 2) They want to disbelieve rather than seeing logical solutions to the very verse they're complaining about 3) Like all unbelievers, since they do not see the scripture as one voice, they refuse to compare scripture with scripture to balance their views
  12. There is, but Heaven cannot change a twenty. ** No, we don't need money in Heaven.
  13. Billiards Ball

    Is it right

    No, it isn't, unless he's needing to work all night to support you and the family. But on what basis will you discuss the issues with him? Are you born again? Is he a born again Christian? You both need to trust Jesus only for salvation, and follow Him as Lord, and you will both grow as fine parents to your children.
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