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  1. True--I believe with Israel back in the Land, the end draws near, swiftly... thank you.
  2. So shocking, to learn Dawkins is targeting youth, not! Let's pray for his conversion!
  3. Billiards Ball

    What is Effective Witness

    May sound weird, but you maybe only thought you lacked converts. I find that a lot of people will put their trust in Christ quietly, others come to understand their assurance when witnessing.
  4. Billiards Ball

    Salvation by Grace vs. Works

    Be careful of churches/cults that say this: Accepting Jesus is the beginning of salvation, then you have to do works. Trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation is salvation.
  5. Billiards Ball

    can my affliction be cast away?

    If the pain in your leg was taken away when this person shared with you, it could be from God. If it was caused when the women looked at you, it could be something bad. Is that what you both mean?
  6. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    Good. Separation is not divorce, and could just be what's needed.
  7. Billiards Ball

    Seeking the meaning for rev 22:12

    Thank you, sincerely. What is your rendering of the verse in question? I've heard numerous scholars say "it refers to the events of Revelation being compressed in time," that is, the 10-day judgment in Heaven, the 7-year Tribulation, etc. being relatively small scales of time compared to all else that comes before in Earth history.
  8. Billiards Ball

    Seeking the meaning for rev 22:12

    A better rendering from the Greek: "When I come, it will be quick, catching people for judgment and reward!"
  9. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    So, none of the Christian counselors or elders you've worked with suggested you follow Paul's advice and remain with her as she wills?
  10. Billiards Ball


    By "Catholic works" I meant sacraments and other works that are only for Catholics. Rome teaches, for example, that the Eucharist can help save time in purgatory, then withholds it from non-Catholics, therefore, I am condemned for my different beliefs to be in purgatory longer. But we can lay that aside and talk about more general works now. I can strive for perfection as you wrote, but never achieve it through either religious practice or Holy Spirit sanctification, in other words, I can be a Christian a hundred years and still sin, so I need to be transformed. The Bible teaches assurance. To help us understand, separate salvation (I trusted Christ in the past, not me, for salvation) and sanctification (the striving we're discussing). The hope Paul wrote of was Christ's return when He perfects all those who've trusted Him. Each born again Christian is predestined to be a child of God (chastised when sinning, growing when striving) and then predestined to be "conformed to Christ's sinless image" as in Romans. James speaks of works, but note that in the famous passage in Chapter 2, he contrasts living, saving faith with dead, non-saving faith, not works. He does write "Can that faith save?" but does not write "Can those works save?" Rome teaches loss of salvation and works. The issues include: 1) Did Jesus die/atone for some sin or for all sin? 2) Is the test whether someone trusts Jesus or not, or whether they have works or not? 3) Is the good news "Jesus set us free from Hell" or "Jesus set us on a path to try really hard to miss Hell"? Etc. I move from a sinner without Christ to > Saved by Christ to > Growing in Christ to > Waiting on the Hope of Christ's Return to be transformed to perfect (morally) for Heaven
  11. Billiards Ball


    I understand, but Trent and other official church documents--along with all I've heard from Catholic friends and Catholic clergy now--says this free grace MUST be followed up by numerous works, especially Catholic works and sacraments, or the person becomes lost again. I find the Bible instead teaches eternal assurance, eternal security, for anyone who makes a onetime transfer of trust (I cannot save myself, I can never perfect myself morally/stop sin via religion/religious works, so I transfer my trust to Christ).
  12. Billiards Ball


    Hi CC, 1) Wikipedia is not "an anti-Catholic" website. It is rather presenting a list of excommunicable offenses, directly from the Council of Trent, never rescinded by Rome. Wikipedia was quoting Trent, and I was quoting Trent, not "an anti-Catholic site". 2) I understand the Trent statement you posted above, regarding faith. Since Trent is still in force, this is also still official Catholic doctrine/official Rome doctrine never deviates from the Council of Trent, including: a) we are justified by faith as the BEGINNING of salvation (from your Trent quotation above) b) this BEGINNING toward salvation is apart from any works (your Trent quote above) 3) I also quoted Trent, that people who believe this faith justification, this trusting Christ, is not "the beginning of salvation" but "salvation" and/or do not add works to this faith and/or do not believe Rome holds all the truth and/or believe in non-infant baptism and/or baptism by immersion, etc., etc., etc. are a) unsaved b) not Catholics c) anathema to Catholicism/heretics/utterly rejected d) cannot receive the Eucharist, which is meant to help people on the path, etc., etc., etc. One issue at a time? The only issue of import to me in all this is whether trusting Christ "starts possible salvation we might still have later, via doing many works" or "is salvation through Christ's sacrifice, a free gift". The difference could be eternal life for many people... If we would like to discuss one issue at time, let's discuss the gospel. The Bible seems very plain to me that one trusts Christ to "begin" but also, at the same exact time and place, to "finish" salvation.
  13. Billiards Ball

    General Prayer

    It's okay IMHO to pray for anything that keeps you longer in prayer. Variety is the spice of life and the spice of prayer.
  14. Billiards Ball


    It's like anything else that can be used for good or for evil. There is some stuff on Facebook not suitable for children and parents/guardians need to be vigilant.
  15. Billiards Ball

    Alcoholics Anonymous?

    One of the foundations of AA is that addiction cannot be controlled by human effort alone, but that one must yield to "upstairs". The best is a Christian/Bible centered recovery program, IMHO.