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  1. Billiards Ball

    I have deep feelings for someone I shouldn't

    Good! You can see the way out now, better, because you are Daughter of a King! This relationship has to return to friends status (friends without ANY "benefits" of any kind!) until or if he repents and becomes a whole person. You need a whole, independent Christian to love.
  2. Billiards Ball

    Marriage After Infidelity

    The beginning for this is with Jesus Christ. You and your spouse need to trust Him for salvation. Second, confess your sin to one another, asking Jesus for the strength to utterly forgive. Third, admit to one another/confess that you did all the things you did because you hated and resented one another. Fourth, vow to be "all in" this time in marriage. That is, to love one another from the heart, unreservedly. A lot can heal VERY SURPRISINGLY FAST in these areas if you do so. And, to strengthen still more, confess to one another areas not included above, like financial deception, insecurities, concerns at work, etc. Be sinners together who are confessional about sin. Then watch as God begins to rebuild your team quickly. But all hinges upon the assurance that you've both sincerely trusted in the horrible death Jesus suffered, and His glorious resurrection, to save your souls.
  3. Billiards Ball

    I have deep feelings for someone I shouldn't

    It's not just mutual feelings or unequal yoking here. If he was a Christian, born again, I'd say, "Bad company corrupts good morals, why date a drinker who goes clubbing and smokes pot?" Even if this fellow was saved, he's need to be more mature to date my daughter...
  4. No problem, your soul has already been sold, in the Garden, to Satan. NOW is your chance to have Jesus redeem it, simply for the asking! Trust Jesus, He died a horrible death by torture on the cross and rose from the dead to pay for our sin, guilt and shame.
  5. Great news! Jesus on the cross and in His resurrection made a way for you to go straight to Him, without people as your intermediaries, and when you trust Jesus for salvation, He forgives ALL your sin, instantly, immediately. Because Jesus resurrected forever He can hear your salvation prayer today. The Bible is filled with murderers and wicked people who committed what some people call "mortal sin" but were likewise, immediately forgiven. Today is the day for your salvation!
  6. Billiards Ball

    What has become of our churches

    Unfortunately, it is. Read Acts--there have always been false churches and false teachers revolving around money, not men. The NT has many such examples. We ourselves need to know the Bible, pick our churches most carefully.
  7. Billiards Ball

    I need serious help

    The unpardonable sin is not trusting Jesus for salvation. After all, Jesus said there is ONE thing someone can do or not do to go to Hell. EVERY born again Christian has trusted and can never do the unpardonable sin. EVERY unbeliever can have their murders, rapes, thefts, wickedness, covetousness, etc. forgiven, big sin or small, except one--to reject Jesus when His Spirit says, "Trust in me, trust in me now." Make sense to you?
  8. Billiards Ball

    Suppression is real!!!

    Thank you for your thoughtful note. As the Bible predicts, people have become "righteous" in a new way, without God's guidance or humility, so they reprove others constantly, thinking they're doing God's work.
  9. Billiards Ball

    Serving God while you are broken

    Either rejoice in the brokenness, since holding treasure in a clay jar that is broken, the treasure spills out to work life in others via the death in you, or step away from ministry, on a temporary or eternal basis.
  10. Billiards Ball

    Being Married in Ministry

    Without knowing details, spouse first, ministry second. People who've stepped away from a pulpit to strengthen marriage or children reap benefits and biblically, a spouse needs us as a helpmate and very few congregations or even individual congregants need us.
  11. Billiards Ball

    Accepting Christ

    Hi Jason! We trust Jesus for salvation, since on His cross, He took our sin, guilt and shame, all of it, the imperfections we call sin. No one including me, a Christian for many years, can live in a utopia, where only perfect moral people live, without ruining it. I'd hurt your feelings in about ten minutes in Heaven being me. When you trust Jesus Christ today for salvation, you will know that in the future, when the moment comes for judgment, you will be transformed to moral perfection, so you also will be fit for Heaven, saved. And trusting Him for salvation will alleviate much or all of the shame you feel!
  12. Billiards Ball

    What if

    I am sincerely sorry for your experience and your pain, but knowing Jesus personally, I would say you've had a lot of church, but not much of a personal relationship with Jesus. Ask Jesus to interact with you personally, trust Him for salvation, and get Christian counseling against anxiety and your feelings of hopelessness.
  13. Billiards Ball

    Is Matthew 12:40 using idiomatic language?

    A reading of Jonah's prayer seems to indicate he died inside the great fish. So three days and nights is literal, nor would it represent some huge Bible miracle, compared to Creation or Sarah bearing at 90.
  14. Billiards Ball

    Did you listen to Jesus first?

    Great question! If Jesus spoke to me personally today, He would not contradict His scriptures as found in the 66 books of the Holy Bible. I would listen to Jesus or any person I know if their advice can be sourced in the Bible.
  15. Billiards Ball

    Does God change you in afterlife?

    I will be "me" in the next world but different: 1. No one is perfect except Jesus Christ 2. Imperfect people will ruin a utopia, being an unchanged "me", I will hurt your feelings in Heaven or vice versa 3. Jesus died a horrible death by torture on the cross, paying for our imperfection, our sin, guilt and shame 4. I trusted Jesus for salvation, so that when the time comes, I will be changed enough to never again act against conscience, hurting another when I know it's wrong to do so 5. Trust Jesus and you will be made ready for the afterlife