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  1. Billiards Ball

    how can single people encourage married people?

    Very respectfully, why are the people in your church that cruel? Is it time to fellowship with more loving people? And why would a married think a single who communicates with their couple is "after their spouse"?
  2. Billiards Ball

    how can single people encourage married people?

    Of course we may. "Encourage" or "exhort" or "prophesy to" or "help". You can tell a married couple today, "You are a great example to me, and I can learn from you how to be a better partner, someday when I marry." That's encouragement.
  3. Billiards Ball

    Im Lost and Made a Mistake

    I can help you. I once spoke to someone who said, "I've lost my salvation, because I looked at porn this week." I said, "How did you feel?" "Dirty, disgusting..." "You are a brand new Christian, a few weeks ago. How did you feel when you looked at porn, before you were a Christian?" "I enjoyed it, I liked it, but now I feel dirty... HEY! I'M SAVED!" ** The feelings you have about the sin you fell into, show you that you are likely okay. If you want to be 100% sure you're okay, consider what you did to become a Christian: 1) No one is perfect, everyone sins except Jesus 2) In Heaven, everyone is morally perfect, because sin would ruin Heaven 3) Jesus died a horrible death on the cross and rose from the dead, so that anyone who trusts Him, can experience Him some now, but will become morally perfect when they meet Him, later Have you trusted Jesus, not yourself, to be saved? Then you are a born again Christian. And thanks to your openness and repentance now, you have a shot at a full, abundant, Christian life. Satan is liar, and wants you to think Jesus is done with you, a little trick he plays. Liar! Trust Jesus to help you fight the good fight.
  4. Billiards Ball


    Three English Bible words, belief, faith and trust, are used for the same Greek word. When you see faith and believe, just substitute trust in your mind. We trust Jesus for salvation. We trust elders to help our churches. We trust God was Creator and will bring us hope. Etc. The Hebrews passage above means this: "Without trusting Jesus, you cannot please God, for everyone who comes to the Father must trust He exists, and that He rewards those who seek Him." See how well this works, to use the word "trust"?
  5. Jesus died due to a massive conspiracy, one bringing very diverse enemies together as friends: Pilate and the Romans, Pharisees, Saducees, etc. We believe in conspiracies, yet due to sin and human hearts, we don't really need to see conspiracies to know there is evil in the world. Much evil, including conspiracies, comes from the love of money.
  6. My suggestions: 1) Add to deliverance therapy a Christian physician or qualified counselor who can help wean you off meds, gradually, carefully. 2) Honor your parents mainly by working on personal growth and Bible study. Also, try not to get angry at them. All parents would be honored by children who try to be kind to them while working to be better people themselves.
  7. Billiards Ball

    Jacob v Israel

    First, I was more trying to give you a look at biblical names and codes then say to definitively with that article, "This is the exact, correct interpretation." Second, God didn't lie. During his lifetime, the man Jacob was called by God, "Israel". But 400 years later, God revealed Himself to Moses (Exodus 3) as the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Growing up Jewish, I knew who Jacob was and that during Jacob's lifetime, he was known as Israel. God tells no lies!
  8. Billiards Ball

    Tricks Theists Play (Part 1)

    How does a creationist's view that different scientists interpret the same data differently "eliminate testimony as a valid source of knowledge"? Christians interpret the scriptures, like scientists interpret forensic and biologic evidence, differently at times.
  9. Billiards Ball

    Tricks Theists Play (Part 1)

    Huh? My question remains valid. Did Mr. Ham say dismissively, "Were you there?" then say nothing about dating assumptions, uniformitarian assumptions, etc.? Also, when I say "Were you there?" I'm citing God's statement to Job. Why is God's statement in the scriptures inappropriate in this context?
  10. Billiards Ball

    Tricks Theists Play (Part 1)

    As to God using the argument with Job, where does your analogy fail? In other words what makes that defense of Ham a false analogy? **It doesn't. It wasn't an argument made IMHO, it was an icebreaker/grabber statement. Ken Ham said "where were you then?" and left off there, really? That's all he said at that time? I sometimes say the same thing, "Were either of us there?" to help uniformitarians focus when they say things about the past with 100% certainty, but lacking credulity. Finally, "No, Christian should tie themselves to theories counter to the scriptures," runs into "No Christian should misrepresent both scripture and science in order to maintain their false views of both!" **Did Mr. Ham misrepresent either, do you think? most Evangelical scholars and many church fathers found that when the Bible called the Earth ancient it was because it was not young! There are seven current conservative Bible-inerrantist theories of Gen. 1-2:4 currently. Ham's is not the majority thesis. But there are good exegetes that represent that view. Ham is neither a Bible scholar or a scientific scholar. He is a propagandist. So if we hold to a young-earth view then let us do so with arguments that are cogent and don't destroy all history, and testimony including the rest of the history in the Bible and testimony about Jesus coming as savior of the world. That epistemic destruction seems obviously bad to anyone trying to tell people about Jesus! **Why assume Mr. Ham's main outreach is to unbelievers or a subset of unbelievers including scientists? He has a great ministry for Christians. But speaking as a very active witness, I avoid discussing the age of the Earth or evolution "between kinds" with unbelievers. But if it comes up, I have some information to share, including some "grabbers".
  11. Billiards Ball

    Tricks Theists Play (Part 1)

    Respectfully, Evolution and the BB are the current, prevalent theories. They are strong as they seem to include forensic evidence, but devoted believers know that science will always harmonize with the scriptures, especially as the science evolves. No Christian should tie themselves to theories that are counter to the scriptures or in current fashion possibly only. The "were you there?" argument comes from God's remarks to Job. Mr. Ham is capable to explain why dating of fossils to millions of years is erroneous.
  12. Billiards Ball


    I think of all things that they are sin if my conscience prompts me so and clean for me if not.
  13. Billiards Ball

    Jacob v Israel

  14. Billiards Ball

    Please look into this matter.

    Eden is likely now under the waters of Noah's Flood. It was a real place, inside of Eden was also the special Garden, blocked from humans forever. Note the "US" in the verse you cite, God is a triunity of three persons. Adam and Eve became like God in that they knew what good and evil were (obedience and rebellion).
  15. Billiards Ball

    Jacob v Israel

    I'm not offended. Thank you for your kindness, though. Understand that Bible scholars understand God uses names as code/signaling.