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  1. The whole Bible contains goodies and truth for all Christians. However, there are Bible sections written to/toward: *Unsaved Jewish people *Unsaved Gentile people *Saved Jews and Gentiles We learn not to commit suicide when we read about the difficulties posed by the three persons who committed suicide in the OT, but we don't "learn how to obey to commit suicide." Think of the Bible, like other books, you learn from the good and bad, but don't imitate the bad.
  2. Even without the rest of the post, "takes mental illness medication" shows a need for Christian guidance and counseling. Your friend needs help, perhaps strong reproof.
  3. Billiards Ball

    Orthodox & Catholic Churches

    You've addressed a real issue. All religions apart from biblical, born again Christianity are works-based, I save myself, Jesus doesn't save.
  4. Billiards Ball

    How To....

    The best way to further a blog is to get as many people as you can to ask questions, answering them in long form (700 words or so on a particular subject). Do that several times weekly for a year or more, and you'll have enough specific content to be found in Google.
  5. Billiards Ball

    Orthodox & Catholic Churches

    Hi, thanks for asking. My concern when visiting traditional churches is whether they teach the gospel: 1) No one is morally perfect except Jesus Christ 2) Jesus died a horrible death by torture, rising from the dead forever, to pay our sin, guilt and shame 3) Trust Jesus for salvation or a different gospel: 1) Jesus cannot give assurance of salvation 2) We must do many works to hope to someday possibly be saved 3) Trust your best efforts as God has a scale and takes pretty good people to Heaven, pretty much
  6. Billiards Ball

    Why can't God give me a break?

    Jesus said to deal with today's problems, today. There will be problems tomorrow, and tomorrow, until the Glorious Day. Best mental help advice ever given! Always look down, not up, to feel better. Your remarks indicate: * You have a family * You have a car * You have owned pets * You live in a home * You own air conditioning Do you understand based on those five facts what I mean by "compare down, not up"? I mean people without those five things are worse off.
  7. Billiards Ball

    Chinese Pharmaceuticals

    It is amazing how many human rights abuses and how persecution of Christians we tolerate with our dollars, treaties and friendship with Russia, China, etc.
  8. Billiards Ball

    Feeling trapped

    GET THIS BOOK NOW, written by a Christian survivor of a Christian Narcissist/Sociopath: https://www.amazon.com/Dear-Younger-Me-Victim-Victor/dp/1987560418
  9. Billiards Ball

    Putting our trust in God or MAMMON

    Be careful! A pastor I know, with his spouse, decided they didn't need health insurance and paid via health debts for decades. Any idea or vision should align with God's Word. There are many verses about safeguarding our income and protecting ourselves and our families, wisely, legally, safely.
  10. Has anyone done the study on the gospel revealed in the names of the first ten patriarchs, Adam to Noah? WOW! It's been said a rough look at it reveals: Man appointed mortal sorrow. The blessed God will descend to teach. After He dies, the sorrowing will find rest: The gospel in the patriarchs, the gospel in 1 Chronicles 1:1!
  11. Billiards Ball

    The Saddest day of the year

    Yet I rejoice that there are many more things that happened on this day--showing by sheer statistics that God is the God of Israel. WE WILL RETURN AND GREET THE LAMB!
  12. Tyler, your thoughts, please?
  13. I think EVERYONE has been through this. Half of it is God blesses the desire to live for Him. Once we accept this blessing and God's good will toward all those who trust Jesus for salvation--we see unconditional blessing and show God gratitude we've left the "you love me only if I serve you as a slave" cult. Next, we pray for opportunities to serve, never believing the myth that only professional missionaries ARE missionaries. You can share the gospel with ten people a week, at will, without leaving your hometown. Do it!
  14. Billiards Ball

    They believe he is the Messiah but do not believe him

    I understand your points, but BOTH Daniel and Revelation specifically say they tell us the future, and both reference times when mankind is judged into Heaven and Hell. How do you know that God didn't give Israel 120 years, as in the days of Noah, or even 400 years, as in the time between Abraham being told there would be judgment in Canaan and the actual judgment? Rome has seven hills so does Jerusalem. And? To understand end times prophecy, you have to go through about 1/3 of the Bible. Unless you have a Bible quote that God would return within 70 years of the restoration of Israel . . .
  15. Billiards Ball

    Creation using Evolution

    I agree--science should never conflict with the Bible, unless the science is wrong, as it was when it said the Earth was flat but the Bible described a spherical Earth...