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  1. It is not a sin to train physically in a sport. It is not a sin to protect yourself when being assaulted. It is not a sin to train in boxing if you fear assault and have been assaulted. It is not smart to spend years boxing and doing karate and marksmanship, if you haven't been assaulted, but want to be "super-ready" to harm others when they attack you (he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword).
  2. YES, if by "belief", you mean, "trust Jesus, not yourself, for salvation". No one disagrees with the gospel’s logic of perfection vs. imperfection: 1) Ask someone, “Are you, like me, morally imperfect, and you disobey your inner voice?” 2) After their “Sure!” say “If there’s a Heaven or utopia [long pause] we can’t go! If I hurt your feelings in Heaven or vice versa, it’s not Heaven. How can imperfect people get to Heaven?” People usually respond, “Do you have a solution?” 3) Say “The solution is a person. The Bible explains that Jesus Christ, being God, innocent and perfect, switched places with us on the cross. He died a horrible death by torture to take our sin, guilt and shame, our imperfection. He then rose from the dead, and as the Bible says, “God loved the world in this way--He gave His Son [I hold one hand up], so whoever trusts Him [I raise my other hand] shall not perish but has eternal life [I fold the fingers of my hands together].” (Trust is clearer than “believe” for John 3:16.) Put another way, “God made Jesus, who was perfect, to be imperfect [I cross my arms over each other] for us, that we who are imperfect might become as perfect as God.”” (2 Corinthians 5:2)
  3. I think you are referring to the future state of the church, when the tares are burned, but yes, we are ONE.
  4. Of course, among myths from the Egyptians, Vikings, and Aztecs is the Judeo-Christian “myth” of Genesis. But who decides what is myth and what is real? If our brains are nothing more than the result of evolutionary processes such as mutation and chance, then why should we trust them to differentiate correctly between myth and reality? If Dawkins was consistent with his worldview, he would realize he has no basis for the reliability of his senses. Dr. Jason Lisle stated the following in the article “Feedback: Coming to Our Senses”: Dawkins also appeared on BBC Newsnight to discuss his book with Jeremy Paxman. Paxman asked: Dawkins replied: Dawkins answer that “truth has value” is a not an answer to the question posed by Paxman. What he is essentially trying to “cover up” is the conclusion that there is no meaning and purpose in life if we are nothing more than the result of random evolutionary processes. That conclusion is too depressing and sad for most people (and probably would not make people want to buy his book!) However, the conclusion that we have meaning and purpose in life can only stem from the knowledge that we are made in God’s image and that God loved us so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for us. Toward the end of the interview there is a revealing interaction between Paxman and Dawkins: Obviously Dawkins and Paxman think adults such as myself and my readers are stupid and ignorant for believing that the Bible presents actual truth. So why does Dawkins care? Because of the children that are being “misled” and “denied” knowing about the wonderful world we live in. Once again, Dawkins is inconsistent with his worldview. Since an atheist has no ultimate foundation for morality, why is it wrong to lie? If when we die we just go to dust and that’s it, then why does it matter what I believe and teach my children while I’m living? I pray that rather than being discouraged by Dawkins and his book, you are motivated and encouraged because resources are available that start with God’s Word as truth to teach your children and teens the right answers to these questions. How old is the universe? Why do the continents look like disconnected pieces of a puzzle? What causes tsunamis? Why are there so many kinds of plants and animals? Who was the first man, or woman? Every home with children needs copies of The Answers Books (1–3) for adults, The Answers Book for Teens (just released!) and The Answers Books for Kids (1–4). Keep fighting the good fight of the faith (1 Timothy 6:12)! https://answersingenesis.org/blogs/ken-ham/2011/10/05/dawkins-targeting-teenagers-with-anti-christian-propaganda/ I love Dawkins so much! He's so helpful to our cause, since he constantly makes self-defeating, false statements about science, life, religion and God! Maybe more people could read his books soon to get saved!
  5. The answer is, is a particular d- or non-d church preaching the false gospel of works or the true gospel? Everything else is almost negotiable!
  6. Billiards Ball


    Are your parents born again believers, giving wise counsel, or is that you are saved and they aren't? One leaves one's parents chief authority to be married (Genesis 2:24) as ordained by Jesus. However, there's a way to communicate your wishes to your parents that honors and blesses them, and keeps the peace.
  7. What Paul did in the Areopagus was a stunning display of peacemaking and diplomacy, not picking a fight... "you have many gods, would you like to know the unknown god?" Most here identify as born again, I don't pick fights with born again Christians--while VERY much standing for truth.
  8. Supernatural appearances can only be four things, pray to discern which of the four: 1) God 2) The devil/demons 3) Charlatans/fakers 4) Confused people misunderstanding natural phenomena
  9. What is the purpose of picking a fight at Worthy? What purpose does this serve, especially picking/looking for a fight regarding the content of the holy scriptures?
  10. Per the rest of the scriptures, we certainly DO NOT submit to men when they ask us to break God's law and will. For example, we would not abort children even if living in a country with forced abortion. Thanks for raising that issue.
  11. The entire chapter of Romans 14 has to do with submitting to authorities and others--we must pay Caesar sometimes. Take a look at the chapter prayerfully, I urge you. Providing individual verses out of context is not causing me to change my mind.
  12. Hi, I'm a fundamentalist, saved by the holy Word of God through Jesus Christ. You can quote 50 more verses if you like, but Romans 14 is plain that we DO serve country and many others. Period.
  13. Certain sins, including sexual immorality, will lead people to tears--but not stop the consequences from their acts. Trust Jesus--He has power to heal even broken sexual relationships.
  14. "Got mitt uns" predates the Nazis, and was in use in Germany before then, but your point stands. Jesus asked US to give allegiance to earthly governance AND to support our honored soldiers, at numerous passages in both testaments. How do you make sense of Romans 14 apart from such an understanding?
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