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  1. If you're in a Roman church, "Our way or the highway", what does that tell you? If you're in almost any other church, you can bring matzo or gluten-free bread with you, as a substitute. "Breaking bread" in the scriptures isn't a communion service, it's a meal, and at a fellowship meal no one had to eat anything abhorrent (Romans 14). Communion cannot save anyone. Only Jesus can save anyone, trust in His death and resurrection, trust in His sin atonement, trust HIM only for eternal life!
  2. In Bible times, stories weren't always told chronologically. For example, Genesis has a "two telling," two stories in a row with chronologies of the same event, creation focused on God's perspective and then creation focused on the dawn of man. Many important details in the Bible are chronological, and I would think Luke is chronological, but the gospels are told as stories without being rooted in exact chronology IMHO.
  3. I didn't say "believer test". It's a VERY handy demon-possession test. I've used it in the field.
  5. A good test is to see if someone can say, "Jesus is Lord!" 1 Corinthians 12:3
  6. You don't try to explain it, you instead focus on the gospel and their lack of assurance.
  7. A Gospel Primer No one disagrees with the gospel’s logic of perfection vs. imperfection: 1) Ask someone, “Are you, like me, morally imperfect, and you disobey your inner voice?” 2) After their “Sure!” say “If there’s a Heaven or utopia [long pause] we can’t go! If I hurt your feelings in Heaven or vice versa, it’s not Heaven. How can imperfect people get to Heaven?” People usually respond, “Do you have a solution?” 3) Say “The solution is a person. The Bible explains that Jesus Christ, being God, innocent and perfect, switched places with us on the cross. He died a horrible death by torture to take our sin, guilt and shame, our imperfection. He then rose from the dead, and as the Bible says, “God loved the world in this way--He gave His Son [I hold one hand up], so whoever trusts Him [I raise my other hand] shall not perish but has eternal life [I fold the fingers of my hands together].” (Trust is clearer than “believe” for John 3:16.) Put another way, “God made Jesus, who was perfect, to be imperfect [I cross my arms over each other] for us, that we who are imperfect might become as perfect as God.”” (2 Corinthians 5:21) Helpful Sayings 1) I could be a Christian 1,000 years but disobey my conscience. Jesus died and rose to forgive us, but if I go to Heaven today, I’ll destroy the place! I need not just forgiveness but transformation. 2) When I hear a voice in Heaven say, “Don’t do that,” I’ll respond, “Yes, Lord.” Eternal life is just that—time with God, time with friends, sitting outside on a beautiful day, etc. without ever hurting others. But is eternal life a free gift or something you work toward? 3) “If I was starving and you gave me food, you’d say it was a free gift. But it isn’t free, you paid for the food. Jesus paid a horrible price, death by torture, for us to have a free gift, eternal life.” 4) “On a scale of 0 to 100%, how sure are you of Heaven? I can read your mind, less than 100% is because you’re imperfect. My number is 100%. Once I stopped trusting me, and I started trusting Jesus, that was salvation.
  8. Including many here at this forum! We're praying! But there CANNOT be another physical violence incident. There MUST be accountability, and awareness that physically abusive spouses will lie like a rug to get you back, then beat you again. You MUST both be involved with a local pastor and those experienced in physical abuse cycles.
  9. Two things! You are NOT alone, we're here to help, but CLEARLY, you need good Bible-based church fellowship. SEPARATION IS NOT DIVORCE, separate from your husband, because he is striking you/getting physical. Then you will be able to think/feel. Christians need hugs from Jesus and believers, not pain from spouses! He needs counseling!
  10. I wrote "fight with you" not "you fight with them". There's usually not a fight, however, since pretribbers BAR PREWRATH SPEAKERS AND AUTHORS FROM ATTENDING THEIR CONFERENCES AND CHURCHES. This is because pretribbers love to share the good news that Jesus will spare us from some persecution. NOT what they believe in China, in India, in Africa! Or the USA if you resist the pretribbers!
  11. My thoughts from studying prophecy from closer to 30 years: Teach prewrath, and be ready for pretrib enthusiasts to fight with you.
  12. Converting from pretrib to prewrath is not proof that prewrath is right. It is proof I understand pretrib extremely well, as I've said. "Just like the Word says" is a fact where the Bible is literal, such as, "King David begat Solomon", neither of us can say, "there was silence when the seventh seal was opened in Heaven" as "there will be silence on Earth for the same half an hour".
  13. When solipsists say we're all in a Matrix (living in a coma somewhere and imagining this world and its people and things), I point out that this "imaginary" world we live in clearly has absolute morals and is a place of some moral judgments (prison, relationships, addictions, etc.). Therefore, even solipsists have no excuse for missing trust in Christ (Romans 1).
  14. David Dunn? https://genius.com/David-dunn-so-we-sing-lyrics
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