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  1. GETTING RIGHT is TRUSTING JESUS, NOT YOURSELF, for salvation. THAT is the gospel I hope you followed?
  2. It's more likely that God was using a circumstance/dream. Makes sense to you?
  3. Depending on when X reigned or Y was in office, sure. Remember, that is based on assumptions of archaeology, because Luke doesn't give a calendar year using a Roman or Hebrew calendar. The OP needed an approximate date-setting, I think. I'm not upset if someone says 5 BC or 3 BC or says He died in 29, 30 or 31 AD--that would likewise depend on the prophesied decree mentioned in the book of Daniel.
  4. Oh my! Your sense of humor is ill, just like mine! Unfortunately--and this is the main, all-important point, Rome still teaches "Jesus kind of starts us of in faith, then we do works, or go to Hell/purgatory," rather than "I trusted Jesus, not myself, for salvation, and was saved, and am going to Heaven, Hallelujah!"
  5. Jesus was born in 4 BC and died at age 33 1/2 on Passover (April of that year) in 30 AD. Does that help?
  6. Salvation is a one-time act, trusting Jesus, not self, for Heaven, but sanctification, refined Christian behavior, takes time, effort, Bible study, etc. I've done things even this week I dislike. Judge who is a Christian based on testimony, "Yes, I've trusted Jesus, not me, my good works or efforts, for salvation".
  7. Biblically, God hardens the hearts of individuals He has first tested, and given opportunity to repent. Pharaoh saw five plagues and heard testimony from his former brother Moses before God hardened his heart! Classic case. And realize the Hebrew for "harden" means "test, squeeze", making it "God went with/confirmed the kind of heart Pharoah had (against God and Israel)".
  8. And if you raised a person with only the Bible: * They would rejoice in trials and suffering * They would be greatly moral, whether they were believers or not * They would understand the human mind and heart The Bible IS the guide to the universal moral law code, summed as "Love God and other people".
  9. No, we are talking about the adoption. I'm adopted by God and Satan cannot resurrect the old man that died on the cross. I'm saved!
  10. Trusting Jesus for salvation IS "getting right with God", aka "born again" or "saved". The day BB stopped trusting BB and BB trusted Jesus for salvation was the day I was saved. No one disagrees with the gospel’s logic of perfection vs. imperfection: 1) Ask someone, “Are you, like me, morally imperfect, and you disobey your inner voice?” 2) After their “Sure!” say “If there’s a Heaven or utopia [long pause] we can’t go! If I hurt your feelings in Heaven or vice versa, it’s not Heaven. How can imperfect people get to Heaven?” People usually respond, “Do you have a solution?” 3) Say “The solution is a person. The Bible explains that Jesus Christ, being God, innocent and perfect, switched places with us on the cross. He died a horrible death by torture to take our sin, guilt and shame, our imperfection. He then rose from the dead, and as the Bible says, “God loved the world in this way--He gave His Son [I hold one hand up], so whoever trusts Him [I raise my other hand] shall not perish but has eternal life [I fold the fingers of my hands together].” (Trust is clearer than “believe” for John 3:16.) Put another way, “God made Jesus, who was perfect, to be imperfect [I cross my arms over each other] for us, that we who are imperfect might become as perfect as God.”” (2 Corinthians 5:21)
  11. The Bible does not teach "...without confessing my sin to Him and repentance" I lose salvation. Jesus told me the truth in John 3 that I shall not perish. Or please consider Romans 6, "Salvation is a gift" and Romans 8, "The gifts and calling of God are IRREVOCABLE".
  12. You are being led differently, yes, according to your understanding. There are some believers who are not as loving as you, who instead push the Sabbath as only Saturday and as a command principle and not a free will offering. To be frank, I meet people who give God a Sabbath voluntarily or eat kosher voluntarily but I think the main offering from us now is evangelism and discipleship, not just personal holiness. Thanks for understanding.
  13. I agree we should find unity, although I don't have more to share, to go round for "hours". You want to keep any of the 613 laws, not unto salvation, that's a preference. Keep a law unto salvation? Legalism, and heresy. Marry your brother's wife or wear cotton only if you like. As a Jew, I reject the concept that I can do things for myself that Messiah already did for me.
  14. I didn't say you did, but I can qualify my statement. It's not magic to meet on Saturday instead of Sunday. No one "grows extra" because they rest on Saturday and not Tuesday. No one "sins less" because they rest on Saturday rather than do some work for some or all of the day, etc. If you can tell me how we "grow more" resting on Saturday, I will tell you I believe in the Sabbath principle (get some rest, don't burn out, spend extra time with the Lord) but that nothing magical happens when my calendar moves, and that the Lord Jesus Christ did not command Xian believers to meet on Saturday. IF HE HAD, a lot of Jews would have been "outed" as Jewish Christians and DIED in the first centuries after Christ! These Jews could go to SYNAGOGUE on Saturday then meet Saturday night or Sunday morning or Wednesday afternoon or Tuesday in homes to enjoy Christianity.
  15. Jews would not handle money on Shabbos until after sundown. You would then say, "On Shabbos, we met with Paul and gave him money," and I would understand it was Saturday night. And because the Bible translators know that Jews did not handle money on Shabbos, they made an acceptable translation, early on the first day of the week. It's not a conspiracy to tell us they met in the early church on Saturday night in homes, to get us to meet in buildings on Sunday!
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