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  1. Billiards Ball

    God will bless a new temple

    I don't understand. How is opening a Temple breaking a covenant? It's confirming a covenant--with the Antichrist!
  2. Billiards Ball

    God will bless a new temple

    Speaking as a Messianic believer, it is true that you can bring thanksgiving sacrifices to a new Temple, like killing animals before God, then feasting on the animals. The problem is the Third Temple will make sin offerings. Christ is our offering and will return to save His people (Romans 11:26). I was just at the Temple Institute in Jerusalem and they are readying the Third Temple!
  3. Billiards Ball

    Im afraid God may leave me

    Sounds like it's time to check the gospel facts: Have you trusted Jesus to save you, or are you thinking you need to behave a certain way to be saved?
  4. Billiards Ball

    What should I do?

    You can contact former partners, witnessing your new faith, and offering to help via prayer and support, while explaining finances are tight. That is, do your best. It's kind of you to want to help.
  5. It is a growing concern. Better churches encourage: * Accountability * Couples avoid being alone together, especially late at night * Open doors to bedrooms, so roommates can see them * Regular teaching on abstinence, holiness, purity
  6. Billiards Ball

    going to hell

    You are conflating a scripture (a lot of people on a wide road) with a concept (the Bible teaches most are lost), which the Bible does not teach. I believe there are more in Heaven than Hell. Young children, miscarriages and aborted babies, and the mentally infirm, plus everyone who is open to God's grace.
  7. An engagement is a contract to make a later (marriage) contract, and not a guarantee. Engaged couples break up at times, so save it for the person you marry.
  8. Billiards Ball

    If the Bible is a Catholic book...

    The issue is twofold: human sexuality plus a misunderstanding/misapplication of God's grace. I know saved people who live celibate lives. I know unsaved people who live as celibate clergy and destroy souls and lives. As long as Rome does not teach the historic, clear, saving gospel, celibacy will compound the issue. The same issue lies with many mainline Protestant groups. A true study from John Jay would compare born again celibates to non-born agains IMHO. I would also question even the 2% rate with the recent Me Too names that have come forward. It seems more like a tidal wave than 2% so far.
  9. Billiards Ball

    If the Bible is a Catholic book...

    It must be a matter of doctrine, not tradition only, since only unmarrieds can be priests and nuns, for Rome. I do not misunderstand Roman doctrine, and when I read about it, I try to stick to materials with the imprimatur of the Index of the Holy See and etc. so I know I'm reading official doctrine, not philosophy. Ecumenicalism is fine to me as long as all have the same gospel. I'm saved because I trusted Jesus for salvation, not because of sacral living, works, orders, confession, Mass, etc. Different gospel there. Am I incorrect about Rome's different gospel? (And saying "I was saved by Jesus and now I MUST ALSO...") is still a different gospel.
  10. Billiards Ball

    How does God allow pain & suffering?

    Because God never watches over one person only, He has the whole world in mind. A couple miscarries a baby and the child goes to Heaven. They grieve, never knowing that their baby, now in Heaven, would have grown up to rule the world as a hated tyrant, a mass murderer. We know little of the plan. To answer your question, God is sovereign and also allows us free will.
  11. Billiards Ball

    If the Bible is a Catholic book...

    Scripture. Do you have something superior to, or equal to, Bible scriptures?
  12. Billiards Ball

    If the Bible is a Catholic book...

    I was in Caesaria Philippi (where this pronouncement was made in Israel) about one week ago. Jesus Christ stood on a large rock to rebuke the literal gate of Hades. I also visited the site where Jesus restored Peter, who betrayed Him. Verse 25 of the Isaiah passage says the peg will be removed. Rome?
  13. Billiards Ball

    If the Bible is a Catholic book...

    The words of the Bible include the correct gospel, not traditions of churches or cults. Both testaments say trusting God IS salvation. Jesus said we must be born again (trust Him, rely upon Him) in John 3:3, 3:7, 3:16.
  14. Billiards Ball

    If the Bible is a Catholic book...

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. Can you direct me to the scriptural passages that indicate the entire body of clergy of the church has to take vows of celibacy to be eligible to be clergy?
  15. Billiards Ball

    How does God allow pain & suffering?

    Sounds like you need to explore what free will is: Several times, I've spoken to bitter victims of rape. Each time, I've asked, "What should God have done?" and they said, "Stop my rapist." When I said, "Should you have free will but not the rapist?" they "got it" and soon after, prayed about forgiveness for their rapist and healing from God. I'm glad you are zeroing in on a decision to trust Jesus Christ for salvation. It will help to know that the Bible describes dozens of purposes for suffering, but nearly all of them as benefiting people, mainly born again Christians. We suffer to learn in school, we suffer to exercise and eat right, and make tough decisions and find love... Suffering is a part of life now.