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  1. Why is this thread 84 pages long? Over 150 NT verses have some variant of "Trust Jesus for salvation!" and 100% of people opposed to eternal security are focused on works, not Jesus, to be blunt!
  2. EVERYONE has to put more trust in Him. YOUR trust isn't salvation, trusting Jesus, is.
  3. Five minutes reading the insanity here will REFRESH your Bible study, guaranteed! http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/
  4. 1) Ask if you have to do a straight teaching or use your gifts to facilitate discussion 2) Tell about your fears and ask the teacher for advice 3) Ask if you can poll the students anonymously to see what's bothering them and talk about those things in the context of the Bible
  5. I could chat with you, but best would be for to find a new fellowship--you can hardly grow as a Christian where you're uncomfortable with the leadership.
  6. I think it's time for some Christian counseling, have you spoken with your church pastors about this issue?
  7. He'd been saved maybe three weeks prior. I knew where I was going with my leading questions: 1) How do you feel now about what you did yesterday? 2) How did you used to feel when you did this sin? He then exclaimed, "I'M SAVED!" since the Spirit in him showed him truth. He was saved weeks prior and had assurance.
  8. Before this fellow was born again, he fully enjoyed sinning. After he was born again, he fell into the same sin, and hated his sin even as he did it. He realized the Spirit was in him, had changed his mind and attitudes. He realized he was truly saved because his response to sin had changed. Now he was free to serve the Lord and fight sin instead of wallowing in it.
  9. Jesus said you can do different things but if you do the unforgivable sin, it's over! The Bible is clear that the ONLY way to miss Heaven is to reject Jesus for salvation. The unforgivable sin = not trusting Jesus for salvation.
  10. You can escape Satan's trap in three ways: 1) Realize that fear of losing salvation is a VERY strong indicator you're saved! 2) Meditate on the love of Jesus--God isn't some abusive, angry punisher of CHRISTIANS 3) Make sure you're saved. Are you trusting YOU for salvation or Jesus?
  11. How does being a nominal anything (nominal means "exists in name only") indicate they "used to believe" something? The question is whether the cousins are born again or no: Which of the following is part of the gospel/salvation (sin debt paid: I Corinthians 15:1-3)? + admitting sinfulness + asking forgiveness for sins + attending confession + attending mass + baptism + belief + Bible study + charitable acts + Christian family living + church attendance + confessing with one’s mouth* + faith + faithfulness + following the sermon on the mount + following the “golden rule”(Do Unto Others...) + following the ten commandments + giving Jesus one’s life + good works + good behavior + infant baptism + Jesus in the heart + making Jesus Lord + obeying pastor/priest + observing the law + prayer + promising to not sin + repentance + reciting the Lord’s prayer + sorrow for sin + telling God “sorry” + telling God one’s sins + the “sinner’s prayer” + tithing + “trying hard” + “turning from sin” *Saying Jesus is Lord, (confessing) refers to Jewish people testifying that Jesus is Messiah. Romans 10:8-9, in context, refers to Jewish people confronted with the gospel.
  12. 1) Ephesians 1 - each born again person receives the Spirit, as a guarantor of salvation 2) He is our unearned gift--Jesus earned this gift for us 3) Yes, some people become born again without realizing the promise of Ephesians 1 has been fulfilled in them 4) Yes, some insane people say they have the Spirit, and some false teachers who lie, mostly to earn money and prestige
  13. Sentencing comes under law. Forgiveness is from the heart. It would be inappropriate to say a machine gunman should be acquitted--which would require the church members to lie and they did not see him do the shootings. Prison is a chance for not only rehabilitation, but for people to not fear a machine gun killer. But it goes a LONG way to hear appeals for clemency in sentencing. For Christians to look the killer in the eye and say, "You killed my family, but I hold no ill will towards you, Christ died for us both." Many wicked people in prison have gotten saved through just this sort of thing. When I disciplined my young children, I forgave them, showed no sign of anger--but they were disciplined.
  14. If you are called to be executed, and I'm your identical twin, I can slip into prison, make the switch, and die for your sin. 1 = 1. Jesus, being God, infinite, died for everyone's sin.
  15. "Paid". "Satisfied an angry God, calmed an angry God down".
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