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    Is society thinking upside down?

    There are good and bad churches, as have existed since the Acts. We all have lost friends and loved ones. Be faithful and witness to the many people you know and also strangers you don't, who are not your ex or her church.
  2. The third type of evangelist is honest about Hell while also speaking of fellowship, faith and love for and of believers. Hell is the logical response to man being unable to live in utopia without transformation. Those who trust Jesus for salvation will be changed "on that day" so that they no longer sin against conscience by hurting others "when it feels good".
  3. Billiards Ball

    I’m troubled

    Sounds like you need to read some more of the Book of Proverbs. Happy home, happy wife, happy life. Are you going into big debt for the new house? Are you squandering money on a giant house or adding bedrooms for when children come along? Are you proud and vain of your house, which will burn in the fire that's coming, or simply grateful to God for an abundant life in a nice neighborhood?
  4. 1. Take a deep breath. 2. Try reading James 2 like this: "Witnessing my faith to others without works is dead stuff." See the context for more. 3. Even James is saying a living FAITH saves but not a dead FAITH. Unfortunately, many Christian cults miss this, pass faith, go straight to works in James 2 (they love their works more than Jesus Christ), do not pass Go, do not collect $200. You have assurance if you've trusted Jesus for salvation. He died a horrible death by torture then rose from the dead to pay your sin, guilt and shame. Your works "can't touch this".
  5. Keep it simple: 1) The Bible teaches that the whole Bible is available for teaching, instruction, praise, song, etc. 2) The Bible address more than Christian believers. We give a gospel of John to an unbeliever since Jesus speaks to unbelievers within, right? 3) The Bible speaks to Gentiles, Jews, Gentiles and Jews inside the body of Christ, and unbelievers. 4) The Mosaic Law is for only one of those four people groups to follow. The Law is available for all four groups to learn about and from, but not to do.
  6. Billiards Ball

    Salvation in Catholicism

    Unfortunately, part of the answer lies in official and unofficial Roman teaching meant to draw people toward sacraments/behaviors/deeds/works/trying their best/religion/supporting Rome and away from thoughtful, careful and INDEPENDENT Bible study. The Reformation's impetus--read the Word, don't just let Rome tell you what the Word says, thinks or teaches--is still needed.
  7. Billiards Ball

    How can/why does God love ME?

    I have more than one child. They each need my time and effort. Sometimes one response is good for all children, other times, unique responses are required. The God who has names for every star and every hair on your head has blessed interactions waiting for you.
  8. Billiards Ball

    What is the point in prayer?

    Requests are a part of prayer, not all of it. Prayer, including requests, is your lifeline to Jesus Christ, to receive assurance and blessing from Him. In Heaven as on Earth, you get to be a part of Tim's recovery, without needing a medical degree. God is gracious!
  9. Billiards Ball

    I am confused about salvation.

    The same verse in Hebrew has an alternate reading, "Has increased their joy".
  10. Billiards Ball

    I am confused about salvation.

    Something to consider, my friend: Is it how strong or warm my faith is or how powerful the cross is? I'm guilty, Jesus died, innocent, for my guilt.
  11. Billiards Ball

    How long?

    If I see someone on their way to destruction now, which is new, current knowledge, I need to consider whether I shall respond--or face the guilt. Would you like some verses regarding this fact?
  12. Billiards Ball

    How long?

    Hi Rockson, Respectfully, it would be a beautiful thing, not only saving lives, saving the mothers and fathers from lifetime regret, but saving our country from destruction at the hands of God. Yes, we evangelize rather than try to save societal morals, but this is saving lives, like rushing into a fiery blaze to save an infant.
  13. Billiards Ball

    I am confused about salvation.

    Thank you, sincerely. As a Jew, I knew lifelong how "Christians" slaughtered Jews and oppressed entire nations. All Born Agains who've trusted Jesus for salvation are Christians, but not all "Christians" are saved, born again. The Greek word usually translated believe and faith in English means "trust". Trust for salvation is a one-time act, a transference of trust for eternal life from oneself, one's own works/goodness/deeds, to Jesus only. I've already trusted God, therefore I'm saved, not "going to hope to be someday saved". I try to never use jargon in evangelism. There is no need, if you think about it, to use loaded words like belief, faith, repentance and many other words and concepts when witnessing. "Do you think you can get to Heaven by good deeds? You must trust what Jesus did for you on the cross, death by torture for our sin, guilt and shame, and His resurrection, you must place your trust in Jesus today, to be saved."
  14. Be careful! Israel is the apple of God's eye. The 1948 Israel came in large part from Jews who were ravaged by the Holocaust, and look what God did to Germany for sticking their finger in the apple of His eye. Israel of 1948 is prophesied in dozens of specific prophecies, down to God choosing the May 1948 date for its restoration: http://www.watchmanbiblestudy.com/Articles/1948PropheciesFulfilled.html http://www.end-times-bible-prophecy.com/prophecy-fulfilled-israel-becomes-a-nation-in-1948.html And the curse/blessing offered to Abraham was a blessing for those blessing the nation/people/race of Israel, the Jews, and a curse for those who harmed the Jewish people. Don't take my word for this, click on those links and experience dozens of specific scriptural prophecies and admonitions to support that the Chosen People remain chosen.
  15. Billiards Ball

    I am confused about salvation.

    Thank you. Hebrews 12 describes earthly correction. Other passages parse how born agains have received salvation by trusting Jesus Christ. In Heaven, some will have additional rewards, for example the crowns for witnessing, serving well as an elder, etc.
  16. Billiards Ball

    I am confused about salvation.

    Can I help? What question(s) do you have for me?
  17. My, Christians over-complicate doctrine sometimes, don't we? And Paul says this is a dangerous thing to do. Let's talk about eternal life--we are exactly who we are, while partaking of the divine nature (endurance, power, eternally strong body) and eliminating our desire to act against conscience (sin). Life without self-destructive behavior! Wonderful! Of course I will know everyone and everything I knew before. I get a new name and a new body, but Jesus will call me by name and I will know who I am and what I once was--so I can be grateful.
  18. Billiards Ball

    A worship team at the feet of a false prophet

    Did you know, one of the most frequently played songs on the Bible Broadcasting Radio Network was written by a famous musician who later famously converted to Islam? If we really get into the doctrine or lack of Word knowledge of most musicians in the modern era, we will listen to very little music--but let your conscience and faith guide you here!
  19. Billiards Ball

    I am confused about salvation.

    No problem at all, but I'm positive I can think quickly of multiple verses in both testaments demonstrating that the whole of the 66 books are meant for doctrine, too.
  20. Billiards Ball

    I am confused about salvation.

    You are making my point for us both! You are emphasizing that the NT taught you to have correct doctrine (the Mosaic Law is for the Jewish people to keep, and salvation is not brokered by it). Likewise, the whole of the Bible is for our correct doctrine, which is why I asked where in the Bible it says James isn't for us, but for a people group who are not born again Christians.
  21. Billiards Ball

    How long?

    The U.S. is going down in many ways--but the whole world shall, for all will turn on Israel in these end times. Thank God the new SCOTUS appointee is conservative--abortion may become illegal in the U.S. soon! So it's not all downhill . . . pray for America and America's leaders.
  22. Billiards Ball

    Attack of the enemy?

    It's hard to say unless we have a Word from the Lord for you, to you, specifically. If you are excited to be better now to study the Word, you passed any intended test! And Satan will less likely try to inflict you with sickness if your response to sickness is to study the Bible--he HATES that!
  23. Billiards Ball

    I am confused about salvation.

    Hello, Where does it say in the Bible some, not all, of God's Word is able to help us with doctrine? The Bible says the opposite.
  24. Billiards Ball

    I don't know where to go

    I'm sorry to hear of your trials. Go to a good-sized evangelical Bible church and ask for help. They will have resources, access to help with housing, free legal help, and more... God be with you.
  25. As a Jewish Christian, I ask you to be patient with Jewish believers who authentically struggle with accepting Jesus as part of the godhead. It is a sin in modern Judaism to say God is a trinity or tri-unity.