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    Answering Prayers?

    It's not really a dilemma, but you believe it is. You know who you should talk to about this problem? Jesus Christ.
  2. Billiards Ball

    Answering Prayers?

    It seems a bit harsh to ever answer "no" when a prayer is off? Do other parents who are good give their children all they ask of them? What about strangers? Proverbs says the prayer of the wicked is abominable. Try to think of three reasons why God wouldn't "deliver" good to a starving person, then re-ask your question, please.
  3. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    ...and you need to continue counseling, with a biblical counselor.
  4. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    I would tell her, "I know people who are emotional, and they love to journal, I'm trying to be better understanding of my emotion by writing down my thoughts, and more faithful to your emotions by writing yours down, so I can meditate on them." Tell the counselor you would like to write down and hold accountable/care for BOTH your and her emotions and logic and see what the counselor says to your wife's reaction.
  5. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    Respectfully, love is a choice, since it is a verb/an action/agape and not a mere feeling. One can choose today to love his spouse more strongly than before. The brother is humble and hurting. Love is not mere sex but biblically, withholding invites Satan into the marriage. Show empathy.
  6. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    The best leaders are servants. Instead of "I insist you get back to work," you probably said, "Even though it's more work for me, I'm excited if you choose to go back to work, so that this stress of always watching the kids can come off," right? Just keep leading while using words and actions that are of serving. The counselor's firing should be a mutual decision--I bet there's a way you can phrase it and a way to sell a more biblical counselor to your spouse. You can also witness to the counselor with or without your spouse present and see where the current counselor is aligned with God. Part of marriage is to love the other person, not the grass-is-greener imaginary man who is "more emotional"--or even says, "let's live day by day and go with emotion". Here are suggestions: 1) You both put down the answers to marriage questions both ways. You write down what you think the logical solution is AND what her emotions tell her today/tomorrow, putting them both at the top of the paper with equal weight. Compare, contrast and learn--this is different than you both daydreaming about marriage to more logical or emotional people. God tends to put opposites in marriage so they don't destroy themselves and others! 2) You walk a mile in her shoes, dropping the analytical robot in you (in us!) and LIVE. Do something with or without your wife that involves emotion but not danger, like drunkenness. Go to a park for an hour and LISTEN to the animals and wind, and if you can hear Him--God, without dissecting. Take a long swim or a sauna or go to the beach without a todo list. LIVE. 3) Start saying to your wife things like, "My logical brain says X, but my gut says Y," and be a bit more emotion-based, so you learn, and so she sees you growing towards her.
  7. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    1) You are entitled to the same peace as I have, "peace not like the world gives," that is, amazing peace and forgiveness, despite current circumstances. Plead for that urgently with God, today. 2) Marriages that start with "I settled for this marriage" can blossom into AMAZING marriages. 3) No one is forced to be a stay-at-home parent. Start there, either with her now, or in the next counseling session. "You said the stress of homemaking is hurting our marriage and adding to resentment for me, can we get you back out of the house and into the workforce for a while? Our marriage must be strong or our love for our children and wishes for their best get compromised." 4) Most counselors report that most/all couples come to them too late, when partners resent one another. Counseling comes after connection is lost. For couples with great connection/great love/great sex, the problems all magically are small. People go to counselors when they've fallen out of love and connection. Emphasize your desire to rebuild connection in counseling, and find a counselor who can help you both with this NEED. CONNECTION is the single greatest need in marriage, and even strong marriages with strong wives include wives who need frequent affirmation/touching/hugs/acts of service/all five love languages. 5) Sure she's confused, hurting. You've both done some things. Now let's make sure a) your counselor is born again, emphasizing the Word and forgiveness b) she and you don't substitute one idol (children, searching for self-identity) for another (marriage) and c) you move from pressing her "What's wrong? Why are you confused?" to leadership/headship "I want to solve your stress by getting you out of the house more/watching the kids more/getting you into the workplace/taking you on a vacation without the children". BE THAT MAN, THAT CHRISTIAN LEADER GUY. This plus a little time should work everything out!
  8. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    Now you need accountability from her, then: "I'm open to a divorce but I need to know your grounds. 1) Were you ever in love with me? 2) If you were in love, did I do something that made you fall out of love, etc.?" Are you really open to divorce? No, biblically you are being true where she is not. However, since Jesus does allow divorce for adultery... you need to know what's happening, from her. A woman who is in love wants that napkin note. A woman who has decided she doesn't love the husband and doesn't wish to be wooed is either broken inside (why?) or cheating (why? when?). For her sake, she needs to get help. You need peace. You will behave rightly due to scripture, but scripture and her faith/lack of believing faith have nothing to do with the marriage bed and marriage peace being held in honor by all. Once you know what is happening, you can decide to 1) keep the marriage going for the kids and for God's will 2) decide whether you should be spending money on counseling for you only and not wasting it her way (!), etc.
  9. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    Great! What happens sometimes in marriage is spouses who are not getting their needs met focus on their children more intently, idolizing them. Your wife doesn't understand that God gets it all and spouses and children come second, as you wrote. It's time to woo your wife, I think. Have you been pursuing her heart? Romantic dinners by candlelight and etc. or just asking if you can go on a few dates together, the children with a sitter? Start there.
  10. The whole Bible has parts written primarily for different people: 1) Unsaved Jews 2) Unsaved Gentiles 3) The church of saved Jews and Gentiles Getting confused about which is for whom is a BIG problem. For example, if you read a passage about how Christians used to behave as binding on now, you think you can lose salvation (where it says X aren't saved then the next verse is this is how you (Christians) USED to be). The OT for Christians, born again, saved Christians, is ALL good for teaching, exhorting, meditation and prayer, refining... but you don't have to "do" the OT acts to be saved. You have to trust Jesus to be saved.
  11. Billiards Ball

    Wife fell out of love

    STOP RUSHING. Why are certain problems going to be fixed in 6 weeks? START COUNSELING. With the right church, because whoever assigned you the 5 love languages is delusional. You need to find some healing prayer warriors and a church with leader/counselors who know what they're doing. GET HELP. You can get on the phone with me or someone else who is there for you. You sound alone, stuck without helpers in your current church.
  12. Billiards Ball

    Did judas go to hell?

    The 11 said to Jesus at the Last Supper, "Is it me, Lord?" Judas asked, "Is it me, teacher?" Do you understand why this difference is vital? The NT says Jesus knew Judas was a thief, destined for destruction. Judas never trusted Jesus for salvation.
  13. Billiards Ball

    Question about revelation 4

    John was a man, alive, but his consciousness, his soul/spirit, was taken to Heaven for him to see wonders. Through a "spiritual", not a literal, door.
  14. Peter quotes David's "you won't let your special one's soul sit in death", a prophecy of the resurrection. People have souls. Our body can rot in the ground but the soul enters into conscious fellowship with God or conscious torment, alone. The good news isn’t “you were striving to be saved by works, so trust Jesus, then strive for good works to be saved.” I witness frequently to people who say they are striving to be saved by works and don’t need Jesus Christ. The good news is Jesus sets us free from striving to perfect ourselves, free from the curse of the law, sin and death.
  15. Billiards Ball

    Ask and you shall receive? Psalm 51:10

    And . . . when you think something is by faith that is wrong, your faith needs to grow, to discern, to study, to learn. Study the Bible and your faith choices will be more accurate. Avoid sin and you will know God's will. The Bible says "do not be foolish but discern God's will," meaning avoid immorality and your faith choices will become far more accurate.
  16. Billiards Ball

    Divine Feminine

    God is not a person, but Spirit, and he made men and women in His image, He has aspects of both the masculine and feminine. When God speaks to us, He is gentle, but this doesn't mean He is a female Spirit. He is male in His Son and His headship in our lives.
  17. Billiards Ball

    Ask and you shall receive? Psalm 51:10

    Any more thoughts on this subject?
  18. Billiards Ball

    All things to all men?

    I swear to you today that THE GOSPEL OF TRUSTING JESUS CHRIST, NOT OURSELVES, saves, and not swearing. Indeed, by not swearing in front of friends while enjoying their company, they tend to ask "why don't you swear, too," opening another opportunity to say, "I'm different, because..." Would you watch porn or inject heroin to be "all things to all people"? Paul wrote that he could eat meat sacrificed to idols with his "homies" because eating some food is not a sin. I'm THRILLED you have coarse, unbelieving friends you want to reach, rather than "living" only with believers, but Proverbs says that bad company corrupts good morals, as in hang enough and you'll be tempted to swear. Hang out with these folks, but don't IMITATE them to reach them, be like them but not stained by them.
  19. Billiards Ball

    Ask and you shall receive? Psalm 51:10

    What are you asking grace, sanctification and forgiveness to receive? If you want eternal salvation, that comes with a one-time act, trust Jesus, not you and your prayer life and patience, to save. Only Jesus can transform you utterly (later) to be ready to live in a utopia.
  20. Billiards Ball

    please pray for my friends!

    You are a person and also spirit. Astral projection and etc. is sending your spirit out to do spiritual things in the spirit realm, where demons can interfere/possess/deceive. Your spirit should stay in your body and bow before the Lord only.
  21. I understand--but what I'm suggesting is to turn to Bible study WHEN you are attacked. Satan will stop if you do this, quickly!
  22. Respectfully, kindly, anyone who says or thinks works "do" salvation is denying the clear, free gift discussed in the Bible--and is saying Jesus DIED FOR NO REASON.
  23. Billiards Ball

    OCD praise problem

    Please consider whether you've sincerely trusted Jesus, not you, for salvation, and whether you are adding any works theology to your faith to save. After all, OCD is doing work, hard work. Salvation is a ONE-time act, if you in the past sincerely trusted Jesus, not you, for the future moral perfection that will come, when you partake of God, so that you will never again do one thing and can live in utopia... OCD says certain acts must be done and certain thoughts seize us. Here's the one thing to do/not do to be in a utopia, simply when your conscience says "X is wrong, so don't do it though you want to!" you don't, you obey your God-given guide! Christians who are born again will be transformed in the future to never again, not even once, sin against conscience. Now, people with OCD can wash their hands 100 times a day or check a key in a lock ten times before leaving their home, but not even severe OCD can make us never sin against conscience. The "best" people still sin against conscience and are disqualified from utopia, unless they trust the cross and resurrection to take away their sin, guilt and shame, and THEN they still must be morally perfected or they'll sin against conscience. All this to say, that salvation starts with "Until I drop dead, I will do certain things I shouldn't do," that is, all persons are OCD in that they sin and do the wrong behavior, and this encourages us that our ultimate healing comes later. NOW you can relax, Satan is being a wise guy, he knows you may not get the "healing" to think or not think certain things until you "partake of the divine essence" receiving the power of God, at death or rapture. Therefore, if instead of fighting "Jesus is Satan thoughts" you EMBRACE them, knowing they signify the healing that's coming, and instead of praying certain prayers over and over, repeating prayers which Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount lack power, you open the Word in your mind or a Bible and study! Satan HATES when believers get in the Word, and if you get in the Word when you have certain powerful OCD thoughts HE WILL STOP as he never tempts us to "get in the Word". In this way, people who have been haunted or attacked found freedom. "Ghost" in your house? Read the Word whenever the ghost appears and the ghost gets gone, forever, FAST.
  24. Billiards Ball

    Spiritual War & Spiritual Armour

    Thank you for this encouragement! Pray for me, was not putting on my armor this week.
  25. Billiards Ball

    What do you think of Prov 23:14?

    Paraphrased: "Disciplined children avoid trouble and Hell." When on other forums and atheists balk at disciplining children, the atheist children of Christian parents defend the practice of spankings! They work. Talk to your children about what they did wrong, then discipline them, never while angry. The rod AND reproof give wisdom, or if you like, the reproof AND rod give wisdom to children.