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  1. Things are gonna get worse a whole lot worse keep your heart and mind guarded
  2. IvyLynn

    Am I in a Cult?

    And you know this how? Because I was raised Methodist And I didn't fall off any wagon Because Man says? Or the word speaks for itself? I'm not upset or angry I actually appreciate the conversation
  3. People are also being destroyed by Wolves in sheep clothing. Monkey see Monkey do It is very sad
  4. IvyLynn

    Am I in a Cult?

    Thank you for your opinion
  5. IvyLynn

    Am I in a Cult?

    Hallmark.... Valentines day vs Sweetest day Sheep vs Wolves Half full vs Half Empty Thank you for your opinion
  6. IvyLynn

    Not doing that great tonight

    Oh yes I remember being sick upset about the flood when I was a child and learning about it was extremely upsetting. my parents explained it similar to the lion king or circle of life idea which was bizarre, even as a young girl, trying to figure everything out...obviously they didn't know what to tell me or how to console me so they kept me busy with my animals and changed subjects when I would freak out about the flood or whatever other biblical worries I would bring to them over the years, praying and reading and learning the Bible has helped with my anxiety or fears over certain things I'm just very sensitive and love everyone even certain individuals that have done horrible things I still love them and pray for them over the years I've been called naive and many other (sometimes cruel) names. I honesty believe God made me this way for a reason He gave me a sensitive heart but a tough body Because God has a plan or purpose for all of us I hope you rest well keep praying and reading the word my love and blessings
  7. IvyLynn

    Not doing that great tonight

    Ditto I've had these glasses on since I was born
  8. IvyLynn

    Not doing that great tonight

    My fiancé tells me if I really know JC, then I should give my worries to him worry is a sin but I still struggle ugh
  9. IvyLynn

    Not doing that great tonight

    I may not be perfect but i always ask for forgiveness and try to be the best possible witness but i struggle with my family and worry
  10. IvyLynn

    Not doing that great tonight

    I struggle with this as well, possibly not exactly the same way... I worry about my loved ones I lay awake at night worried they are not saved and praying for them. I believe the end is near, or rather the beginning I worry about what will happen to my loved ones and my animals I always search the Bible in regards to my rescued horses and if I will see them or if they even go to heaven while resting or when JC returns I prefer my rose colored glasses but i know that's not the way to live or think It's definitely a struggle so i pray and keep my faith strong and mind clear
  11. Agreed but great for character building
  12. Excellent This is the way
  13. IvyLynn

    Hi everyone!

    Good morning and welcome
  14. IvyLynn

    I am not convinced

    I really enjoy poets, this one helped me with my journey. Lord, what a change within us one short hour Spent in Thy presence will prevail to make -- What heavy burdens from our bosoms take, What parchèd grounds refresh, as with a shower! We kneel, and all around us seems to lower; We rise, and all, the distant and the near, Stands forth in sunny outline, brave and clear; We kneel how weak, we rise how full of power! Why, therefore, should we do ourselves this wrong, Or others -- that we are not always strong; That we are ever overborne with care; That we should ever weak or heartless be, Anxious or troubled, when with us is prayer, And joy, and strength, and courage, are with Thee? by Richard Chenevix Trench